How To Attract A Libra Man In February 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Libra man in February 2021? Draw the attention of a Libra man or improve your relationship with one in February !

Libra is the sign of balance, peace, and harmony. Just, cooperative, and highly empathic, the Libra man believes in fairness and equality, compromise and balance. He is ruled by the astrological symbol of the “the Scales,” therefore he is defined by an innate desire to bring peace and harmony to external situations (and find it within). He is both intuitive and artistic, and analytical and logical. February is a very positive month if you’re seeking to build a stable partnership, as this is a ‘2’ month. Two is, of course, the number of partnerships and relationships, and finding unity within duality! 

How To Attract A Libra Man In February 2021

1. Be Imaginative And Creative

During Pisces season, the Libra man is given a burst of creative and imaginative energy. His artistic gifts are soaring through the roof, he possesses a unique way of seeing things. His visionary qualities are enhanced, his ability to connect to a world of archetypes and genius ideas is expanded, and overall, his senses are heightened. 

Pisces is the most mystical and spiritual sign – people born under this sign are deeply perceptive, spiritually in tune, psychic and compassionate. Combine these main qualities together and profound insights and self-realizations can be discovered. 

Color will be a main theme throughout the month. Not only are his senses and “artistic visions” expanded from Pisces energy from the 19th, but in the first half of the month the Sun is in Aquarius, with Aquarius being the ‘water-bearer.’ This adds a further psychic and imaginative element to his already cerebral and intuitive nature. 

Your potential mate is very much open to insight, input, and intelligent and intuitive ideas that can enhance his professional and personal life! You shouldn’t worry about offending him this month. Yes, he may usually be slightly intellectually superior, or at least feel like he is, but with all the adaptable and spiritual energy spiraling around, his mind is open to limitless possibilities. Prepare to wow, charm and inspire!

2. Play On His Need For Partnership

Attracting A Libra Man In February 2021

It’s been briefly mentioned that February is a two month (in Numerology). Well, Libra is a sign of balance, harmony and partnerships – relationships are integral to the Libra man’s life and main motivations. Duality is associated with both number two and Libra, or – more specifically – finding unity within duality. Ultimately, this means he is more open to partnership and bonding than ever before. The idea of a stable, loving, and mutually respectful and supportive relationship excites him right now. He is feeling emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced too, which amplify his desires for love. 

Now is the time to drop subtle hints and be direct in your own needs and intentions. Committed, long-term love won’t scare him away in any shape or form, so don’t fret! Even the notion of a deep and loyal love will have him experiencing butterflies and bursts of joy. You can play on this in a grounded, mature, sincere, and spirited way to attract his lasting attention. 

3. Be Witty And Make Him Laugh!

Laughter is essential this month. He is craving connection, kindred spirits, and upbeat exchanges. Wit, humor, and jokes will be well received. It’s good to keep things light and airy this February. 

The Sun is in Aquarius until the 19th and this makes him more in tune with his cerebral (mental) and fun-loving self. Libra and Aquarius are naturally compatible. Aquarius traits will be highlighted, so that’s the qualities of innovation, independence, uniqueness, and intelligence. Aquarius is an air sign too, with strengths in mental powers of persuasion, and communication skills!

Feel free to speak in rhyme, randomly cite poetry or your favorite lyrics, or seek to inspire, entertain, and uplift through your mind. The Libra guy may be romantic and ruled by Venus, but he’s also an air sign with a lot of cerebral energy. 

4. Allow Him To Talk FreelyAttracting A Libra Man In February 2021

If you want to attract this man and keep him hooked, one thing you must do is let him speak. He loves to chat; he could talk for hours. If you show you’re an impeccable listener and furthermore enjoy listening to his ideas, personal expressions, and stories, you will win – big time! 

The Libra guy needs to be liberated in his speech and expression… he finds real pleasure in sharing his insights, internal impressions and beliefs, captivating stories, and witty anecdotes to anyone who wants to listen. Of course, as he’s focused on partnership this month, he wants even more so to share his thoughts and feelings with a beautiful woman. 

Love is certainly on his mind, yet he wants to build a strong intellectual connection first. Give him what he wants – be that supremely patient, open-minded, and curious creature and lover. 

Listen to him, smile and laugh, be attentive and show genuine interest in all he has to say. Wisdom shines through with a deep ability to listen and be present, this is where connection and a bond is formed, and the Libra man excels in this field. 

Finally, allow some moments of self-respect and passion to shine through. Don’t let him overrule you, make him take breaks and share your own thoughts occasionally as well. He will warmly accept this. It makes you be seen as empowered and self-assured! 

5. Romantic Gestures Are A Big Win

Romantic Gestures Libra Man February 2021

Regardless of the month or season, Libra will always be a romantic guy. From the 19th and moving into March, he is incredibly in tune with his sensuality and passionate desires in love. 

Pisces season does something magical to him… it allows him to feel more deeply, love harder, and be romantic and affectionate without fear of judgement or ridicule. Libra often suffers with subtle insecurities and self-created fears. He can be judgmental and intolerable, some of his worst ‘shadow’ traits. 

But, when the Sun’s in Pisces, he is very open-minded and self-accepting. Pisces is the most spiritual sign, of course, and this opens channels to discovery and compassion, self-love and empathy. Because Piscean energy is so unconditionally and universally loving, this “sparks” something within the Libra man; it allows him to be his true self, flowing and glowing in divinity.

Romance, divine love and connection, openness (and fearlessness) in intimacy, affection and loving gestures are all hotspots. There is a greenlight for physical touch, displays of affection and a need for comfort, and seduction of mind, body, heart, and soul.

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Final Thoughts And Key Astrological Transits

Venus is still in Capricorn, a grounded, down-to-earth, and stable sign, while the Sun is in both Aquarius and then Pisces throughout the month. There are some fabulous prospects for love and new bonds! A New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th creates an opportunity for a new beginning, thus a new relationship. Simultaneously, the Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th enables the Libra man to connect to his inner needs for security and commitment. 

Overall, there is a beautiful balance of earth, air and water energy in February making for a magical and emotionally glorious month! Be sure to check out the Libra man secrets for full clarity and insight into his personality. 

You can also discover compatibility through my unique (and free!) online compatibility calculator. 

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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