How To Attract A Libra Man In January 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Libra man in January 2021? Draw the attention of a Libra man and improve your relationship with one in January!

January is a wonderful month for the Libra man, and he’s feeling high-spirited, flirty and mentally switched on. Passion and life force are strong and he is open to new love if single. Hallelujah! This is a prime time to make yourself and your intentions known if you want to attract this intelligent and artistically gifted guy. Being a ‘1 month’, January is about new beginnings, fresh energy, and taking initiative – self-leadership and personal power!

Read on to discover the best ways to attract a Libra man.

How To Attract A Libra Man In January 2021

1. Be Witty And Unique

This guy is seeking intelligent and intellectual people this month. He is majorly attracted to someone who can hold a conversation and communicate their thoughts and ideas in a strong way. 

Talking about philosophy, culture, languages, politics, alternative health, spirituality and basically anything and everything will show you as a communicative chameleon. He wants a soulmate who is interesting and open-minded!

When the Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th of January, these needs of his will amplify even more. Your capacity for mental connection is what makes you be seen in a beautiful light. Libra is an air sign so thrives off mental stimulation. It is the perfect month to ‘get your telepathy on’ as well. 

2. Be Bold And Deep

Attracting A Libra Man In January 2021

For the Libra man, 2021 is an interesting year. Uranus, the planet of change and transformation (also known as the ‘Great Awakener’) is in Taurus. Taurus is a down-to-earth and materialistic, spiritually aware and practical sign, and this transit (Uranus in Taurus) is occurring in the 8th house for Libra. 

The 8th house is all about money, shared resources and sex; sexual relationships and partnerships. This means that your Libra guy will be feeling much more sexually charged and interested in power.

Personal power is a turn-on for the Libra man in January. Chemistry and sexual attraction are highlighted, and more so than in other stages of his life. Because he is older and wiser, he is also more mature and evolved in this department; he doesn’t resonate with the lusty, promiscuous vibe that his younger self may have. 

His heightened sexual desires and attraction to power and intensity are being displayed in a grounded way. Commitment is certainly on his mind.

He wasn’t a soul union and connection. Deep bonds are a priority – the superficial or shallow won’t cut it! Yes, Libra’s shadow self is that he can be quite shallow, but hopefully you are dealing with a balanced and mature Libra, who has already engaged in self-healing and personal growth. The 8th house in astrology is symbolic of transformation and the Scorpio sign, Scorpio being intense, passionate, and incredibly soulful. 

So, be bold and charismatic, flirty and deep. When we say deep, don’t be afraid to engage in some soul-tingling eye-gazing or make your attraction known through eye contact and body language. 

Although an air sign, this man will be feeling more connected to his body and senses than normal. Physical attraction is amplified, light touches and body contact are encouraged, and showing your feelings and affections through communication, tone of voice, body language and subtle hints are encouraged. 

3. Venus Is Your Secret Superpower

Venus Is Your Secret Superpower - Attracting A Libra Man In January 2021

If you really want to wow your Libra potential mate make sure you research the energy of Venus. Venus rules the Libra sign while Venus is in Capricorn until March and all throughout January. This is a positive placement for Venus, so your Libra man will be feeling empowered and in touch with his beautiful qualities. 

Furthermore, Libra is a masculine sign (in quality) but Venus is a feminine planet; combined with the fact that the Libra is all about balance, harmony and peace – a unification of opposing forces and wills to reach unity and compromise, he is in a very harmonious and beauty loving space.

Show your cooperative, peace-making, harmony loving and just qualities. Project an aura of inner balance and fairness, morality and ethics. Venus represents romance, beauty, sensuality and harmony, yet is also known as the planet of ‘love and sexuality.’ Be beautiful on this inside and out- radiate inner beauty and contentment. 

All of the female characteristics of Venus and Libra are extremely attractive at this time. They also make you appear as an empowered and strong woman, a major turn on for Libra this month.

Consider incorporating romance and sensuality into a shared activity or date together too. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top or in your face, but rather subtlety and gentleness are the key this month. 

Your intellectual powers can be strong and personal strength and authority (self-assertion) can be shown through intelligence, conversation – intellectual topics of discussion. But, in terms of showing your gentler and feminine side, make this your priority.

Take a stroll through nature, have a picnic in a green outdoors space or nature reserve, or attend a wine tasting event. Venus rules beauty and romance but also relates to luxury and pleasure, pleasures of the senses and body. 

With Venus in Capricorn, the earthy sensual aspect of being is lit up. This Libra guy is feeling more grounded and open to physical contact and connection this month. Be fearless whilst embodying a self-loving feminine energy.

4. Music, Art & Nature Are Key Themes

Whatever you do, incorporate music, art and nature into your interactions, as much as possible. Be sincere and introduce new music and art tastes, help to expand his mind through songs and artists he may have never heard of. Even if he doesn’t particularly like them, he will at least find you interesting. Eclectic taste is ok this month. 

Speak of nature therapy and philosophies in the meaning of life, the universe, and holistic science. Herbalism, herbal remedies and natural alternative medicine are other key topics for January.

The thing to know about the Libra man is that he’s both romantic and feminine, and cerebral and masculine. He’s one of the most balanced Zodiac signs, in fact (when at his best). 

One moment he may appear to be intrigued and hooked through your mind, through your intelligence and intellectual gifts; the next moment he will be feeling sensual and sexually turned-on through the feelings you’re giving him. Don’t be afraid to give him “the feels!” He responds to both nurturing and feminine energy just as he responds to passion and chemistry. 

All in all, be mindful of your attitude and the energy you project. This guy is incredibly perceptive with key skills in observation. Self-respect is a sure way to win his heart.

5. Ask Him Questions

Asking Libra Man Questions

The Libra man loves to talk, especially from the 19th onwards (although he loves to talk regardless of what sign the Sun is in!). Ask him questions. Be attentive, kind and genuinely concerned with his life. 

Show interest and a sincere desire to discover more about him; be funny and witty too, but most importantly actually care. Ultimately, this guy is looking for a life partner and soulmate, and someone to share his life with.

If you can balance and master intellect and emotions, independence and vulnerability, and strength and personal authority and softness, you will find yourself a potential keeper this month. Discover more about the Libra man secrets!

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

Venus is in Capricorn throughout January making the Libra man irresistible and sensually charged. Air and earth aren’t typically the most compatible, but there is a positive synergy with this Venus placement. 

He – your potential Libra mate – will be feeling happy, high-spirited, flirty and both romantically-inclined and intellectually switched. He’s seeking the same qualities in a partner.

This is a good month to go after a Libra man if you’re an earth or water sign. Artistic and imaginative gifts will appeal to him and any woman who’s embodying sensitive feminine qualities, a strong Venus energy, will be considered very attractive. Of course, being a fire or air sign means there is natural chemistry and compatibility and you check your potential here.

And let me know which of these tips you found most helpful to score your Libra guy. The comments are totally anonymous!

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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