How To Attract A Libra Man In July 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Libra man in July 2021? The planets change every month, and events in July might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

There are certain ‘rules’ in Astrology… fire and air make for perfect matches, while earth and water can understand and respect each other. Air and water? Not so strong! It’s Cancer season and most of the air signs are not in their element this month, however Libra is ruled by a feminine planet: Venus, the planet (and Goddess) of love, romance, beauty, sensuality, and female sexuality. So, there is a unique type of synergy and harmony Libra finds comforting during this solar transit.

How To Attract A Libra Man In July 2021

1. Be Sensitive… In An Artistic Way

Cancer season is bringing to light everyone’s sensitivities. This has many implications: psychic and spiritual sensitivities, emotions and “hyper-sensitivity,” amplified instincts and intuition, and of course artistic and imaginative sensitivities. 

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so we’re all open to subtle and subconscious forces, currents, themes, influences, and memories this month. The Libra man has a ruling planet very similar to Cancer’s “Moony” (lunar) influence. 

Venus is a planet, a celestial entity often referred to as ‘she’ because of her powerful feminine energy, and she’s a Goddess. Venus is the Goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality and anyone with a strong Venus placement or ruled by this planet (Libra and Taurus) embody the qualities in a very significant way.

Let’s get this clear, Libra will always be an air sign regardless of his feminine influence. Thus, try to find a common ground when it comes to the sensitive side of our natures coming to the forefront. Artistic, imaginative, creative and musical gifts, talents, and interests are a topic that will never steer you wrong. 

Tap into limitless sources of creative potential. Tune into your subconscious self and higher mind- it’s the higher mind and self where deep and inspiring insights into self, the universe and consciousness can come through. Also, creative genius!

This Libra man has many talents. He might not always show them, and he often to sometimes hides behind a ‘mental’ and analytical-observant mask, yet this doesn’t mean he’s not swimming creativity and boundless wisdom inside. He loves a woman who is imaginative, artistic, and self-expressive. 

Even better if you can share in some musical or creative art together. Get out your poetry, show him your photography or art collection, or play him some of your most groovy, funky and soulful tunes. Touch his soul with your own unique sensitivities, however this applies to you.

2. Be Mindful Of His Analytical Side

Happy Couple - How To Attract A Libra Man July 2021

Balance is called for this month. Can you bring in the sensitive and emotional aspects of Cancer, the ruling sign, and merge them with Libra’s analytical and cerebral airy nature? If you can, you will find an intrigued and open man who finds you fascinating! 

Libra is not a dual sign, but one thing that can be said about him is how his ruling glyph looks very similar to the signs of duality: Gemini the Twins and Pisces the Fish. Two twins, and two fish swimming in opposite directions… it’s clear these two signs have a dual side. 

Libra also has one which can be seen by their astrological symbol (glyph) of the Scales. Two scales. With balance and unity as the main aim, their primary driving force. Attempt to not fall into extremes.

Keeping a balanced and harmonious demeanor and outlook on life is a key way to his mind and heart at this time. The Sun in Cancer is putting the spotlight on domestic issues, home, and family life. The 4th house is the house of home, roots and memories related to our mothers, and our idea of the mother in general. He may even be feeling a touch sensitive and nostalgic himself due to this energy. 

Emotions can be a tricky spot for him – he prefers to analyze, reach rational and logical conclusion, and ‘think’ instead of ‘feel.’ Find a balance and unify opposing forces and elements. You will be wholly sexy, adorable, and compatible in his eyes.

3. Empathy, Not Over-Emotionalism

Don’t get empathy and over-emotionalism or hypersensitivity misconstrued though! Libra is one of the most sensitive and compassionate, outside of the water sign men. He is receptive to warmth, grace, magnetism, and feminine qualities, he loves a woman, a divine and Goddess-y lady who is in tune with their own sensuality and beautiful feminine essence. 

There may not be a clear go ahead to be wishy-washy, too vulnerable or overly emotional, but you can show you possess empathy, social grace, and compassion. Be kind and caring, attentive, and considerate to everything going on below the surface. He won’t be as open with his feelings as other men, like Pisces or Cancer, so don’t expect water works or soul sharing on the deepest of levels. Yet he does possess some depth and he isn’t shy of intimacy.

Be vulnerable in moderation. Share stories of your past and upbringing that will appeal to his emotional side. Libra is a real gem to friends and family and if he has children, he will almost certainly be an active and supportive part of their lives. Ask questions. Pry a little, just enough to let your emotional intelligence and maturity shine through…  

Show him it’s okay to be vulnerable and desire emotional, spiritual, and psychological bonding, connection and intimacy. Cancer season is a time for strengthen these types of bonds, as a physical connection stems from a deeper vibe.

4. Get Some Fresh Air Together

Attracting A Libra Man In July 2021

No matter where you are in the world, get some fresh air together. Take a stroll in nature, share a picnic of fresh nuts and seeds, high vibrational fruits and tasty chocolate treats together, or simply sit outside on a park bench. Nature refreshes his mind and revitalizes his soul. Nature speaks to him in subtle ways while reminding him of his place in the grand design. 

There’s a cosmic and universally tuned in element to Libra, and this is one of the reasons why this sign is arguably one of the most “holistic,” i.e., he can be compatible even with people he may not typically speaking be compatible with. Libra is a universal sign whose glyph (the Scales) symbolize balance and a higher truth. Compassion and morality, justice and equality on the highest levels.

Share your ideas and perspectives into science, nature, spirituality, and health with him. Use the wisdom of the natural world to inspire you to inspire him! Inspiration is a key word to work with. 

And, practice mindfulness whilst talking with him and sharing. It’s perfectly alright to share your soul, your deepest beliefs and inner self and psyche, if you do it with a “conscious flair.” Don’t blurt out restless or meaningless opinions and know the difference between an intelligent and intuitive perspective and an opinion, in other words. Keep your speech and expressions rooted in purity and a higher truth, not something birthed from ego.

5. Stay Clear Of Judgement

Finally, it’s essential that you stay clear of judgement and non-tolerance or acceptance now. The Cancer sun is making this man even more compassionate and understanding than usual, therefore he won’t entertain disrespect, verbal abuse, judgement or a sincere lack of empathy and care. 

Wait until the 22nd when the Sun enters Leo if you’re really feeling the high vibes. Cancer is deep, passionate, and sweet – sensitive and caring too with a fine-tuned intuition and sixth sense. 

They’re psychic with many telepathic, clairvoyant and spiritual gifts, and this is making us more empathic and unconditionally loving. Spirit and soul (love!) go hand in hand.

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

If the Cancer vibes are too mellow or sentimental for your liking, lay low until the Leo solar cycle on the 22nd. 

There’s also a Full Moon in fellow air sign Aquarius on the 24th which is doing amazing things for this man’s mind! Seek out a humanitarian, artistic, and higher consciousness connection. 

Check out the Libra Man Secrets to find out more about this well-balanced man! And if you would like to get some personal insights and guidance on your relationship, I am offering a ‘VIP consultation’ too. You can book a consultation here.

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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