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How to Attract a Libra Man in October 2020

Every month, the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, it may be tough to understand the needs and desires of the Libra man. But with my tips based on the monthly energy, you can draw the attention of a Libra man or improve your relationship with one in October 2020.

Attracting a Libra Man in October 2020

1. Support His Dreams

After a long and hard Virgo Season, the Libra man is looking forward to enjoying October 2020 with the Sun dancing through his sign. 

From October 1 until October 22, the Sun in Libra will illuminate the Libra man’s first house of self. 

When the Sun is in Libra, expect a more outgoing and bubbly version of the Libra man. During this period, he is flirtatious and assertive. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and go after what he wants. 

Besides helping him celebrate his birthday, the Libra man is also looking for a woman who knows how to support his dreams. Whether it’s starting a new business, investing in a makeover, or planning his next big adventure, he wants to know his partner will be there cheering him on at his side. 

As a woman attracting the Libra man, look for simple ways to support his dreams. If you notice he’s been more interested in learning a new language or playing music, perhaps you could enroll him in an online learning program or gift him his first music lesson. 

Focus on supporting him the way he needs you to, and his heart is yours. 

2. Nurture Him

If you know a Libra man, you know that he is one of the Zodiac’s most loving and affectionate signs. 

Being born under the sign of the scales, his focus in life is about maintaining and establishing a sense of balance and harmony wherever he goes. He feels best when he is helping or socializing with other people. 

However, in October 2020, the Libra man is the one who needs you to take care of him

From October 2 until October 27, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, will transit the sixth zodiac sign of Virgo. In astrology, Virgo rules the Libra man’s twelfth house of ending and solitude. It represents the last phase of completion before he begins again.

Because Venus is currently in his house of endings, the Libra man is going through a healing period in his love life. He may need extra love and affection, or he may need space from his partner to come through the other side. You will need to determine which is true for your man.

During this transit, he is most attracted to the woman who is nurturing and kind. He desires a woman who is patient and compassionate; someone who knows how to be there for him when he needs them. 

Instead of smothering the Libra man with attention, listen to him and only be there if he asks you to. His pride is strong right now, and he needs to feel independent. 

Starting on October 27, Venus will exit his twelfth house of Virgo and enter his first house of Libra. When Venus is in his first house of self and identity, the Libra man feels more confident and willing to incorporate the healing measures that took place while Venus was in Virgo. 

But before he can get there, he needs you to focus on being a sense of comfort and safety for the Libra man. Let him know that he can call you in his time of need and restoration. 

3. Be Honest

If there’s one thing the Libra man finds irresistible, it is a woman who knows how to be honest and straight-forward—who is not afraid to tell it like it is. 

Unlike September 2020, October may be a confusing time for the Libra man, especially with Mercury, the planet of communication, stationing retrograde in secretive Scorpio on October 13. 

In astrology, Mercury Retrograde is a three-week transit that slows down communications and encourages you to review and reflect. 

For example, you may notice that the Libra man is unusually emotionally withdrawn and distant. Instead of expressing his emotions, he’s holding them back. 

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Mercury retrograde can help the Libra man open up and be more transparent about what’s going on inside his head and what it takes to make this brilliant man happy. 

One way to encourage the libra Man to be more assertive and direct about his needs is to first be honest about your own. 

No, Libras are not followers. But Libras are easier to manage when they have a partner. 

Therefore, by you being honest and straight-forward, it gives him permission to do the same. It gives him permission to show you who he really is behind the fluff. 

4. Be Open to Friendly Competition

When it comes to love and the Libra man in October 2020, you may not be the only one clamoring for this magnificent man’s heart. 

On October 1-2, the passionate Full Moon in Aries will illuminate the Libra man’s seventh house. In astrology, this is the house of marriage and partnerships. It represents how the Libra man likes to connect and interact with others one-on-one. 

With Full Moons being a time of manifestation and celebration, the Libra man may be getting more attention than usual from potential suitors, and this brings a competitive edge that you may not have been expecting. 

Instead of running for the hills if you find out there is more than one interest in his life, dig deeper and find out more about where he is mentally and emotionally. Make sure you let him know that you are in it for the right reasons and have no intentions to leave. 

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Final Thoughts 

If you want to attract a Libra man in October 2020, I suggest supporting his dreams, nurturing him, being honest, and letting him know that he is worth the fight. Let him know that you are resilient and will support him if hard times come. 

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Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach