Libra Man May Predictions 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Hello dear readers, how are you? Are you ready for May predictions? The Libra man is going to have quite a journey in May, so let’s dive straight in!

Hello dear readers, how are you? Are you ready for May predictions? The Libra man is going to have quite a journey in May, so let’s dive straight in!

We are going to be observing Venus in this prediction, and what does the planet of love and beauty do? Who does she hang out with, as she is the ruler of Libra, and besides the Moon, there are no other planets transiting through the sign of Libra and the Libra man’s first house – house of self.

The beginning of the month puts such aspects in his life, that Libra man will seek out comfort, pleasure, and hedonism left and right. It’s a perfect time to go out on dates, to enjoy intimacy near or in the water, and to stargaze while holding hands and sipping wine.

Around the 9th of May, things are bound to get hot and steamy, and much more direct as Venus has moved from Pisces to Aries and illuminated his seventh house of balance. Coupled with Sun in Taurus conjuncting both Uranus and the North Node, this period is bound to get hot and steamy for the Libra man and his desires!

The Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th is bound to raise some eyebrows and bring the mess around. The key to surviving through this transit is to keep a cool head and to be empathetic towards your partner.

The New Moon in Gemini that takes place on the 30th activates many gorgeous aspects for the Libra man and it spices up his love life like never before. You can expect many lovely adventures and excitement during this period with your Libra man. Get ready!

Love Is In The Air

At the beginning of the month, Venus finds herself on the same exact degree as Jupiter in Pisces, in Libra man’s sixth house of health and routine. This is bound to bring beauty, blessings, and good fortune to his daily life, his job, and his chores.

He’s certainly going to experience a dash of romance in his daily life, and beauty will be all around him. This is marvelous…

Besides his sixth house in Pisces, the Libra man’s eighth house of cycles and transformation is also heavily highlighted and accentuated through the Sun conjunct Uranus and the Moon conjunct the North Node.

His eighth and second houses are in focus during 2022, thanks to the Nodes of Destiny. And because of the planetary crew hanging out in his eighth house, the beginning of May will be packed with sex and romance for the Libra man.

It’s a great time for all kinds of hedonism, beauty, and pleasure. Going out on dates, wining and dining, cuddling next to the pool or in the Jacuzzi, and smelling roses and rose-scented candles while the starry night is above your love-stricken heads – anything goes!

Love Bites And Wine Marks…

Around the 9th of May, there’s a change of planetary scenery. Venus, the Libra man’s ruler, has changed signs and she is now in Aries, illuminating his seventh house of love and long-lasting partnerships.

This means that the Libra man will be overly focused on his love interest or partner and that he’ll feel a bit out of place, as Venus doesn’t feel very good in Aries – his opposing sign. But the good news is that he’ll be brave and bold (more than usual), and his actions will follow his heart, rather than his sense of harmony and balance.

Thanks to the Sun conjunct Uranus and the North Node in his eighth house, the house of sexual pleasures and deep intimacy, this transit is sure to make him hot and horny (and direct in his approach) towards his love interest or partner.

It’s a great time for speaking your mind, for being upfront, bold, and direct. The flow of speech and mind expression is nicely supported by Mercury in Gemini, in his ninth house, and this means that some kind of travel is also quite possible and in the cards for Libra man.

Trouble Always Comes Double

On May 16th there’s a powerful Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio – the Moon is conjunct the South Node (in his second house of income and material possessions), and the Sun is conjunct the North Node in his eighth house (of partner’s money and sex).  Venus is conjunct Chiron in Aries and is exactly opposite his first house and sense of self.

This all means that some emotional hurt and mistakes from the past (whether it’s his actual past or past life karma remains to be seen) are going to arise in order for him to be able to let go of them finally.

This is a turbulent time and this transit is here to make us all let go of something and finally be able to learn our lessons. The Libra man’s lessons are closely tied to sex, his promiscuity, money, and how he spends his own money versus that of his partner.

In order to approach this transit properly and to get the most out of it without much hassle, it would be best to keep cool heads on your shoulders and not to pass the blame around. Instead, try to be open in both your mind and your heart, and try to understand the person opposite from you.

It’s a good time for honest and open conversations with a lot of patience and even tempers on your belt.

Locked And Loaded, Ready For Action!

The end of the month brings the New Moon in Gemini on the 30th of May, and this one highlights the Libra man’s ninth house of foreigners, long-distance travel, and philosophy. Venus has moved to Taurus where she’s in domicile, and Mars has moved to Aries along with Jupiter and they are conjunct.

This is a wonderful time for the Libra man, as he feels very sexy and all in all great considering that Venus is now occupying not just her domicile sign, but also his eighth house of sex and carnal pleasures.

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries, where he feels the best, brings forth a lot of steamy and hotheaded blessings in his love life. The Libra man will feel like superman in love during this period, and he is ready to take necessary action in order to score the love of his life!

He will be suave with his words and his charisma and charm will be to the max! He is packed and loaded and ready for adventure… adventure of LOVE!

It’s a perfect time to enjoy each other’s company, to fall in love, to be in love, to express your love, and to be side by side in any travels that might take place during this transit.

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Final Thoughts

The Libra man will feel quite good at the beginning of the month as Venus will be conjunct with Jupiter in Pisces where she’s exalted. This will bring a lot of nice and romantic moments to his everyday life.

During the middle of the month, the Libra man will feel hot and heavy, steamy for love and intimacy, and he will express himself in love more directly and boldly. This is a great time for carnal pleasures and exploration of each other’s bodies and minds.

At the end of the month, a new, gorgeous chapter of Libra man’s life begins, and his love life is showered with blessings thanks to both Mars in Aries and Jupiter. He feels energized and powerful during this time.

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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