Libra Man Predictions For May 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly February predictions for your Libra man. What will his mood be for the Valentine's season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, and welcome to this month’s amazing reading about your Libra man. I trust you enjoyed the Easter or Passover Ramadan break and are ready for the new season, which is beginning.

Now April was an action-packed month with the solar eclipse and lots of planetary activity, but May is likewise set to be an extremely busy and quite surprising month. It’s important for you and Libra man to have an open, innovative approach to life, as right now, you have to take the rough with the smooth because not everything that happens is as planned, but at the same time, there are many brand new opportunities which help reinvigorate your relationship, and actually keeps your sex life much more interesting too.

In fact, sex is a big theme of the month, and this is a wonderful time for a new sexual relationship or renewing intimacy and that emotional closeness with your current partner.

Venus in Cancer Trine Saturn (8th May)

This represents a highly disciplined and ambitious phase for Libra guy, he’s keen to make a good impression at work, and it’s important that you support him in this by helping him with any presentation issues or entertaining to do with the office or clients.

This is a time when he gets results as long as he is consistent. It’s not all about hard work; it’s just about being thorough and impressing the right people, so encourage him to be strategic. Help Libra guide to remember that less is more; he doesn’t necessarily have to work harder, he has to work better, and in working better, it’s all about developing good routines and minimizing fuss and inefficiency.

In terms of love, it’s very important that you support him professionally, but also that you present as a strong ally to him in public. It can really upset him if you undermine him or have any public displays of anger towards him. He will really appreciate it if you guys show a strong united front to people, particularly in his family.

It’s very important right now for him not to rock the boat with his parents, so when it comes to his family, try and be tolerant and understanding. I know that sometimes the in-laws can be a little bit of a bugbear, but right now be polite as the less said, the better. Hold your tongue.

Sun is conjunct Uranus in Taurus (9th May)

For you and Libra Guy, this has a number of potential ramifications. It can mean that you have to pay extra attention to finances due to a fast-moving situation; it could certainly be that your priorities are changing, and you need to have a lot of discussions about how you should allocate money or save for those important goals and projects that you have pending.

Unexpected events can cause you and Libra guy to have sudden emotional outpourings, where you open up to each other and speak more freely about taboo subjects. It’s very important right now to have no off-limits areas, the best relationships are enhanced when you are free to discuss your most intimate desires or fears and anxieties with each other.

The tying up of loose ends could also apply to money, so it may be important to develop strategies to pay down debt or to consolidate debt so you can move to a more flexible way of living.

Mercury direct in Taurus Sextile Saturn (15th May)

Mercury going direct on the 15th of the month is very welcome because business negotiations, financial matters and important conversations can now proceed with more clarity. With Uranus conjunct the Sun things can be quite unpredictable this month, however, at least was Mercury going direct there’s a certain amount of logic that can be applied to situations, and they can begin to move forward.

This is an excellent time for you guys to talk about getting more organized. Now this may be a boring subject, but Libra are people who like to have everything under control, so the message right now is tidy house, tidy mind. This is a fantastic period for clearouts, making your home life more efficient or possibly outsourcing some of the activities you would normally do yourselves: like babysitting, dry cleaning or gardening etc. in order to free up time.

It’s very important right now for you and Libra guy to have time alone to have important discussions about finances, your future, and about honestly interpreting where you are at in your relationship and where you are going. For that to happen, you need to get your house in order so that the mundane things of everyday life are not becoming so important that they are overshadowing everything else.

This is a fantastic time for you to encourage Libra guy to get on a health kick, and it may be a good period for you both to spend more time at the gym together or motivate each other to start training for a marathon or even learning a new sport together. It could also be a time when you decide together that you’re going to do some fasting or try a new diet like paleo or keto, which could potentially revolutionize your health.

If Libra Guy has been having any health issues, this is certainly a time when you can help him do research in order to get to the bottom of these in a holistic way. Pay particular attention to changing his diet, which can be a powerful way for him to get more control of its life and also to improve his emotional well-being.

Right now, good health emotionally and physically, starts with good gut health, which can help increase vitality and energy levels. This all feeds into positive emotional change and a more proactive mindset. When Libra guy is moving forward, he tends to be a happy bunny, so the most important thing this month is getting rid of everything that he feels is holding him back.

Jupiter enters Taurus (17th May)

Now because Taurus rules his eighth solar house representing his partner’s money, this may mean that there is good news regarding your work or your income stream. So you may be feeling more confident or your business may be doing really well, and that can provide a boost for the family finances, but it may incorporate a little bit of jealousy. Right now, Libra guy is not entirely satisfied with where he is in life, and he’s feeling slightly inadequate.

Yes, things are beginning to move in his direction and there’s a great potential for him to take things forward in a much better direction, but at the moment he is still in a state where he is a little bit anxious, and not at his highest level of confidence, so do be careful not to rub his nose in any success or achievements you have. Celebrate your success with him, but do not over celebrate, because like I say, he’s a tad jealous right now.

Jupiter entering Taurus represents a period of heightened desire for Libra guy, if you’ve just begun dating him you are going to be able to experience his more charming, persuasive and charismatic side, and he’ll want to sweep you off your feet.

However you do have to be careful because he is already great at persuading people, and although he’s not manipulative, he’s very clever in the way he goes about getting what he wants. So if you’re new to a relationship with him, you can be blindsided by his subtle tactics. So be careful to draw your boundaries and remember to say NO, because he has a way of getting what he wants.

Mars in Leo Square Jupiter (21st May)

This is an excellent time for lively debate and discussion with Libra Guy, it’s important to take him on, to challenge him a little bit and to give him the benefit of your wisdom and advice.

He really wants to talk things through and hear another opinion and therefore it’s a good idea for you to chat to him about work or about things in general because it helps him to settle his mind, which can be running riot right now.

This is a phase when he’s very successful at networking and in terms of forming good business relationships with people. So if a new business partnership or potential partnership comes along now, definitely encourage it. Alternatively, it’s a great time for you and Libra Guy, if you are in business together, because you can do really well, especially if your business is related to technology, social media or culture.

Theme of Month – This is potentially a very transformative time in your relationship, it’s an opportunity to have a reset and to restart as you mean to go forward by sweeping away things that are worn out and no longer relevant.

It’s important to focus on the future, and this should be a time of achieving closure, so for you and your partner, it may be time to look at things from the past that need to be finalized or put to bed. So it can be a month where it’s quite vital to tie up loose ends with Libra Guy.

Magic Phrase – “We are rolling stones gathering no moss; nothing gets up down for long!”

Magic Text – “I love it when you come on strong Baby!”

To do: This is a time when you should encourage Libra Guy to move out of his comfort zones. Being ruled by Venus, harmony, balance and consistency are very important to his nature, but these can hold him back, even though he is essentially a very ambitious person who is strong-willed and that strength of character – the iron hand in the velvet glove – is emerging right now.

Thus don’t encourage him to put their genie back in the bottle; encourage him to take a stand and make a strong move in a direction that he would like to go in when it comes to work or other areas.

Avoid: This is definitely not a good month to rush into any financial situations or arrangements with friends or which involve large outgoings connected to social media because all the glitters is definitely not gold, and there’s no substitute for hard work.

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Week One – One Flash of Insight

There’s quite a lot of emotional intensity right now, and things tend to bubble to the surface, so if you have been trying to keep things under wraps in your relationship, and particularly if Libra guy has been trying to be rather people pleasing (as he sometimes can be) this is a phase where he’s far more likely to say what’s on his mind, and he wants to debate. This can be quite useful in terms of getting beyond pretenses and moving the relationship forward.

This week, one of the things you have to take into account is that the energies are not consistent; there’s no regular rhythm to the week. Sometimes it seems like nothing is happening, and then it almost all happens in a flash. Many of the situations that arise with you and Libra guy are quite unequivocal, and you can see exactly what needs to be done, and you guys have a clear vision of what is right and wrong.

This can be incredibly motivating, and it can help you both to bring an end to what is no longer working for you. At the same time, things that happen can be quite triggering, like childbirth this can be very painful as sometimes entering a new phase, which is potentially beautiful, can have a degree of trauma with it, but you shouldn’t be deterred.

Week Two – Heart of Glass

In marriages, this is certainly a time when the floodgates can open towards better sex and an improved emotional life. He’s wearing his heart closer to his sleeve, he’s more likely to speak his mind and say what he wants, and this is very refreshing, as it enables you to understand him better, and that can only help facilitate communication in relationships.

This is the start of a fabulous yearlong phase where you guys can initiate changes that can have a long-term effect on the strength of your relationship, and you can grow a lot stronger together if you plant the right seeds now.

You should pay attention to your communication in terms of developing emotional intelligence and better awareness of each other’s true needs and wants. This is a time to strip away everything that is superficial and everything that stands in the way of true relating and really get down to having a very frank and productive sexual and emotional relationship.

This is a time that is highly motivating, but at the same time, his desires and ambitions are magnified, as are his insecurities, so there’s a push-pull of desiring to go forward but at the same time giving himself negative messages, so he needs support and encouragement. Even though sometimes he can seem like he’s got it all under control, don’t be fooled, he does need your reassurance.

Week Three – Take it easy

It’s important for you to keep his feet on the ground; he’s inclined to get carried away, particularly when he’s with friends or in large social groups because he begins to feel quite excitable and may overestimate things.

Remind him that he can’t walk before he can run, so while it’s very important this week to encourage him and not to give him too many negatives, you have to help him to maintain a steady pace because sometimes he does get the horse before the cart and that’s particularly so this week.

Week Four – Hang Ten

This week is a time when details count and all your recent decisions with Libra Guy will come into question. During this phase, it’s a struggle for him to be disciplined when it comes to the dietary changes or the new routines that you’ve established. Thus it’s especially important to encourage him to stay on the wagon and stay the pace. He’s inclined to want to throw in the towel when things are moving too slowly, so this is definitely a period where he needs to cultivate a little bit of stoicism – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that’s the motto.

Remember to remind him that anything important is worth working for and that great success doesn’t come from a ready-made package. While he can achieve short-term success by pushing hard, if he’s a little bit more patient, he can achieve a much more lasting, more substantial success. So it’s all about hanging in there for the big one rather than accepting a lesser result.

Closing Thoughts

It’s very important this month to be diplomatic with Libra Guy sometimes, some of the things that he really has to do – for either work or to feel secure – can seem a little bit pointless or even annoying to you, but just bear with it, hold your tongue let him do what he needs to do.

This is definitely a time when he needs to watch his work-life balance, get more sleep and reduce his dependence on screen time. Often he doesn’t realize how much stress he is under and if he gets into the outdoors, even if it’s only for an hour or so, he can suddenly understand how hard he’s been working and how much he needs a breather.

The transits this month will have a very positive outcome eventually, but often in the short term the emotions which are engendered are a little bit uncomfortable. Libra guy likes to see himself in a certain way, but this May brings forth uncomfortable emotions which he thinks he is above feeling.

These can be related to possessiveness, envy and greed, and so while he processes these emotions, he can sometimes be a little bit cranky because inside, he’s most uncomfortable with what he is feeling.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Libra Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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