Libra Man Predictions For October 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

Hello, my darling readers, how are you? I hope all is fair and bright in your love realm because I’m here with the new tidings – October, our favorite fall month, is here! So, let’s jump right in and see what comes the Libra man’s way…

The first week of October offers many romantic and flirty opportunities. Now is a perfect time to ask the Libra man out, go on autumn-themed dates, and visit a concert or cozy park together.

The second week will prove to be a passionate and fiery piece of work, thanks to the Full Moon in Aries conjunct Retrograde Jupiter and oppose Libra Venus x Sun. This week is a good time for trying spicy, new things in the bedroom, and to find a common love language that might surprise the both of you. Onward, bravely!

The third week of the month is quite a bounty for the Libra man – transits are on his side, and he has the opportunity to make a stellar impression on both the public and his subordinates at work, and at last, on you as well. Hold your own against this pampering, but make sure you’re open to hearing what he has to say and offer.

The fourth week of October brings excellent opportunities for the Libra man’s financial growth and for spa dates. It’s a great week that will cast focus on his finances, communication, and home. He will be a busy man during this week, but he’ll also be in a very good mood, and he’ll want to spend as much time as possible with his lover or partner.

A Magical Time For Romance

The first week of October puts a very nice and romantic spotlight on the Libra man himself, and his love life. This is a great time for all kinds of romantic ventures and adventures, especially those that focus on his handsomeness and charm.

Saturn and the Moon make a nice trine to Venus and the Sun, and he is feeling romantic and like anything is possible when it comes to love. Attend a rock concert, go out dancing, hold hands, make out, and gaze into each other’s eyes under a starry night.

This week also offers great opportunities for romantic walks down the autumn lanes filled with multi-colored leaves, open-air cinema, and hot chocolate and pumpkin pie. This is also a wonderful time to have a mini-timeout and to go camping and have marshmallows next to the fire.

Remember to pack sweaters and warm boots for these various adventures you plan on going with your Libra man – you might be able to predict the planetary transits and moods, but you can never really predict the weather!

Paint Me Black And Red, Like Fire

During the second week of October, the Libra man’s focus will shift to his daily chores and job. He must practice his communication skills, which might pose a challenge to him, taking into account the Retrograde state of Neptune in his sixth house.

Aside from that, the Moon will soon shift its potent light to the Libra man’s seventh house and will join hands with Retrograde Jupiter to form a Full Moon which will oppose Venus and the Sun in his first house. This means that the Libra man’s focus will weigh heavily on his lover or partner.

Now is not a good time to start anything new, and that includes fights or verbal opposition. Though it is a good time to bring to a (fiery) close previous entanglements and relationships, as well as to put to rest some clashing questions you might have had in the past.

It’s also a good time to resolve passionate matters in a passionate style, so having a lot of fun in the bedroom, role playing, or visiting a BDSM-themed party, or a nightclub might prove to be very therapeutic and help to resolve most of the problems in your relationship right now.

Blessings Galore

When the third week comes, the Libra man will feel mentally and emotionally powered, which will lead to a boost in his confidence and flirting powers. This week will also prove to be a great week for his career and public life.

He will develop a great relationship with his subordinates, and he will be able to show a compassionate and empathetic side at work. What’s more, it’s possible that the Libra man’s lover or partner might prove to be a stellar addition to his public image, so he might be perceived as a caring person in the eyes of the public as well.

Now is a great time to let him take the center stage and focus on observing eyes. It’s a perfect moment to have dates in public, visit galleries, go to fancy restaurants, and – best of all – let him spoil you rotten.

He might have an urge to share with you his intimate work and feelings, but he might find that he’s struggling to do so. If you take notice of this, make sure you are lending him a helping (or a guiding) hand towards his own emotions, and you seem available and open to hearing him out, whatever he has to say.

New Moon In Scorpio And All Sorts Of Plans…

The fourth and final week of October brings new tidings and plans to the Libra man’s finances, family life, and overseas travel.

There’s a powerful New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, his second house of income, and this lunation is closely tied to his family (particularly children’s education) and making plans for overseas schooling.

This lunation can also mean that he is planting seeds for new businesses abroad, as well as making plans to secure his family’s fortune. He is quite the businessman this month…

The Libra man will have the opportunity to explore new financial depths and chances that might arise in the upcoming period, and he should stay open, at least in the back of his head, to business collaboration with some of his family members.

This is a great time to go out on productive and physically active dates that will help him brainstorm the possible outcomes of his new ideas. Going to a spa center or having a spa day together is a great idea for this New Moon and the final week of October.

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Final Thoughts

And there you have it, my dearies – the Libra man’s spookiest month in a nutshell. He’s going to be in a pretty good mood throughout the month, and he is going to become a very accomplished and productive man. This is his month, no doubt about it!

Despite all the Retrogrades and the Moon’s hefty aspects with some of the malefic planets that are high in the sky right now, the Libra man remains confident, sweet-talking, and positive, so this month really presents a great opportunity to further develop your romantic aspirations and deepen the bond between you two.

I recently wrote an article about a Libra man’s texting style. You might want to give it a look before November approaches, it’ll help you ease through the challenging periods or misunderstandings. Trust me on this one.

All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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