Libra Man Predictions For September 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
I hope all is well and in its rightful place because I come bearing tidings of the Libra man’s predictions for this harvest month.

Hi my lovelies, how are you and how’s life? I hope all is well and in its rightful place because I come bearing tidings of the Libra man’s predictions for this harvest month. So, jump into something lovely, and let’s get into it.

The starting week of the month is relatively calm and peaceful for the Libra man. His fifth house will be heavily illuminated; thus, he will seek romantic encounters and verbal exchanges. It’s a good time to go out on intellectual dates and have fun in constructive discussions about the state of the world and the Universe.

The second week of the harvest month serves as a good culmination for the discovery of health and work-related issues. The Libra man will feel liberated after the Full Moon and his focus will proceed to be on his lover or partner. It’s a perfect time to go out on an exciting date, but also to practice safety and to-do lists, thanks to the record six Retrograde planets that we have in September.

The third week of the month is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other better and to delve deeper into your relationship. It’s also a great time to have intellectual discussions and verbal matches that will only serve as a fun pastime. Avoid topics upon which you disagree and exchange heated words over religious or spiritual matters.

The New Moon on the 25th of September marks a new stage in your love story and a new chapter in the Libra man’s life. This final week is a great time to organize your lives and to be openly romantic and affectionate with each other. Just go for it!

Harvest Atmosphere

At the beginning of the month, the Libra man will feel homey and optimistic about his surroundings and interactions. His mind will be focused and thinking ahead about his options regarding daily obligations, plans, and chores.

His fifth house of fun and pleasure is going to be accentuated, which means that he will be in a romantic and lovey-dovey mood, so it’s a perfect moment to flirt with him, exchange provocative messages, and do things that can take him back into the past and stir his nostalgia.

His subconscious will be burdened with small imperfections and details that are not to his liking. Still, he will be productive and work on them constructively in order to make them esthetically pleasing and lovely.

This is a perfect time to ask about his dreams and aspirations, listen to his insights, and pick up on the pearls of wisdom, as he will be prone to spilling accidental wise words thanks to the Sun in his twelfth house.

Safety First

The second week of September will provoke the themes of health, work, and chores. Plus, Mercury turns Retrograde, and as that happens in his first house, the Libra man will feel all the confusion and blocks of this feisty little bugger and his Retrograde ways.

On the 10th, when the Full Moon takes place in his sixth house, the Libra man’s focus will be on his health, and considering that Neptune is Retrograde and the Moon will conjunct it, it’s possible that he will be lightheaded, dazed, or confused about something that would be quite regular under a normal night sky.

After the Full Moon, his focus will shift to his lover or partner, and he will find it great to spend time somewhere he’s been before. It’s a good time to go and do something exciting, but remember to double-check everything and stay safe. There’s a Retrograde score of six planets in total in the night sky, and that’s not to be taken for granted.

Use this second week of September to be cuddly and cozy with your Libra man, show kindness and patience in interactions with him, and give him room for mistakes, both with memory and words. In the end, it should all turn out positively.

Buffer Zone – Stamina Loading…

The third week will accentuate the Libra man’s eighth and ninth houses. This means that he will feel the need to explore more intimate depths of your relationship and to excavate what it is that binds you two together.

His overall mood will be a bit tense and confusing as his twelfth house gets overwhelmingly conflicted through the opposition of the Sun and Neptune Retrograde. This means that he might not know what he wants, or that his mind will get in the way of his heart and desire.

This is a good time to avoid any volatile form of communication. Stay diplomatic, calm, and balanced. Things might get heated up as the Moon conjuncts Mars in his ninth house, and if you guys belong to different religions or have too different views on spirituality, then be careful not to get into a fight over it.

It’s a good time to explore meditation and pranayama techniques, practice mindfulness, and live in the moment. It’s not a good time to go at it if you disagree or to nitpick about every little detail.

If It Has To End, Let It End With A Bang!

The final week of September puts a focus on his social circles and his subconsciousness. The Libra man will feel called to spend time with his friends and colleagues around the 20th. He’ll feel optimistic and will be in a good mood thanks to his friends.

Before the 25th, the Moon will illuminate his twelfth house of dreams and illusions, so he might feel sleepier, but also more romantic. He’ll want to share his thoughts and feelings with his lover or partner, and he’ll want to explore softer dimensions of love.

This is a perfect time to spend the night together, nap or sleep next to each other, and share your dreams. There’s going to be a lot of symbolism and messages in his dreams at this time, so it’s a good idea to bond and get closer via conversations that have to do with the deepest parts of his subconsciousness.

On the 25th, there’s a fresh New Moon in Libra, and this will illuminate his first house of self, and bring him necessary optimism and ideas on how to proceed further and what changes to make about himself.

At the same time, the New Moon makes a strong opposition to Jupiter Retrograde in his seventh house of love and relationships with others, so it’s a perfect time to work on your relationship and to work towards a shared goal. This is a transforming New Moon for both the Libra man and your love story.

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Final Thoughts

And there you have it, my lovelies, the Libra man’s harvest month in the palm of your hand. The beginning and the end of the month will feel good to him, on a subjective level. The middle of the month will give rise to verbal and intellectual challenges.

September is a complicated month this year because it hosts six Retrograde planets, which means that delays and nostalgia are inevitable. The important thing is to remember that in every challenge a hidden lesson lies.

The Libra man will have a blast at the end of the month as the New Moon in Libra will bless him with a lot of new and positive experiences, especially when it comes to his love life, and we all know that the Libra man cares the most about the matters of the heart.

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Wishing you so much love and happiness!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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