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Libra Man Sexually Inactive – What Can You Do?

Are you dating a Libra man who doesn’t seem to want to be intimate or “give up the goods”? Is your Libra man sexually inactive? Perhaps it’s a good idea to understand how a Libra man’s mind operates to fully get why he would withhold sex or not be able to “perform”. Keep reading for some useful information that helps you understand him better.

Resentful Feelings

One of the biggest issues for a Libra man is that he considers sex an emotional act. Therefore he’s very careful with whom he shares his body with. Unless he’s planning a “free for all” type of situation, he considers sex as bonding.

He can be a swinger but typically would prefer not to be one. He goes along with whatever it is that his partner wants even if he’s not particularly interested in it himself as he wants to make her happy.

Along the train of thought with emotions being involved for a Libra man, one of the things that makes him have a hard time with performance or even the will power to want to have sex is resentment.

If you haven’t been getting along with your Libra man very well or find it hard to talk to him, there may be some underlying tension that needs dealing with. He isn’t one to speak up when he has a problem.

He will hold in feelings over a long period of time and then unceremoniously unload them on you when you least suspect it. One of those ways is by not having a desire to be intimate or cannot “get it up” when he does try.

His brain actually controls his penis unlike most men. Virgo man is another one that disconnects like this. Libra man however, is one that if he feels ill feelings toward his partner, he cannot have fulfilling sex.

Even if he does try, he is likely to lose his erection thus making a woman think he has erectile dysfunction when in fact, it’s just his mind telling him that you don’t deserve his intimate contact. It shuts his penis down.

Damage or Injury

unhappy couple having problems at bedroom - Libra Man Sexually Inactive

There is the chance that your man has gone through a physical experience that may have rendered his penis as nearly unusable. I know that sounds awful but many men have “accidents” with zippers.

If he’s accidentally zipped his penis or testicles once or twice, this may have caused some kind of damage. If he hasn’t bothered to have a doctor check it out because he’s embarrassed, it could have long term effects.

That being said, he may not want to fess up to having had this issue and why it may play a role in his penis being overly sensitive sometimes and then not sensitive enough at others.

If he has some kind of physical impairment or even admits he has erectile dysfunction, then you’re in for a long and awkward situation with him. If you really love him though, you’ll stand by him no matter what issue he has.

You should probably suggest to him that he needs to have that checked out as the doctor may have a solution or be able to prescribe him something that will help with the issue.

Tell him that intimacy is important to you and if the rest of your relationship is going well then he shouldn’t resist too much. If he loves you, he’ll figure out what is going on and try to solve the issue.

Isn’t That Into You

No woman wants to hear this but with Libra man tying sex in with emotions, if he’s not feeling it with you, he won’t be turned on either. He’s not one of those guys that can just have sex at the drop of the hat.

He has to feel totally and completely enthralled with you in all ways for him to be turned on sexually. His brain is how you get to him. Impress his mind and you’ll find that the physical will come along with it.

Show him how loving, intelligent, and warm you are. Be considerate to him and show him that he’s special to you. Tell him how wonderfully sexy he is and how much he turns you on when he’s around.

While he’s getting to know you this may be an issue but when he finally does have sex with you then you’ll have some indication of where he’s at with you relationship wise.

Typically when he first starts dating someone, he may refrain from sex until he feels comfortable and confident that the relationship may actually go somewhere and he can see a future with you.

If he doesn’t see a future with you, finds you to be someone he won’t get along with in the future, or just isn’t attracted to you enough, he will refrain from sex. Essentially, you’ve got to figure out what he thinks of you before you bed him.

Work It!

Beautiful and young couple flirting on the kitchen - Libra Man Sexually Inactive

When your Libra guy isn’t putting out, try to do things that will turn him on. Wear sexy lingerie, whisper sexy things in his ear, grab him directly and see how he responds. Either he’ll make out with you or he’ll remove your hand.

He would rather have a woman approach him with sex than for him to try to figure out if she’s in the mood. Sometimes he’ll just not bother to try because he is intimidated.

If you’re alright with busting the first move then go for it. There is a chance that he’ll respond very well to it. Let him know that you’re turned on, grab his hand and put it in an intimate area of yours.

If he’s ready and willing, he will oblige you by getting intimate. If he starts to back-peddle about feelings, just tell him that you want to have fun. This may put him at ease a little more.

He may also decide that if all you want is fun then maybe you’re not the one. You’ve got to take a risk to get this guy’s attention though so I say go for it!

If you’re ready to learn more on what can you do if your Libra man is sexually inactive, and how his mind operates click here to learn more about Libra Man Secrets.

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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