Number One Reason Libra Avoids Your Texts

If you’ve fallen for a Libra man, you may find yourself feeling baffled by his see-saw approach to relationships. One day, he’s all over you. The next day - silence.

If you’re trying to navigate the ups and downs of relationships with a Libra man, you have to understand what motivates a Libra man to respond.

This will help you understand the biggest reason that he ignores you.

As the sign of the scales, Libra men are drawn to balance.

Once he starts to feel a strong connection, he’ll back off initially. Usually, this won’t make him outright ignore you.

When he slows down, he’ll start to second guess his decisions.

He’ll give you verbal clues about his hesitation, rather than cutting off communication altogether.

When a Libra man is ignoring you altogether, there is usually a more drastic motivation behind the extreme behavior.

Usually, Libra men don’t like to limit any option. It takes a lot for a Libra man to ignore you for any substantial amount of time.

Libra men can be flirty. Usually, a Libra man will take the time to flirt with you over text even if he’s still hesitant about making any commitments.

In fact, they’ll even stop everything during the workday to check in and flirt with you over text. Libra men prioritize socialising over most other things.

They don’t like to leave their love interests or friends waiting too long for a reply.

But if he flat out ignores your text, you may want to take note. There is likely something you can do to reverse this cycle before things get worse.

So, what is the biggest reason a Libra man starts to ignore your texts?

If he’s been indecisive about a relationship and gets cold feet, he may go quiet for a short amount of time. This can also be true if he is suddenly trying to get back with an ex. But usually in these situations, you’ll hear from him.

After all, Libra men care about being fair.

They don’t want to deceive anyone or lead anyone on needlessly.

If a Libra man is actually ignoring your text messages, there is usually one major reason why.

Chances are, you are becoming attached and he’s feeling emotionally overwhelmed by your level of attachment to him.

A Libra man will shut down if he feels you’re projecting too much emotion onto him. Especially if he is not ready to reciprocate. This is more than him slowing down.

When he’s ignoring you, it’s usually because he’s tried to be polite and give you hints previously but feels it was to no avail.

Replay the last few conversations you had with him.

Did he emphasize wanting to be friends? Did he give any subtle hints about feeling the need to slow down? Libra men aren’t always direct and assertive. Sometimes their message gets stifled because they are too subtle.

This is especially true if a Libra man has something to tell you and he thinks it may hurt your feelings.

So if he notices you’re getting attached to him and he doesn’t share your feelings, a Libra man may start dropping hints to let you know. But because he’s sidestepping the issue, it’s possible you won’t get the hint.

When this happens, he’ll just start to ignore your texts outright.

But it’s not too late to preserve connection when this happens!

The key is knowing how to strike the right balance.

This is why you need to understand his personality. When you do, you’ll be better able to trigger his chasing instinct.

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You now understand the most common reason a Libra man doesn't reply to you.

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