Libra Man Predictions For August 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly June predictions for your Libra man. What will his mood be for the spring season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, and welcome to this month’s reading for your Libra man.

These monthly reports aim to help you navigate the month romantically, whether you are married to or dating Libra Guy, but remember there are also yearly guides packed with lots of answers to all the questions you may have about the direction of your relationship.

Now August is going to be quite an interesting month because Venus is retrograde for the whole month, and Venus is the ruler of Libra Guy, so this will be affecting him in particular.

What’s more, Mercury goes retrograde at the end of the month in Virgo, later in August, Mars goes into Libra, so the main part of the action will be at month end, whereas the bulk of the month is actually fairly quiet. It’s a good time for taking a holiday, a breather and having a relationship reboot.

There will also be a New Moon in Leo, which can be excellent for those of you attending festivals or maybe traveling with friends.

Venus retrograde in Leo – for all of August

Venus retrograde is particularly significant because it is his ruling planet and once again it adds to the theme of contemplation and reassessment going on in his life. This is certainly a time when he needs to reevaluate his needs and priorities going into the next rest of the year. It is also a time when he has to address any misplaced expectations.

There may be issues to do with trust, particularly in his, and your, friendship circles and it’s definitely a time when you guys need to be more private about your relationship. This is not a great time to be splashing things on social media and it’s also a time where you have to keep your good friends close, but keep acquaintances at bay. This is a time in relationships, and in terms of your social life, where you stick with what is tried and trusted.

This is not a great time for any financial dealings with your friends and networking can be particularly problematic. So it’s a good month for quality family time and for also having more contact with extended family. It’s a good time for him to detach from work and to understand the value of relaxation and creating harmony. He needs to restore balance in his life and that can mean balanced eating, and a balance of time spent sleeping versus socializing.

New moon in Leo – 16th August

The New Moon in Leo is also linked to his search for contentment and satisfaction, so it’s a time for a mini audit where he gets in touch with what truly inspires him and makes life worth living. Often in life we get bogged down by the expectations and the needs of others and we can forget about the importance of fulfilling ourselves and reaching our own destiny. So do encourage him to do things that are important, that make a difference to his life, and where he can feel that he is making a mark on the world.

Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune – 23rd August

This indicates an important time for him to look after his health: getting enough sleep and essential nutrients is really important right now. This is a time when he can really give in to temptation, he can be weak-willed and he can deal with stress in negative ways i.e. by eating the coping foods, like the sugars, alcohol, cokes etc. So it’s really important for him to arrest any bad habits right now.

This is also an important time for him to have boundaries, he shouldn’t be wasting his time on activities and people who are not worth it. He also needs to recognize toxicity in his work environment, and with certain colleagues, in order to prevent this from leaking into his relationships.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo – 24th August

Mercury goes retrograde on the 24th, but during the month it is slowing down as it goes into the station before it goes retrograde. Now this means that during the first part of the month, it’s important to get organized and finalize any kind of red tape or bureaucracy that he has to deal with in his business or personal life. If there are any application forms and admin to be done it should be completed as soon as possible, otherwise, it’ll be really difficult to get to grips with it as the month goes on.

Mercury going retrograde in Virgo is quite an introspective time for Libra Guy. We know that he often struggles with decision-making because he goes to and fro-ing between pros and cons, but with Mercury retrograde, it’s more difficult for him to understand what is fact versus what is fiction. He’ll have hard time understanding the reality of situations, he can second guess himself and he’s more likely to doubt his own reasoning process. So this is a good time for him to delay any important business discussions and it’s also not the best time for you to pile on pressure if you are seeking clarity on the direction of your relationship or perhaps looking to arrange things like marriages or engagements.

This is definitely not a time when he wants to be under a lot of pressure, so give him space to allow him to come to terms with things in his own way, in his own head.

Theme of Month – This is definitely a time when he wants to stay true to himself and not be drawn into any false goals just because friends are going in that direction.

During the Venus retrograde, it’s very important that he knows his own heart and has a strong sense of his own values as if he is weak-minded, he can easily be swept along by ephemeral or trivial social trends which can be costly and which can turn out to be fake.

Magic Phrase –  “Sharing is caring.”

Magic Text –  “Whatever happens, we’ll pick up the piece together.”

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 16th of August to the 30th of August. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective, and being proactive.

This is a great time for goals involving groups and traveling with groups of people. Networking is successful. This is an excellent time for him being more assertive and competitive physical activity and sports are favored. While he should be careful in travel and combat sports, this is generally a good time for leadership and for new personal challenges involving fitness and his appearance.

His career goals, leadership, and new career directions are favored. A suitable time to expand his business and use new management techniques. PR and public speaking or more high-profile activities are successful.

This is a great period for his finances, cash flow improves. It’s a positive month for investing, buying new assets and gaining new clients. A good month for financial analysis and changes.

Long-distance travel and international business relations are favored, and relations with the in-laws can be improved.

This is an excellent time for romance, brand-new relationships, dating and social occasions. A good time for planning entertainment and leisure activities for personal enjoyment or business, and an ideal time to work with children.

Avoid: With Venus still retrograde he must be careful of new associates, he’s better off building stronger relationships with existing colleagues rather than branching into totally new territory.

A time to be cautious in health or with medication. Not a great time to start new diet or join a gym.

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Week 1Hanky panky

With Mars in Virgo trining Jupiter in Taurus, this is a fantastic week for sex life and intimacy. It’s a good time in your relationship to be affectionate and to incorporate some fantasy and escapism into your love life.

Don’t be too conventional, don’t stand on ceremony, it’s time to let yourself go and truly experience the joy of spontaneity when it comes to how you relate. This August sex is best when it’s in a brand new place or location or if it happens when you guys are least expecting it.

The key now to your love life is a little bit of adventure, so it’s time to leave aside the relationships rituals and anything else which encourages a feeling of obligation and to give in to your wilder sides together. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you really want in terms of sex.

Week 2High on emotion

During this week, you guys may need to discuss household spending. Now this can sometimes be a contentious issue because Libra Guy can be extremely acquisitive and has low impulse control right now. When he wants something, he wants it now and his patience is really limited, which means if they are any relationship issues or unfulfilled needs that are bothering him, he’ll definitely be talking about them non-stop.

You really need to engage with him about the priorities on his mind, to be a good listener, and to see if you can both move towards a compromise. It’s really important right now for you guys to take each other’s needs and current emotional state seriously.

Don’t sweep anything under the carpet, deal with issues as they arise, and while you should be pragmatic, you should also be emotionally honest in order to reach a state of harmony again.

This week his desire level is quite high, tensions are increased, feelings are running high and passions can get the better of you both, so the sooner you get on your thinking caps and work towards compromises, the more you can avoid these pitfalls.

Week 3Avoid muddying the water

This week is really good for new relationships, so if you have recently been dating Libra Guy, this is a time when you can move that relationship to the next level. However, some important things to bear in mind are to show that you are honest, be interested in the things that are close to his heart and support him.

Right now he has a lot of doubts and it’s easy, if you are dating, for him to misconstrue small things and blow them out of all proportion. So remember, even if he’s being a little bit testing, it’s probably because this month he battles to understand what is real and what’s not, and he can actually become paranoid.

So to ensure your love life runs smoothly, just be totally honest and direct with him. This is not a good time to be playing games, using innuendos or doing anything to confuse issues in the relationship.

Week 4Looking for a boost

While Sun in Virgo is opposite Saturn, this is a time of reigning himself in. It’s important for him to be disciplined, methodical and systematic.

It’s a week where he has to work quite hard and get his mind back into gear for the coming months, so he can be a little bit preoccupied with work, and it’s also a time when despite the relaxation he’s had, he still feels a little bit run down and may need to boost his energy with extra supplements.

This week is really a week of two halves, on one hand he’s feeling a little bit depleted, a little bit down, but as soon as Mars moves into Libra the energy kicks in and he feels a surge of competitiveness, and this is when he really gears up.

He can be quite assertive and suddenly, after grappling with self-doubt, he feels up for the challenge and he can be quite full of energy in the bedroom.

Closing Thoughts

This is a great month for sexual relations, having fun, and chilling out. It’s important for him to relax, review his diet and take care of himself. It’s also important for you to understand that he’s often struggling with some decisions and experiencing some self-doubt, take his concerns seriously and be willing to engage constructively when he wants to chat about things that he feels are important.

Have patience with him, even if he sometimes seems a little bit paranoid or like he’s getting the wrong end of the stick.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Libra Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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