Libra Man In Bed — The Complete Guide To Libra Man Sexuality

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What exactly is the Libra man looking for when it comes to sex? You may want to keep reading to learn what a Libra man wants in bed.

The Libra man in bed is something you can’t forget, and a Libra man sex drive isn’t either really… With a Libra man, sex can be out of this world—they’re definitely not boring! He will make sure you have a great time in bed too!

I can promise you that a Libra man in bed is one of the most satisfying sexual partners you will ever get to experience. This guy is going to make it all about you, and what woman wouldn’t want that?

But, what exactly is a Libra man looking for when it comes to sweet seductive sex? He has specific desires just like anyone else, and it’s important for you to know exactly how to please your Libra man. 

If you want to learn more, then you may want to keep reading for some great tips on what a Libra man in bed is like, and how to pleasure him…

Libra Man In Bed — Do Libra Male Have High Sex Drive?

Libras are ruled by Venus, and that being said, a Libra man is the most sensual sign in the zodiac. They love connecting with and pleasing their partners. So it makes sense that a Libra man would have a very strong sexual drive.

Most Libra guys are highly sexual and would be happy to have regular sex in a loving relationship. Sex is quite fulfilling for them, and they find the act far more meaningful than a quick release of energy.

If you love to bond deeply and have regular, loving, and playful sex, then Libra might be right up your alley.

Libra Man Sexuality Traits

  1. Libra men are affectionate as well as sensual
  2. He likes foreplay
  3. He is soft, sensual, tender, and erotic
  4. He aims to please his partner

What Is A Libra Man’s Favorite Body Part On A Woman?

Have you ever thought about what a Libra man finds physically attractive in a woman’s body?

Well, let me tell you that a Libra man is attracted to curvy women. They adore soft, organic shapes. Although you might be self-conscious about them, a Libra man will enjoy your wide hips and huge thighs!

Curves and femininity are both what attract a Libra man the most.

Libra Man Favorite Sex Positions

Libra men are born romantics. As air signs, they are easily influenced by their fantasies and imaginations. This makes it relatively easy to turn a Libra man on as long as you understand how to appeal to his fantasies and desires.

Here are three of the hottest positions that Libra men can never resist:

  1. Sixty-Nine. The sign of the scales is one of a Libra man’s favorite positions because it allows him to enjoy the balance and harmony. Libra men don’t like being dominating or dominated. Instead, they prefer to strike a balance through their sexual encounters. They want to enjoy simultaneous orgasms as well whenever possible.
  2. Spooning. Libra men enjoy spooning because it gives them a chance to hold you and be close to you while also enjoying intimacy and erotic pleasure.
  3. Butterfly. A Libra man loves to share affection and intimacy while also being able to admire your beauty. Being able to gaze into your eyes and watch the looks of pleasure on your face are also benefits for a Libra man. This position makes a Libra man feel both seductive, amorous and secure during lovemaking.

How To Please A Libra Man In Bed

Do The Foreplay

A Libra man loves foreplay. If you were looking for a man who will have fun playing with you instead of trying to go right for it then Libra is the right guy for you. He’s soft, sensual, tender, and erotic.

He loves to kiss for long periods of time, feeling each other up, and just really enjoying the moment. Also, he will make sure you’re getting what you need before he proceeds to actual intercourse.

Don’t wait for him to lead though. You will need to lead him. Tell him what you’d like him to do, put his hands where you want them or even push him into position to indicate what you want.

He will appreciate that you’re taking the time to let him know you want it and how you want it. It leaves the guesswork behind which is nice for him. He’d rather know what he’s doing and that it’s right.

Pleasure Him In the Morning

The Libra man is typically a morning person. If you know this about him then you might also understand that a Libra man is someone who absolutely loves to have morning sex. It’s a great way to start the day.

If you’re someone who would prefer to do it at night, before bed, or randomly then he may not be the right guy for you. He will be ready to rock your world upon waking up though if you’ll have him.

This might be something worth waking up for. Afterward you can go back to sleep if you feel you’re not really ready to get out of bed. He won’t be at all offended. A Libra man just wants to connect with you sexually to start off his day.

It will put him in an instant good mood. It might help you as well if you let it. If you’re not a morning type of gal, it may be something you have to compromise on. It’s all in the love you two share.

Talk To Him About Your Expectations

A Libra man wants his lady to be happy, comfortable, and turned on to him. He will never expect you to cater to his sexual needs. He will want you, and he will suggest things, but he will never try to make you feel bad.

You’ve got to teach him how to balance love, sex, and commitment, as he’s not as good as he’d like to think. That being said, you’ve got to take the initiative to cool it off sometimes.

You can ask him to slow down a little so that you both can pace yourselves. Tell him you don’t want your love to be all about sex. You want to enjoy quality time.

He’ll understand where you are coming from, and he will start pulling back a bit. This doesn’t mean he won’t take care of business on his own as far as masturbation goes, if he’s really that turned on.

As long as you don’t mind that your Libra man is going to do this while his sex drive is still very high, then you’ll be alright. He will be understanding of you if you are understanding of him.

It’s a beautiful give-and-take. Create balance, and you’ll find that your Libra man will adore you for it. He won’t quit loving you if you don’t put it out every single time he wants it.

Take The Lead

Much of the time, the Libra man doesn’t make the first move and doesn’t know for sure when a woman wants sex unless she lets him know.

Telling him outright probably won’t do much. It’s better if you show him. Rub on his inner thigh, give him a nice, tasty wet kiss, and caress him to show him what you have in mind. Do something random and off-the-wall so that he gets very excited.

When you’re sitting together watching television or a movie, unzip his pants and start heading down there with your mouth. He’s likely not going to stop you. Most men love blowouts, and a Libra man is no different.

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