10 Signs That A Libra Man Is Not Interested In You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to know when a Libra man is not interested in you and just being nice? Keep reading for some helpful tips.

Libra men are a lot of fun and great to be with in a relationship, but these guys are also pretty fickle and struggle to make up their minds. Which makes it difficult to know the signs that a Libra man is not interested in you…

One minute he will be super friendly and all into you, and then the next you won’t hear from him for ages. It is so confusing. However, there are some very definite signs a Libra man is not into you. 

When a Libra man doesn’t answer texts it is one of those guaranteed signs he is not interested in you because this man really loves to communicate and connect, so when he is avoiding you, something is definitely up!

Are you unsure if a Libra man is into you or not? Then you have come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out all the signs a Libra man is not into you so that you can stop wasting your time…

What Makes A Libra Man Not Interested In A Woman?

Libra men just love to be in relationships. Nothing adds more value to their lives than finding a partner they can really connect with, however, certain things just really turn a Libra man off and make him not interested any longer. 

He really doesn’t like conflict as he is someone who loves to keep the peace. Harmony is very important to him and he doesn’t want to be with anyone who is disruptive to his peace. 

This means that when the woman he dates can’t get along with his friends and family, it usually is a big red flag for him as these connections are the most important in his life. 

He is also a bit of an intellectual and if he doesn’t feel that there is a mental connection with a woman, it makes him lose interest very quickly. He wants that spark to be there to have interesting conversations with her. 

Another thing that makes a Libra man lose interest is when the woman he dates stops caring about her looks. Truth be told, Libra men are quite vain and care about the way they look, so if she doesn’t it can make him find her less attractive. 

These are just some of the things that might come up if a Libra man has lost interest in a woman. Do you think any of these reasons might be why you have noticed your Libra man pull away?

7 Obvious Signs That A Libra Man Is Not Interested In You

1. When A Libra Man Ignores Your Text

When a Libra man never initiates contact it is usually quite a big sign that he is not interested in you, because when a Libra man is interested in a woman he will do absolutely anything to be in contact with you.

You need to remember that the Libra man is an Air sign and communication means absolutely everything to him. He wants to stay in contact as much as possible as he feels this strengthens the bond. 

So when he isn’t putting in this effort it is often an indication that he isn’t very interested in you. I often get my readers asking me “why is a Libra man ignoring my texts?” and the reason is usually that he simply isn’t interested!

Here’s what to do if your Libra man stops texting you <<

2. Libra Man Talks About Other Women To You

In the case that you’re crushing on him and you’re not actually dating him, he may be oblivious and start talking about other women to you. Like you’re just a good friend he can talk to.

However, he is a private guy so this would be sort of unusual. Unless you’ve been friends for a long time and he just has no clue you like him. Then yes, he’ll open up and talk to you.

It won’t be deep stuff at all but he may mention having interest in some other women where you two work, go to school, or wherever it is that you two became friends at.

So when he’s talking to you about other women, he either has no interest in you romantically or he is oblivious that you even feel anything for him like that or not. If you do, it might be a good idea to speak up and tell him.

Of course, if you’ve been dating him and he inappropriately talks about other women or their appearance, he’s trying to show you a little disrespect in a way so that you’ll write him off and he can easily flee the scene.

3. Libra Man Is Short Tempered With You

In the case that you’ve been with him for awhile and now it seems that you cannot do anything right in his mind, he’s probably done with you. He is not really short tempered.

He will appear as though he does though if he’s really trying to shake you loose from his life. Now in the case that you’re just friends, he may pick up on your vibes and doesn’t want you to get any closer.

If he’s keeping you at arms length and being cynical toward you, there is a good chance that he is showing you he isn’t interested and doesn’t want to go anywhere with your friendship.

He won’t let anyone in who he doesn’t feel close to or wants to be with. This means that if you’re in the friend zone. You’re going to either stay there or he’s going to below you off entirely thus icing you out.

He may act annoyed at anything you do really. The way you eat, the way you talk, the way you twirl your hair, etc. You’ll know because he’ll give you a weird glance like “can you not” type of thing.

Watch his body language. You can easily pick up on when he’s annoyed even if he doesn’t say anything. When he starts being this way around you, it’s because he’s done or just isn’t interested.

When a woman keeps trying to push him into something he doesn’t want, he will absolutely either tell her he doesn’t want it or he will act highly annoyed by anything she does just so she “gets it”.

4. Libra Man Avoids Contact With You

Whether it’s phone calls, text messages, social media messages, or any other type of communication, he’ll pull back or not respond at all. He doesn’t want to be mean but he doesn’t want to send the wrong message either. When a Libra man ignores your text he is trying to make things clear. 

He’s a sweet guy but he is still a guy. That means that he’s going to play the pulling back and being a colder maneuver if he thinks it’s not working or if he’s just not into you at all.

Libra men make it clear when they’re interested just as they’re pretty definitive when they don’t like someone. When he’s not interested, he won’t go out of his way to call you, text you, or talk to you.

Whether you were dating him or just interested in him, he’s not going to push anything forward. He’s going to go about his busy life as though you were never in it.

Libra men tend to put lots of focus on themselves and what they want in life. If he’s dodging you, he doesn’t want anything with you. You’ll need to just go ahead and cut your losses or cut the interest in him.

If you’re in a situation where your Libra man is no longer contacting you and you’re feeling lost and unsure of what to do, I strongly recommend my 30-day Libra Man Love Challenge. This program is designed to give you all the tools you need to bring back the passion and connection in your relationship. Start your journey today!

5. Libra Man Tells You How He Feels

When you confront the Libra man on how you feel and what you want, he will have a hard time with it but he will actually tell you that he isn’t interested in you in that way or doesn’t want a relationship.

It won’t feel good to hear it but it’s often best to ask him what he wants and where he sees things going. That way you get a definitive answer and are not stuck in limbo wondering what signs he gives off if he likes you or doesn’t like you.

Talk to him and get a feel for what is going on in his life, in his head, in his heart, and what he wants. What he wants and what you want may not line up. I get how saddened you will feel to find out Libra man has no interest.

However, it’s best you find out instead of going forward thinking he likes you then getting hurt when you find that he doesn’t. Libra man is slow and will take his time forming a bond that he wants.

6. A Libra Man Is Unreliable

As a general rule, a Libra man is by nature a little fickle and scattered. He tends to be quite indecisive and all over the place. However, when he is in a relationship with someone he really likes, he makes the effort to be a little more grounded and reliable. 

If he says he will be somewhere, he will be. But, when a Libra man is not interested in you, he will become unreliable. He will go back on his word and make you question your value in his life. 

You will start to lose trust in him as you notice that he keeps going back on his word. You will get this feeling that you can’t rely on him because he never does what he says he will. 

This is a major sign that he doesn’t consider you as someone important in his life otherwise he wouldn’t do this.

Discover Libra man negative personality traits here <<

7. A Libra Man Bootycalls You

Libra men are relationship orientated, and although that might be true, they also have a naughty side in which they know that they are very charming and can make women swoon. 

So, this can make it pretty confusing when you hear from a Libra man, but it seems like it is only for sex. This is often an indication that he likes you enough for sex, but not for an actual relationship. 

Have you noticed you only hear from him when he wants to get laid? This is usually a major red flag that he isn’t actually interested in you otherwise he would make the effort to spend time with you even if sex wasn’t on the table!

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When My Libra Man Doesn’t Answer Texts — Is He Losing Interest Or Too Busy For Me?

libra man not texting back_

A Libra man not texting back is usually a cause for concern as this man really loves communication, especially if it is with his sweetheart. He likes to stay in touch with the woman he has a relationship with. 

When a Libra man doesn’t answer texts, it is a little worrying. He might be confused about where the relationship is heading and need a time-out to figure out what his feelings are. 

It is also very possible that he is just busy with work and can’t find the time to respond to you. I wouldn’t be concerned if it has just been a couple of hours, but if it has been a couple of days, something is clearly up!

Give him some space and stop double texting him! If he is man enough he should come back to you with a valid reason, and if he doesn’t then you know he isn’t someone you need to waste your time on any longer. You deserve better!

3 More Signs A Libra Man Has Lost Interest

1. A Libra Man Doesn’t Compliment You

Seeing as Venus is the ruler of Libra, flattery and flirtation come very easily to him. He really knows how to make people feel good and this is why he tends to be such a popular choice as a partner. 

He knows how to be a good lover! This is why you should be worried if you never hear compliments from your Libra man. He is clearly not trying to make you feel good or make it obvious that he likes you. 

A Libra man will stop at nothing to compliment the woman he likes as he knows it makes her feel good and makes her fall for him even more. He knows what he is doing when you never hear sweet nothings from him. 

2. He Is Critical Of You

Usually, Libra men like to keep the peace as balance and harmony are their thing. However, if a Libra man knows you like him and he isn’t interested in you, he can be a little passive aggressive if he is trying to get you off his back.

He will be a little unkind, and even contrary at times. Whatever you say, he will say the opposite. This is a little childish as he clearly doesn’t know how to just be honest and tell you that he isn’t interested. 

3. He Never Makes Romantic Gestures

One of the best parts of being with a Libra man is that he is extremely romantic. He will go above and beyond to woo the woman he is interested in. Think massive gestures of adoration. Flowers, gifts, fun dates, the works!

When a Libra man is interested in you he is going to try to make you swoon! However, if there are never any romantic gestures coming your way from him, he probably only sees you as a friend, unfortunately. 

By not showing you any romantic gestures he is making it clear that he is not interested in you. 

What To Do When A Libra Man Loses Interest

When a Libra man loses interest in you, the last thing you should do is to fight even harder to win his approval. You shouldn’t put in more effort, you should really just lean back and focus on your own stuff. 

The harder you try to win him over, the further he is going to run. You will end up surprising him in a big way if you just back off for a bit and show him that you don’t have desperation to be with him. 

If you’re mature about things it will make him realize that he might be wrong about you. Put a lot of work and care into yourself. This is an opportunity for you to level up and feel better about yourself.

Appearances are important to a Libra man and if the next time he sees you he notices that you have leveled up and you are looking better than ever, it is going to make him question his decision of not seeing you for who you truly are.

Work on your friendships and hobbies, build confidence, and become a more well-rounded person. You will end up knocking him off his feet and you might even come to realize that you were better off without him anyway.

How To Know When A Libra Man Is Done With You

when a libra man is done

When a Libra man is done with you it can feel pretty brutal because you understand how amazing it feels to be loved by such a caring and compassionate individual. 

When a Libra man pays attention to you, it can feel pretty amazing and this is why it can be quite a shock when you realize his attention is something you can’t get anymore.

He will withdraw from talking to you and there will be a sense of emptiness in your life that leaves a massive gap. The kind person you once knew will become quite cruel and you will question if you even knew him at all. 

FAQ On Libra Man Losing Interest

Do Libra Men Lose Interest Quickly?

Libra men can be pretty fickle at times. They are very indecisive and always have a case of FOMO going on. They are a bit like Gemini in that way as it is difficult to keep their attention. 

However, relationships are very important to a Libra man. And he knows what he wants and what he wants to feel when he is in a relationship. If you are the right woman for him, he won’t lose interest quickly, but if you aren’t, he’ll be out of your life very soon. 

How To Know If A Libra Man Is Playing You?

The Libra man can be a bit of a player if he hasn’t committed to you. He likes to keep his options open and date as many women as he can before he chooses to commit. 

Some of the signs a Libra man is playing you is he doesn’t give you attention, you never hear from him unless you contact him first, he never commits to plans or asks you out, and you only see him if it is for sex. 

How Does a Libra End A Relationship?

A Libra man is not very good with conflict and confrontation. He is by nature a people-pleaser who tries to keep everyone happy. A Libra man will often stay in his relationships longer than he should because he is afraid to rock the boat. 

When he wants to end the relationship he will start to withdraw slowly and become more and more distant. It won’t be easy to connect with him anymore. He is trying to push you away so that you end up being the one who leaves him so that he doesn’t seem like the bad guy. 

How Do You Know A Libra Man Is Over You?

When a Libra man is over you it will be fairly obvious. He will no longer keep in touch or check in on you and find out how you are. You will feel like a stranger in his life.

He will also probably be dating someone else and draw very big boundaries to make you understand that he is with someone else now. The connection you once had will disappear. 

He will stop paying attention to you and when you reach out to him he is likely to ghost you and give you the cold shoulder. He will become very distant and elusive.

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  • I’m alittle confused with a Libra man, he was really sweet and we exchanged long messages and he plans for the first meetup and prepare a gift at the end of it. But I was alittle embarrassed to accept the gift as I felt that it might be alittle too much for the first meetup! He also tried holding my hands when we cross the road but I didn’t let him because I’m not sure if he does this to every girls he go out with. But I feel connected with him when we speak, and i needed time to process if I am interested. But I think he might lost interest though he still respond to the messages and that he’s busy with his work. I asked him out for a second meetup and we had dinner ending the night with a drink. He asked if I’m comfortable hanging out with him now after the meetup but he hasn’t respond to my message for a day. I’m not sure if he has lost interest for good

  • Hi Eliza!

    Not accepting a gift and not letting him hold your hand gave him the impression you’re not really that into him and is why he decided to pull back. If you’re still into him, you’re going to have to tell him because otherwise the impression he got was that you weren’t on the same level of like. Tell him the truth and tell him why you did what you did. There may still be a chance with the Libra guy.

    • I’m a Leo woman that recently started dating a Libra man. He divorced 1 year ago and I am older by a few years. We have a great time when we’re together and he’s very romantic and passionate and we have such deep conversations. Enough so that I only semi-jokingly call him my soul mate (to my friends and family only lol).

      The problem for me is his communication. I generally initiate all of our conversations or dates. He may randomly FaceTime me 1-2x a week to fall asleep to. Or say that he wants to see me if I ask about it. But if I don’t reach out to him first, I don’t hear from him. He always responds but not quickly most times (hours). He is also often too busy to see me a lot of days during the week although we live 10 minutes apart.

      On the other side, I mentioned I had a bad day and he called me right away to see what was wrong and then told me to come over so he could console me. He calls me beautiful and gorgeous or pretty lady. He holds me all the time. He makes me feel like I’m in a romantic movie when we’re together.

      I read some of your other Libra articles, so I’ve been trying to follow your advice. I can move fast when I like someone and understanding he’s slow has made me push all my brakes while still let him know that I like him and think he’s attractive. We’ve only been dating an extremely short time so I’ve been able to talk myself off most cliffs lol. But the lack of proactive interaction is starting to bother me.

      Now I’m wondering if he is “dodging contact” or if my Leo just wants more attention. Or both.

    • Hi Deidra!

      As a Leo you are definitely more accustomed to have more attention and affection from the guy you date. Libra men get that way but not until they’re comfortable with the person and if they truly want to be committed for the long haul. They are slow to make a choice in the matter which is frustrating for most women so you are not alone. I know it’s hard for you to hold yourself back but if you aren’t patient enough then Libra may be the wrong choice for you. It’s really all up to you sweetheart. I think it’s a bit of both. You want more and he is pulling back trying to figure out what he wants. I don’t think he’s doing it to hurt you. You might want to check out my books on Libra Man Secrets though if you decide to wait him out.

  • My Libra man have been seeing each other for 8 mts. Recently saw on social media he is following a younger female quite frequently hitting the Likes when she post her profile picture each time. He has stopped being sexual towards me recently like 3 weeks now. He is very protective of his cell phone and I catch him on it while we are watching a movie looking at Facebook So I want to confront him about this person and not sure how to go about it.

    • key points: he’s attention is on someone else, stopped being sexual w you, protective over his phone and on it on YOUR time then it’s pretty obvious … doesn’t matter what sign they r when someone likes u they will have their attention on u. Remember your worth no matter what u guys had or have your not a second option and there’s plenty of people on this earth please don’t get hung up over one dude. Prolly just likes having someone to hang w and occasionally hook up whatever the case don’t stress over no man cause at the end of the day you’ll find someone that won’t make u doubt. Self love self worth if you can’t do the f.w.b then do u hunny

    • Hi Kricket!

      Be honest with him and tell him you’re uncomfortable with his behavior and that he’s talking to other women. The thing is, he’s a Libra and they are eternal flirts. They see nothing wrong with flirting with other women as long as he’s not crossing a line. Texting with them to me though is disrespectful so I think you should be very honest with him. If you need more information, please check out my book “Libra Man Secrets”.

  • Hello anna

    My self sneha 19july 87 8.40am Nagpur India.
    My libra man 22 october 1987
    gave me a commitment of marriage.
    I m having a long distance relationship its juz been a 6 months He proposed me direct for marriage after 1 month only. But I am.very confused with his behaviour sometimes he is so introvert so.cold he never received my call nor text me for 10-15days (I only tried 1-2days than I also stop giving respond) like I m.no where in this life. and suddenly sometimes he shows loves writes poems.for me .
    This makes me confused whether I m.with a right guy or not. I know he is not a bad man he will be on his commitment but what makes him doing this I m not getting.

    Your 30 secrets helps me alot to understand him during early days . Even ur april 20libra reading helps me to understand his cold behaviour and be calm.and patient but now m getting pissed off what excatly in his head nor he wants to be with me nor he wants to leave me. Please guide

    • Hi Sneha!

      To be really honest, a Libra man should never move that fast. Something may be wrong if he’s pushing that hard for marriage so soon. He may be trying to find a woman to support him or help him get out of the situation he’s currently living in. It sounds desperate and not at all like a normal Libra. I think you need to learn more about the Libra man so you don’t make a mistake. If you need more information, please check out my book “Libra Man Secrets”.

  • Hi am so confused of what is going on….but what am not sure if he’s with me for me are because of sex. Am so confused…so we use to be frenz for about a year and found out we had a crush on each other so we dated not for long about 3 months. I eventually wasn’t fully over my ex so I ended things n moved on with someone else. He wasn’t showing me that affection and care I was looking for was always busy. Anyways when we broke up n lost his phone, when he got a new one he contacted me let me know what was going on. Anyways he was always there as a fren….even when I was having a hard time in the relationship. Until eventually I left the guy and decided to stay to myself..anyways I end up come up with a silly idea to let me and him be frenz with benefit….sadly when he kissed me and touched me it felt like something more that’s when I found out I love him. So I decided that we couldn’t and I love him and it felt like something more n we have to stop. One day as I said we are frenz so he came by my house and out of the blues he kissed me and tell me this time when he kissed me it wasn’t for fun. We always will argue, have disagreements, we kissed and sex alot as well. But we always eventually start talking again, he was always saying he doesn’t want a relationship with me…n keep talking about what I did in the past n was saying I wasn’t like that when we were frenz ? but finally he moved on with someone after so many years I left him. He will let me know I could be this happy and he didn’t know what happen let I leave him. He is now single once again so am I.. we keep hooking up and stuff he doesn’t hide me persons close to him knows me. So now I had to let him know we have to stop hooking up and let’s wait until he’s ready…he was saying to wait on him until he’s ready but sometimes am not sure if he really wants me. Somebody please tell me what to do. When I ask him if he loves me he won’t say it, he says action speaks louder than words. He’s always there for me and willing to help me…idk y. But now we both came to an agreement I wait until he’s ready n he wait on sex n he agreed. Any advice?

    • Hi Monique!

      Actually, I think you already presented the perfect solution which is to hold off on sex until he’s ready for more than that with you. That way you are sure he’s not using you for just sex and he’s able to figure out what you really mean to him and will get his emotions in check. This is an excellent idea and I think you should do exactly that sweetheart. If you need more information, please check out my book “Libra Man Secrets”.

  • Thanks for the post, Anna. It’s indeed useful for me. I love a Libra man and I have three out of the four signs. If I didnt read this, I would not know those are his signals of being not interested.

    Because even when it means No for him, he uses emoticons or cute words to deliver the messages. So I don’t get the idea that he is not interested. I think if he uses cute words and emoticons with me, he adores me .. 😐
    And yes, the more we become closer the more I feel he wants to avoid the development. I used to think this is not a big deal because he won’t be able to resist me for long. I am just a harmless girl who likes him sincerely, so I can have a chance to keep making a strong bond with him (with a hope that he will realise he loves me 🙂 I never knew that it means he is not interested.

    He also talks about a woman who used to have a crush on him and that woman doesnt have a good relationship with me. When he mentioned about her, I did feel that I am still a friend for him. But other conversations and memories between him and I make me think he is interested.

    It is so bitter that I’ve woken up now 🙁

    • Hi Lo!

      My pleasure for sharing the article. Sometimes it helps to have another person’s point of view or expertise. I’m glad it helped you understand some things about him. Patience is always required with the frustratingly slow Libra man. It may take time for him to be where you are with this and want what you want but it IS possible. If you need more information, please check out my book “Libra Man Secrets”.

  • Hey Anna. My situation is a little bit complicated. I was in love with a libra man 12 years ago. Our relationship was on off back then. We would sneak out for kisses and hugs (no sex) and I can almost feel that he is secretly in love with me too. He knows everything about me, my projects (we were in university) though I never tell him. I never told him that I love him and so did he. But he tried, through his friends. Fast forward he has a girlfriend and I was devastated. But he would still contacted me and we would still sneak out for kisses, talks, hugs and so much laughter… i was impatient and confused with his behaviour all the years and that I was done with him. so I had a boyfriend who is now my husband. His then girlfriend is now his wife.. we never really lost contact but we never see each other for 6 years. We meet again for the first time since the 6 years (3 years ago) due to work purpose (he arranged it) and my heart was beating so fast and I realised, I am still in love with him despite moving on with someone else (and got married and have a daughter) . When I realised the feeling is still so strong I tried to break it mentally with him. we contacted casually in 2018 and 2019, and end of 2019- we met in a private place. I was in a bad shape due to my broken marriage and he too, had a problem (but he wouldn’t tell me what’s wrong) and we did what we thought we never capable of. An affair. I know and we know it’s wrong but we were too broken and needed each other. This is our first time having sex after 11 years knowing each other. We met once a month (3 times) and then there were covid and we stop the meeting. I got pregnant twice (by my husband’s) and I miscarried both pregnancies. His wife is pregnant too and successful. Recently he contacted me and we met again (for work) and this time I am not broken anymore. I can think straight and I said no when he wanted to be intimate. This time it’s not because of my marriage but it’s because I want more from him. I told him we keep coming back to each other even though we have moved on and after all these years. This time I want more , not just temporary but I’m looking something permanent. He didn’t push for the sex and we thought about it. The next time we meet, ugh the chemistry is still so strong despite the 12 years and we did it again. This is the 4th time.. but he is different. We talked a lot, laugh a lot. I was very happy. Like, truly happy even though by right it’s wrong. And as I thought this is going somewhere, his wife’s due date approaching and he gave all his attention to the new baby (they have a 2yo boy). It’s hard not knowing things but I’m giving him all the space he needs. This time, despite the sex I am still whole. That time after my 2nd miscarriage really taught me to love myself over anything else. I am not desperate for him, he can take all the time in the world. I don’t lose anything. if he comes back I am happy but if he’s not, I understand. Legally I am no one and I don’t have any right. What i did with him was my choice and I did it for the love I have for this man. One thing I know that he is the one I love for the rest of my life no matter who I married to. Somewhere in my heart I hope someday, somehow.. we would comeback to each other and that time it will be a permanent one. I’m truly sorry if my comment / love life situation offended anyone here.

    • HI Mercedes!

      It really sounds like friendship is really all you can offer up with him. You will not be happy being the other woman. With him having a new baby with his wife, he’s not going anywhere if ever. His duty is to take care of them and be there for him. Unless that changes, I cannot see the two of you making anything other than a strong friendship. I think letting go of romantic notions of him need to stop. Go your own way but stay in contact with him. If it’s mean to be it will happen. You may want to learn more about Libra man so check out my book “Libra Man Secrets”.

  • Hi Anna

    I was seeing this libra guy recently. We went on two dates, but I felt he was coming on two strong. I would texts me constantly and calling me. I wouldn’t pick up as I was at working. As such, he wanted to meet up twice but I couldn’t due to the pandemic and everything closed. He texted me saying that I never return his calls and texts, this isn’t working for him. I never want to see him, he doesn’t feel I’m making a connection. I texted him to see if he’s ok, no animosity, but he’s ignored my message. It confuses me why come on very strong and just cause it doesn’t work up ignore me. Confused

    • Hi Sarah!

      Libra men require a lot of attention. If he isn’t getting it, he thinks you aren’t interested. That’s all very true. To fix it , you need to text him and compliment him more and give him the attention he’s seeking. If you can do that you may still have a chance. Check out my series for more help “Libra Man Secrets”.

  • Hi, i have been talking to this libra for about 3mos already. On the third week that we are talking, he already said that he loves me and i was shocked about that because for me it’s too fast. I just laughed when he said that but then he got confused and confronted me about it and in the end i also said that i loved him back. We were good for those 3 months. But one thing i noticed is that whenever we’re having deep talks and when i mention his ex girlfriend he doesn’t want to talked about it. I let it pass thinking that maybe he is not yet ready to open it up to me. He would always make me feel happy, tell me how sincere he is about me. But then yesterday he told me that he met his ex girlfriend again and they had sex and realized that he still loves her. I also asked him if what are his plans and said he don’t know. He wanted to workout what he and her ex girlfriend had but he said that we could stil talk. I told him that i doubt that because her ex might get angry at him. I also found out that he is trying to move on thru me and still have feelings for his ex girlfriend. I asked him if he’s starting to like me like the way i feel but he also said that he’s just vibin from what he started. He is trying but he doesn’t love me that much and also said that he cares but not that much.

    • Hi KC!

      Ouch! I’m sorry you went through all of this. If he’s telling you that he cares but not that much, that’s a true slap to the face. Trying to move on through you is messed up. He is using you as a rebound. I’d get out of it now and let him go. Perhaps you can find another Libra man who will be better to you than this. Let him go back to his ex since he isn’t over her. Check out more on Libra through my book “Libra Man Secrets”.

  • Hi….I met this libra guy around August last year and we started to talk and all. Said he loved me and would want a relationship with me. I was already falling in love with him because he was charming and loved to write like me. We started dating September and we had sex the day I agreed to be his gf. I met him a virgin. So literally, he disvirgined me. He changed when he went for nysc around December. He doesn’t call, no check ups and when I complained he said it was too much activities at the orientation camp and all. But things didn’t change when he got back. But he replies when I check up on him. Later after Christmas he said he wanted a break from the relationship that he was going through some really personal stuffs he can’t talk about. And he stopped to check up on me until I do. I became lonely and depressed when I try to complain he says I’m selfish and not considerate. One time he said it was just a break and he doesn’t know what else to do since I’m not understanding. Last month, a friend of his that I don’t know chatted me up, said he was interested in me and that he stole My Number from my boyfriend. I asked what my boyfriend told him. Said my boyfriend told him I was his friend. I got angry chatted my boyfriend up and told him a piece of my mind. I said hurtful words like being a fool to have let him disvirgin me. He took that personal and after I had explained what made me react that way. He told me the guy knew we were dating and he was totally dissapointed in me. He broke up too. Over the phone and I tried to apologize it fell on deaf ears. The day before yesterday I went to his house. I thought we’d talk about us but he said he already made up his mind. We had sex Tho. He said stuffs about things not working out for his family and all. I asked if he still loved me and he responded that he still cares about me. He also said that if I find someone I love, I should go for the person that it would be selfish of him to ask me to wait even when I insisted on waiting. What I don’t know is if he’s sincere or just trying to push me away from his life. I feel hurt. I had given my all Just to make things work. I feel foolish for still letting him have sex with me.

    • Hi Me!

      It sounds like to me that he’s pushing you away because he doesn’t think he can give you what you want or deserve. He is over analyzing what he is going through and so he’s having difficulty. He wants you to be happy but thinks he cannot fulfill that for you. I would cut him off for awhile and see how he reacts. If he does still care then he will not be able to get you out of his head or his heart thus he will end up reaching out for you. I wish you all the best!

  • Hi so my libra man I’ve known forever since we met we were attracted to each other he’s a very good looking guy and he knows it. He’s had multiple gfs and I’ve had multiple bfs but we always found ourselves talking in between. Mostly sexually. Now we’re both single, but recently out of relationships. He comes off really strong but i am very independent and value my freedom but he does get upset when I cannot see him. When we’re together everything flows, I am very affectionate and loving and he is too with me. It’s just through text it’s very frustrating because we’re both playing the I couldnt care less game, which I hate. I’m playing my cards close to my chest because I don’t wanna get hurt. He’s probably still in contact with his ex, as am i. He’s told me a few times that he’s “over it”, in reference to us when things don’t work out, which hurts me but I don’t take it to personally. I’ll leave him alone and he’ll reach out. I just don’t know what the next steps are because he is kind of a player.

    • Hi Bella!

      Yes well a player will always remain a player until he is ready to commit. When he is ready to commit, he will most certainly make it known. Due to the fact that he’s said you to before “I’m over it” means he really isn’t that deep into it with you. Trust your gut and let go. When he tries to reach out again after awhile tell him the truth and tell him you want to be more with him and if he isn’t really read to do that then he needs to leave you be so you can move on. Learn more about Libra man by checking out my books. They may just help you figure him out.

  • Scorpio woman with a libra for 8 months. I recently moved overseas to study and to enhance my career. My libra man did not like that, at first but then decided to realize that I wasn’t coming back till the end of the year.

    Fast forward to now, a lot of things have happened and we have been arguing, a lot. We are not together anymore but still have habits that continue. Then out of nowhere he just says hey I need some time to myself so I left it at that. I feel heartfelt at this time because we had so many plans for the future, but he said so many mean things in between the arguing. He hasn’t removed our relationship from Facebook which I asked him to, but I said that I would always love him and want the best for him. He’s had many GF’s but no real long-term relationships, I have had two and they only lasted around the 10-12 year mark. I am 36 he is 34. He thinks that I have been with someone while I have been here, which I haven’t I’ve been loyal to him, and to myself. I believe he also feels strongly that it has happened, due to the fact of how I am sexually with him. For me, it’s very special and unique with what we have and what I have shared with him, I have never done with any other man. And to that, I’ve loved someone like this before, as a whole, and in acceptance of who they are and what they stand for.

    • Hi Lisa!

      I am a bit confused as to who broke up with who? I’m not even seeing where you broke up. If he asked for some time to himself, that just means a break, not a break up. A break up would mean him telling you he doesn’t want to be in the relationship anymore. He hasn’t said that which is why he hasn’t changed his relationship status on Facebook. He didn’t break up with you so why are you reacting as though it is a breakup? Are you ready to be done with him? As far as him thinking you’ve been with someone, he could be feeling guilty for talking to other women. I think you should flat out ask him if he wants to be with you or not. Then you’ll know whether you should give it another chance or walk away. If you’d like to learn more about Libra men, check out my books about Libra Man Secrets.

  • Hi Anna!
    I am a Leo woman and I just met this libra man. We spent the entire weekend together. I met him Saturday and we did hook up–he slept over. the next day he invited me over to hang out. we were together for the entire day and invited me to again spend the night into the next morning. We talked a little more that day but nothing since that night I left his place. I am worried it was something I said. Did I hook up with him too fast? How long should I wait for him to text me or chat me to hang out again?

    I am crushing hard.

    • Hi anna!

      I think you need to slow down. Libra men do not like to dive in too quickly. I get that he seems to be perfect but honestly not much time has elapsed at all. He won’t act out of impulse when it comes to love. He wants to develop a friendship that turns into love naturally. He’s also not the type to constantly text with you. He just isn’t built that way. I think it’s alright for you to reach out once a day or once every other day saying “good morning” or whatever time a day it is followed with “hope you enjoy the rest of it”… something like that. Slow down… that’s my advice. You shouldn’t hold out any expectation this early on. Learn more about him though by reading Libra Man Secrets!

  • Hi Anna,

    Leo woman here talking to a Libra man for about a month now. When me and him are together it’s amazing never ending compliments and how he wants to be with me and he talks about his future and how I would fit into it. He has an ex wife and 2 kids and he is 9 years older than me. He talks about me meeting his mother soon and his kids and I’ve really started to fall for him. Every time we’re together he’s all over me and we end up having sex when we’re together. Then he tells me we should do something the next day and that he will come pick me up but it never happens. We see each other about once a week and try to talk all week. He says he feels like he’s bothering me when he’s texting me all day and I reassure him he’s not but I message him and he sometimes doesn’t respond and leaves me on read. So idk if he’s busy and just forgets to respond or if he doesn’t like me as much I thought he did. It’s so different in person because he tells me how obsessed he is with me and how he can’t stop staring at my pictures and he’s falling in love with me but over text I get nothing back. I try to tell myself he’s busy with his business and his kids but a part of me is worried he’s just using me and doesn’t like me as much as he says he does. So idk what to do if I should keep trying or maybe give him some space. I’m worried I am doing something that’s pushing him away but when we’re together it’s just such a different story.

    • Hi Bryana!

      I am not surprised that he doesn’t tell you the important stuff via text. Libra would rather discuss stuff like that in person. He’s not really the world’s best text messenger. I wouldn’t find that off putting if he’s showing you he cares in other ways. You can try not texting for a couple days or so. When you’re together, he gives you all his best and I think he’d rather do that then keep up with texting. Try calling instead of texting and see if that makes a difference. Either you can try that or you can ask him to text you more because it worries you when he doesn’t. He responds well with logic. I wish you all the best but if you need more guidance, check out my guides on “Libra Man Secrets”.

  • Hey Anna,

    I know this is an old post but I was just reading through it and thought I’d leave a comment. I am a Sagittarius female and was speaking to a Libra/ Scorpio cusp guy on a dating app, we met up just after Xmas whilst I was in my hometown for Xmas (we live in different cities) and had an electric date, he asked me back to his but I refused. However we kept messaging a bit and then we ended up hooking up on NYD, we had a really lovely evening together and he asked me to stay over afterwards but I refused which he looked a bit hurt by (but maybe I imagined that?) and left his at 1am, he asked me to message him when I got home so I did and he said like thanks and thanks for coming over and night x I replied thanking him and saying goodnight and then the following evening (2nd Jan) he sent me a message saying ‘hey, sorry I would have given you a lift last night but my car was at my mums x’ and I just replied ‘it didn’t even cross my mind, don’t apologise x’ and now nothing since, is it safe to assume he was just thinking of it as a one night stand and should I just let it go now with nothing else said? There’s a tiny part of me that wonders whether I just didn’t give him enough reassurance and maybe I should message him and ask how his week has been but I’m so scared of rejection 🤣
    Please let me know what you think x

  • I was told he is with another woman yet many psychic readings say he is returning. Psychology says if you do not understand why you love someone it’s true love. My heart aches terribly and he cut me off just like your description says they do. Psychics have told me his ego is in the way yet he misses me terribly and knows how I did not deserve what he did. Yet I forgave everything that occurred and I am at peace with the past. I’m ready for “us” and now I’ve been told he is with someone else. I do not want anyone else I’m so sad it’s aweful