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7 Ways To Go From Friends With Benefits To An Exclusive Relationship With The Libra Man

Falling for your Libra friend with benefits? It’s common to get infatuated with this charming and handsome sign, so don’t feel alone! The real question is how you go from Friends with Benefits to an exclusive relationship. Here are some great tips to help you get to your goal! 

In my Astrology practice, I am often asked form my clients how to go from being Friends with Benefits to an exclusive relationship. It’s not easy, dealing with the world of modern dating! How do you know when to push it – and when to lean back? 

Of course, it makes it all the harder when you’re falling in love with a Libra guy. This is known as the love sign, after all! Women generally fall head over heels for the Libra man, with his flirtatious and romantic nature. Plus, he’s usually great in the bedroom, right? 

Luckily, the Libra guy is the type to want and crave a committed relationship. He loves a one-on-one connection, and though he might go through a phase of casual relationships, the Libra man likes having a girlfriend. In fact, very seldom is this man even single! 

So – these are a few ways you can make it happen with him: 

7 Ways To Go From Friends With Benefits To An Exclusive Relationship

1. Simply Ask Him!

This might seem scary – and definitely uncomfortable – but the easiest way to move from Friends with Benefits to an exclusive relationship with the Libra man is simply to ask him. After a sweet moment (in the bedroom or out of it), ask him what he thinks of being exclusive. 

Don’t play too many games, and avoid being confrontational about it, too. Libra men don’t like conflict, and they don’t like being forced. But they do enjoy a sexy negotiation and they love to be flattered. You never know, he’s probably thinking the exact same thing! 

2. Let Him Know What Your Boundaries Are

Sometimes, ladies, all it takes is boundaries. Sometimes, all you need to do is tell him that this isn’t working for you anymore and that you are getting attached

This might seem disempowering for you, but in fact, it’s totally sexy for a woman to say what it is she wants. And if he says no? Well, then you get to keep a friend and not ruin the chances of your friendship in the long run. 

Take a deep breath (and maybe have a glass of wine) and let him know how you really feel. After all, these days, a woman can be the one to take the lead! We’re not living in the dark ages anymore, so get your brave on and go for it! 

3. Show Him The Value Of Being With Only One Person

Showing Libra Man The Value Of Being With One Person

Your Libra man needs to know what’s so wonderful about being with just one person. About what’s so wonderful about being with you. What makes a relationship good. Having someone to share your feelings with. Someone to take care of you when you’re ill. Someone to laugh with. 

There are many wonderful things about being exclusive with anyone, and all it takes is a bit of gentle awareness. Libra is the relationship sign, and so they really, really want that connection – trust in that! 

4. Create A Mental Connection

Libra is an air sign, which means that they value intellectual connection even more than a physical connection. Sure, you might be friends with benefits, but he probably really just loves to talk to you and share his ideas and thoughts with you! 

If you want to move into a relationship with him, make the effort to create a mental connection with him. Text him, phone him, talk to him. Ask him what he thinks and engage in a debate with him. Once you’re in his mind, you’ll definitely be in his heart, too! 

5. Share Your Activities And Passions With Him

From Friends With Benefits To Exclusive Relationship With Libra Man

If you really want to upgrade from Friends with Benefits to an exclusive relationship, start sharing your passions with him. Meet outside the bedroom and enjoy an activity together, which will show him how great it is to have someone to have fun with! 

Even if you don’t physically share your passions, you can always talk about the with him. Ask him what his passions are and what he lives to do in his spare time. Maybe it’s something like gaming (where you can join in) or cooking (also an easy home-thing to do together) which can create a bond that’s being just the physical. 

The more you do it, the more he will come to see that having a woman in his life, by his side is not so scary after all! 

6. Get To Know The Rest Of His Life

What else does your Libra fella like to do? Who are his parents? Does he have kids? An ex? His relationships are very important to him, and finding out about them will bring the two of you that much closer. 

Even better is if you can make an effort meet some of them and create a bond of your own. And of course, it’s not just relationships. It’s helpful to find out what his creative passions are, what he likes to do in his spare time and what his work day is like. 

When you share your lives together it becomes easier for the two of you to get attached and close! 

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7. Act Like His Girlfriend

Sometimes, you just need to act like his girlfriend. Bring him some food when you go to his house, check in to see if he had a good meeting or day, and offer your support during a tough time. You can give him a kiss hello or goodbye, and set up coffee dates before booty calls. 

You might even get him a little gift every now and then, brushing it off as very casual. Build him up, make him feel good and get the cuddles in! One day, he may just wake up and realize that he would much rather have you as his girlified and best friend than just a buddy with benefits! 

As they say – fake it until you make it! 

So, with this all said and done, what’s the right amount of time frame you should wait before moving into exclusivity? It’s always good to assess each individual situation, and move ahead accordingly. 

For example, if either one of you is going through a breakup, you should probably take it slow and realize you may be a rebound. But if you want to preserve the friendship, never let it go on too long. One of you will get attached at some point, and it will hurt the other person hugely to be rejected. 

It’s the responsible thing to do, to have “the talk” or find other ways of becoming exclusive (not to mention the health risks associated with not being exclusive!). My personal rule of thumb is six months maximum, before you either call it quits or move into the next level. 

Remember, if a guy really wants you, he will make the effort. You’re in charge of your own boundaries! 

Have you successfully gone from friends with benefits to an exclusive relationship with a Libra man? How did you get there? Share your tips and tricks with us in the anonymous comment box below! 

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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