How To Know If Libra Man Is Serious About You — 7 Clear Signs

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
It can be difficult sometimes to understand a Libra man and his motives. Keep reading on how to know if a Libra man is serious about you...

Libra men are the lovers of the Zodiac! These guys are charming, witty, and full of charisma. It is easy to see why so many women want to more information on how to know if a Libra man is serious about you.

If you’re dating a Libra man then you can consider yourself extremely lucky! These men make the perfect romantic partners and they really know how to love a woman as she deserves. 

Of course, there is no way one can predict the outcome of a relationship, time is the only thing that can do that. You need to let the relationship evolve in its natural space. Try not to get too serious too soon. 

But when a Libra man does fall in love, you will definitely know! These guys are the ultimate romantics of the Zodiac and falling in love isn’t something they are afraid of. 

However, you might want more confirmation and understanding about where you stand with him if this is a situation that is leaving you uneasy.

So please keep on reading if you want to know exactly what the signs are a Libra man is serious about you:

Libra Man Confused About His Feelings — Why Is He So Complicated?

Before I let you know what you should ask him to find out where his head is at with you, let me explain why he seems elusive or frustrating. The Libra man is a complex guy this is why a Libra man is slow to commit.

He’s intelligent, handsome, charismatic, and easy to feel comfortable around. Most people really enjoy his company and if you are a woman who is dating him or into him, you’ll totally relate.

Libra men seem very confident and sure of what they’re doing. However, when they start to get closer to someone, they start to appear to be somewhat flaky or indecisive. [Discover Libra man negative traits here <<]

When he’s trying to figure out if someone is the right one or a woman he could spend his life with, he gets really nervous and his confidence goes out the window no matter how hard he tries to fight it.

Libra men take a very long time to make a decision about pretty much anything in their lives. Relationships are really no different. In fact, relationships make him even more flustered.

Basically, a Libra man starts to get “cold feet” when he starts to really feel for someone because as confident as he comes across, he’s actually insecure and afraid of getting hurt. This is why he takes his time to “make sure” what he feels is real.

This is super frustrating for women who start dating a Libra guy, get really excited about him, and then start to pull back a bit. She doesn’t know if he lost interest or if he’s just afraid and this is why a Libra man not ready for a relationship.

Of course, he’s not going to be too entirely forthcoming about what he’s feeling or thinking so you’ll be wondering what is going on. That means you have to be straightforward yourself.

How To Know If A Libra Man Is Serious About You

Libra men are romantics, that is for sure! When a Libra man is in, he is in it for good. This is why it is so important to know what the most common signs are a Libra man is serious about you and really likes you. 

1. He Values Your Opinion And Takes Care Of Your Needs

A Libra man is cerebral by nature, he loves ideas and hearing about different perspectives. He is on a search for balance, and due to this, he can sometimes come across as a little contrary. 

This is why it is pretty remarkable and a very good indication that he likes you when he takes your opinion on board without trying to persuade you into seeing a different point of view. 

This means that he values what you have to say and by doing that he also is taking care of your needs. This is especially true if he does something you don’t agree with and then listens to you when you tell him you are unhappy about his actions. 

When he is willing to compromise to help make you feel comfortable then this is a very good sign that a Libra man likes you.

2. You’re Part Of His Future Plans

The rumors are true, Libra man flaky is one of the most common traits I hear women complain about with these guys. Libra men can be flaky and inconsistent, but if he includes you in his future plans then this is a pretty huge sign that he is obsessed with you.

He sees you walking on this journey with him and that he wants you by his side. However, just a warning, remember that actions speak louder than words. If he is promising you all kinds of things but not coming to the party, then he might not be that serious about you after all. 

3. When A Libra Man Is Protective Of You

One of the best feelings in the world as a woman is that inner knowing that you can depend on a man and that he wants to keep you safe. A Libra man will fight to the death for the person he loves. 

He may be most concerned with cultivating peace and harmony in the world, but if someone he loves is wronged he will stop at nothing to see justice is served. When a Libra man is protective over you, you know you have crept into his heart. 

A Libra man doesn’t do this with just anyone because he is by nature quite passive. He must really like you if he is protecting you !

Libra men have one of the most specific love languages of all zodiac signs. Actually, I have covered his entire Astrology love profile in my Libra Love Language guide. I suggest you get your copy if you really want to master his love language and finally connect with him in the right way.

4. He Is Keen To Make Up After An Argument

A Libra man really dislikes conflict. It is something that really drives him crazy and makes him feel quite unhappy. Peace and harmony are incredibly important to a Libra man. 

This is why when the two of you have an argument he is likely the first one to acquiesce and try to work things out in the relationship. This is a very good sign that he cares about you and is serious about making this relationship work. 

You are important to him and he wants you in his life and this is why he keeps fighting to keep you around!

5. He Encourages You To Pursue Your Goals

A Libra man can be quite ambitious and he is also rather independent. He wants to go far in life and make his dreams come true and this is why it is so important for him to be with a woman who has goals for her future. 

Being in a power couple is pretty important to this man. He definitely cares about appearances and he needs to feel proud of his woman for the relationship to work out in the long term. 

This is why you will find that when your Libra man is serious about you, he is going to push and encourage you to make something of your aspirations. This means that he believes in you and wants to see you succeed. 

6. He Makes An Effort To Please You In Bed

If there is one thing you can count on with your Libra man, then that would be the fact that he will always put your needs ahead of his own, but especially so when it comes to your antics in the bedroom. 

Your pleasure is extremely important to him and he gets off on knowing that you are experiencing as much ecstacy as you possibly can. He will do whatever it takes to understand your body and what makes you tick. 

This is a pretty big sign that your Libra man is very much serious about you! He wouldn’t put this much effort into someone who isn’t that important to him. Count yourself lucky, girl!

Learn here what a Libra man likes in bed <<

7. If A Libra Says I Love You

Libra men might be the most romantic bunch of guys in the Zodiac, but when it comes to commitment, they can really struggle with taking that leap as they are always worried they might be making the wrong decision. 

So if a Libra man tells you he loves you, then this is a major deal that shows how serious he is about you. These aren’t words he takes lightly and he will only say this if he truly means it. 

You have nothing to worry about when you hear a Libra man say I love you to you. He takes you very seriously and wants you to know this!

Questions To Ask A Libra Man To Form A Real Bond

If you’re at the start of a relationship with a Libra man then I don’t blame you in wanting to take the relationship deeper. One of the best ways to do this is to ask your Libra man questions as he really loves connecting through conversations. 

Maybe you’d like to know if he feels the same way about you, or maybe you would like to see if this is a relationship he is considering seriously. An open and honest conversation is the best way to get to the bottom of this.

Here are some ideas on what to ask your Libra man to make this relationship evolve into something really special and to realize if you and your Libra man are on the same page about where this relationship is headed:

“What Is Your 5 Year Plan?”

One of the most important aspects in knowing if a relationship is going to work out in the long term is to know early on if you and your partner have the same goals when it comes to life. Do you have the same values, and are you on the same page about the important stuff like marriage and children. 

Time and time again in my practice I see that people are too afraid to have these conversations early on and then a year later my clients realize that they are in a totally incompatible relationship. 

This is why I always encourage my clients to ask their prospective partners what their 5 year plans are. This is a very good way of understanding your Libra man better and also noticing if the two of you are aligned with the important things in life. 

It is better to know this information early on than to be stuck in a relationship where you realize you have a very different path you want to take than your partner. 

“Would You Rather Have Your Wife Stay At Home Or Go To Work?”

This is a very important question to ask a Libra man when you first start dating him. If you’re a career woman who has big ambitions to make a mark on this world and he is more of a traditionalist then it is quite obvious that the two of you are incompatible. 

The same could be said for a woman who would rather be a housewife, but then you hear the Libra man would rather you go to work. These things are very important to understand at the beginning of a relationship. 

Asking him this question will give you a great understanding of your Libra man and the way he views life. The sooner you get this out of the way, the better!

“Do You Believe Major Decisions Should Be Made Together?”

As a modern woman I am sure you agree that you believe your voice and opinion is just as important as a man’s, especially in the conext of a relationship union. However, sometimes men don’t necessarily feel this way, especially if they are the main bread winner. 

Knowing how your Libra man feels about this should give you a very good indication whether or not you two are compatible enough to be in a long term relationship. 

If you don’t see eye-to-eye on the big decisions in life it is going to make your relationship quite difficult and full of challenges. You want to be sympatico, and agree on the big decisions. Well, that is my opinion at least.

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Telling A Libra Man How You Feel — How To Go About It?

Being open and honest is the best way to ever deal with your Libra man. He appreciates open communication more than most and it will be meaningful for him to know how you feel about him. 

He can be a little evasive and passive, so when you go to him with a direct energy it ususally has a very positive affect on him and can spring him into action. This is what you want!

It would be good for you to share specifically what you want from him and where you see the relationship going in the future. You being so direct and forthcoming should help him to open up and be more vulnerable about his feelings.

>> Check here for more ways to get your Libra man to open up and share his true feelings with you.

If you are seeing a Libra guy but aren’t sure if he’s possibly a bit serious about you or hasn’t mentioned being exclusive then it’s time to ask him if he’d be up for it. If he answers no, you’re going to then ask him why not.

It may be frightening thinking about speaking up and asking him for this but the bottom line is, he’s not going to tell you any other way unless you wait to see what he does next.

Most women don’t want to wait for months on end for a Libra guy to finally state how he’s feeling. That being said, ask him about being exclusive with just you. If he says he already is then you know you’re someone he takes seriously.

If he tells you he’s not really ready for that then he’s not all that serious or is terrified to commit to anyone. Either way, you’ll figure out if he’s someone you will give more time to or if you’ll just let it go.

In the event that you maybe have already been dating a Libra man exclusivity then you need to step it up a notch. This is not going to be for the faint of heart but you’ve got to ask him where he’s at with the relationship.

It’s frustrating when you go places and he introduces you as his friend or just by your name alone. You want to hear “this is my girlfriend” and your name. If he’s not doing that, he’s not ready.

That being said, you’re going to have to dig in a bit deeper and ask him how he sees the relationship going and what he’d like to happen for the future. He’s not going to be comfortable with you asking but he knows he owes you and answer.

It probably won’t feel too thrilling to ask him either because you’re unsure if he will say he wants to take it up a notch or if he’s going to say he’s really not ready to commit further as of yet.

There is also that possibility where he may say that he will never want to commit to anyone on a more serious level as he has other priorities that are far more important to him.

There you have it though. You will have to flat out ask him about what the next step is between the two of you. If you two have been very casual, the next step would be become mutually exclusive.

If you’re already there and ready for more of a commitment where he calls you his girlfriend, you’ve got to ask for it. Libra men do not typically blurt out what they’re feeling. They have to be asked otherwise they’ll keep things “as is”.

How Do You Get A Libra Man To Take You Seriously?

There is a definitely playful and flirtatious side that is common in all Libra men, yes, they love to be in love, but sometimes it can be difficult for these guys to be serious and commit. 

This is why it is so important to be very clear about your intentions from the get-go and to let him know that you are seeking a serious relationship that has a future.

If you say things like you are happy to go with the flow etc, your Libra man is going to treat you this way. It is better than you are on the same page or else the two of you are just going to waste each other’s time!

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  • Wow. After reading this I’m surprised that is true for the Libra Man. Me being a Scorpio myself with Sun and Moon I am secretly crushing on one right now. Although I have distanced myself lately since I did not want to get my hopes up and regrettably tell him that I have feelings for him when he might not feel the same. To my surprise recently I asked him jokingly if he was going to ask to me to be his Valentine and he end up doing it and asking to hang out on that day. I still don’t want to confess to him how I feel about him since we have only know each other for a year. But most of my close friends have who have met him and I told them of our interactions with each other have all said that it very much seems that is he interested in me. However I question this as I am usually the one who has to text him for us to even speak or engage with each other. Yet I know how flirty he is and witness this myself with others and how he is always moving onto new things. I think for now I am going to wait and see for what happens although after reading this it might take some time. I guess if we do see each other a little more often and continue being intimate (not sexually) as our plans for Valentine’s Day is to have a cuddle session. Time will only tell. I know it would take some work as our pairing is not the best I will be willingly to put effort into the relationship. I know that it will have ups and downs but I am ready to have the experience and ready to learn more for myself.

    • Hi Jennifer!

      If you want to know if he’s interested in you then what you do is tell him “you know, I like you and I’d like to get to know you better” and see what he says. This is a way of telling him you’d like to get closer. Either he’ll take the bait and try to get closer to you or he’ll tell you he’s not into it. Either way you’ll find out the truth of what is going on. Yes time will tell, it takes them awhile though so don’t try to pressure him to hurry up. Do let him know you like him though because then the ball is in his court and then be patient. You may find success!

  • This seems to be what I am going through at the moment. My Libra and I have known each other for almost 20 years, and recently rekindled. Life took some twists and turns and we both ended up having kids with different people, but kept in touch off and on throughout the years. Well I decided to hit him up after a 5 year relationship that went awry because I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and I wanted to see if there was a possibility we could get together. We hit it off instantly, I’m a Sagittarius so I’m not surprised we did, but now I am confused because he doesn’t tell me how he feels too often. What we have has been casually going on for 4 months, and the chemistry is off the charts, but I do not know what to do. Recently I told him I think I am falling in love and he said his feelings are growing as well, but he did not say it back. I do not want to pressure him to do/say anything, but I do want to know where we stand.

    • HI Anonymous!

      I understand that as a Sagittarius woman, you want answers. Libra men are methodical creatures that take their time. Something you’re going to have to do is have patience. He will get there if you are patient with him. If you do not, you will push and he will pull back which isn’t what you want. Trust me on this one. Be patient and let things evolve at a natural rate and you’ll find success. If you need more information, please check out my book “Libra Man Secrets”.

  • Oddly enough this article fits my situation. I’m a Cancer and he’s a Libra. We are polar opposites. He’s an introvert whereas I am not. I am spontaneous whereas he is a planner.

    However, with that bit being stated I was be coming skeptical of where this was going as he is a non-verbal person. I’m expressive from buying, doing things, showing and very vocal. He however is not that way entirely.

    It took family, friends and male co-workers to point out the things my Libra man has been doing. They each said from him fixing my grill, running errands, helping me and ect…. is his way of showing emotion.

    He had me very baffled as he requires time alone but don’t we all? He later mentioned that he likes everything about me and that his weaknesses are my strengths vice versa. He said with that we can conquer the world.

    But, I had to make a decision to find where we stood. I decided to jump and stay busy for four to five weeks solid as he and his female roommate continued yo do their hikes and floats that he not I did together as I was not invited.

    After being gone a full month he was ready to see me. The Coronavirus had hit. I had been all over numerous stayed just to get away from him until he could make time for us. I also wanted him to get the full view from my side.

    Just know that when I flew back home from California having been gone for four weeks that he was at my door and from that day forward he’s opened his eyes and now does things much differently. That was very high risk what I had done involving a Libra man but at the end it paid off.

    A few things that did bother me which I eventually told him was

    1.) Not appreciating his female roommate calling and texting in our alone time. She knew what she was doing.

    2.) Being controlled by his female roommate as he lives under her roof.

    • Hi Christina!

      I’m not sure what your question is exactly here. If you know you two are opposites then you’re going to have to deal with who he is. If love is strong enough, you’ll accept him “as is”. You cannot change someone that doesn’t want it or doesn’t think it’s necessary and they will resent you if you try to anyway. If he allows his female roommate to control him then you have a problem and there is something more there than “roommates”. Beware honey. Roommates don’t work like that. I think there may be something more you are unaware of and it could get sticky. If you need more information, please check out my book “Libra Man Secrets”.

  • Anna,

    Thank you so much for this post. I’m a Sag woman dating a Libra man and baby this pace is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s so slowwwww. He’s sweet, charming, and thoughtful. I love how I feel when I’m around him. It’s been officially 4 months of us dating though we’ve never officially called it this and I woke this morning wondering is today should be the day that I push for some answers. I would like to spend more time together. We don’t spend a lot of in person time time, but lord I think we have killed the FaceTime app (What is that about? Like the time we spend on FaceTime we could be in each other’s presence). In these 4 months we’ve had sex once and that was around the 3 month marker. I want more sex, but then again I wonder do I? I’m so confused and patience isn’t my thing! Please help!

    • Hi Building Patience!

      Yes they are so slow and frustrating. Oh yes, they aren’t one to want to put labels on what is so obvious. It’s often best to leave that alone. Everything you have mentioned is pretty typical Libra man behavior. Patience is the only thing that makes a Libra relationship work. You can try to lean him toward something though if you speak freely. Tell him you’d like to spend more time with him in person. Tell him you crave his touch and you want him. If that doesn’t help then you may have to weigh your options. If you want to know more, check out my book “Libra Man Secrets”.

  • Thank you for this post! I’m a Gemini woman who is ‘dating’ a libra man. We started talking after meeting online and met twice and had no subsequent plans to meet each other again, so I ended up moving on due to lack of interest shown. A month later we were back in contact and arranging to meet up again- and we have been seeing each other ever since and getting what I would consider to be more serious- it’s been five months now and I’m not sure if he has any drive to take things any further from just dating- but I feel I need to ask him sooner rather than later. As a Gemini I’m really surprised (pleasantly) how much I like him- and would like this to work.

    • Hi Amanda!

      Yes you do need to ask him sweetheart. He won’t feel motivated if you don’t suggest or ask him about it. Tell him you’d like to progress and would like to know if he would as well. HE should actually tell you whether or not he can or will do this with you. Find out and ask! If you need more help, check out my book sometime.

  • Hi I’m a Leo woman. Thank you so much for this post. I know a Libra man since 2 years. First we met about 3 times we were dating nd had sex too after one month we have met he flied to another country for job. Since that day till nw we are so close to each other and one day I text him that I love him. He said nothing Bt sent me huge kisses
    Few months later I feel he changed the way he text me. More carering I feel from his msgs. And he begins to tell me his feelings and his job bt most important thing that he wants to start a business with me. So we started that. Still I’m handle it till he comes . Things going smoothly like that I feel he got step back from me. When I asked him he said he wants to talk about love, marrage and about our business when he came. And after discuss all that things and then go ahead. He said untill that don’t talk about love or marrge with him. I can’t understand this. Can you please tell me what should I do now. Another thing he said if I have fallen with some other one just tell him before he landed here. Thank you very much

    • Hi Gayani!

      It sounds to me as though he’s trying to deflect what he may be doing or what is going on with him. It’s not common for a Libra man to be jealous or act this way. I wonder what his upbringing is like or if he’s been badly hurt before making him insecure about being with someone in a commitment. I think you should confront him and ask him what is going on and if he wants to be with you or not. If he says no, let him go. He sounds like he could be toxic for you if he cannot get his own head together. If he replies with yes he does then tell him to stop confusing you by accusing you of things you’re not doing. Check out my book “Libra Man Secrets” for more information.

  • Hi thank you for this post. I’m a Leo woman. I am with my libra man since two years from now when we were first met we met about three times. After one month we met he flied to another country for job nd he continues connection with me from video calls texting. When things going on one day I text him that I love him. He said its OK baby nd sent me huge kisses. After few months he changed the way he text me. He added more caring .and started to share his feelings.. His thoughts.. Some problem s with me. And he dropped the sex chatting with me a little. He said he wants to start a business with me. Then we started that. Still I’m handle that till he comes back. Things going on like that I feel he stepped back from me. I asked him why and also I asked him he would come with me for a party when he came back. Then he said he wants to discuss about love, marriage and our business. Then after we take a decision we go ahead with any thing. He said untill then don’t talk about that things also he said if I have fallen with some other one just tell him before he comes back so I can’t understand what he is telling or what is his next step can you please tell me what should I do or shall I waiting for him thank you very much

  • Hi first of all thank you for this post. I’m a Leo woman.before 2 years I met a Libra man. We met about three times.. Had fun and sex… After one month he went to another country for his job. When he landerd there he text me first. And told me not to forget him. From that moment we continue our conversation from texting. Video calls..those days mostly he text about sex.. His interests for sex.. My decorations about sex.. Like that.. Bt after few months he changed his texting style. More carering texts he sent me. He wants to know all about me. And also he begin to tell me his feelings.. His likes.. Dislikes.. Bt when he seems like that he don’t text me about sex like earlier.. Bt some times he does. Time goes like that he wants to start a business with me. So we started. Still I’m handling that till he comes. He guide me on our business. When all happens like that I feel he took a feet back from me.. Or keep a distance. One day i asked him when he comes back will he come with me for a party. Then he said he wants to talk with me about love., marriage.,and about our business. After our discussion we will go ahead with any thing he said. And also he said if I have another man or I fallen for someone else or if I can’t wait till he comes just tell him before he comes. He told till he comes don’t talk about that things. So I can’t understand what s his next step. Or what shall I do or what he thinks. I wanna know.. What s all these

  • I have been dating a Libra man for 3 months now and I am experiencing everything that is being said here. We met back in high school and were just friends. 3 months ago he found me on Facebook and friended me. He asked me over his house to eat and catch up. After that he was calling and texting me multiple times a day as just a friend until he started to hint at being a potential man for me. I was surprised but being a gemini woman I wanted him to be straight with me if he was interested in me. He changed the subject and we hung up and then he instantly sent me a message and said he definitely is interested in me but he is scared to tell me that because I have a huge package deal that comes along with me (7 kids). We decided to give it a try and got so close that we were talking marriage. He was speaking of the future with me and my children in it, he kept asking me to move in with him, he even gave me a drawer for some things that I left there and bought me a necklace with his favorite animal on it. He has a few women friends and his best friend is a woman which I was totally fine with as long as it was just that but I found out that on valentines day he made dinner and had wine with one of his so called friends and gave her the same preaent he gave me for valentines day but in the color that is my favorite color ! I dint know what to make of it since im supposed to be his girlfriend and she is just his friend so I asked him about it and he lied about having her over and giving her a present because he thinks I dont know. He still says that she is just a friend and she is ratchet and is always complaining about everything in her life. Then out of no where the day after Valentines day he said he thinks we moved to fast and I took his focus off of what he was planning before he met me which was moving out of state. Since then he leaves my messages unread, he took whatever I had at his house and gave it back to me. When he does answer my texts it’s when he feels like it. We are down to one call a day, and he has stopped doing all of the extra sentimental things he was doing. When I asked him why he said to me “I love you, but I gotta do what’s best for me” I’m looking for jobs and an apartment out of state. Let’s slow down and be friends so u can get to know me better that even though I have friends I will not cheat on u. It hurt me deeply but I agreed to friendship. I am so confused by this but I am an understanding person and he told me he is like this because he does not want to be hurt. His 1st marriage ended because she wanted a man with more money. His 2nd marriage ended because she cheated. I was married from the age of 18 and just got divorced 2 years ago after I turned 41 because he was cheating on me for years. I don’t want to be hurt like that again. What do u think?

    • Hi Michelle!

      It sounds like you and your Libra need time and patience because both of you are fearful of being hurt. Take your time, be friends, and see where it leads. I will say this… you need to trust your gut too. If your intuition is telling you that he doesn’t want what you wand then you may want to keep looking out there. Maybe you need some “friends” yourself like he has. I honestly don’t understand him telling you to be friends but he won’t cheat on you. How can you cheat on a friend… that’s odd. He may simply want to clean himself up and get on track before he does get in a relationship. So there is that also. It’s up to you though whether you want to wait him out or move on. I do wish you all the very best!