How To Make A Libra Man Jealous (Things That Drive Him Crazy)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When you’re feeling your Libra man is not giving you what you need, you’ve got to do something! Here's how to make a Libra man jealous.

Are you hoping to make a Libra man jealous? Maybe this is your strategy to win over his love interest. Or perhaps it’s your plan to make your boyfriend more attentive to you? As rare as it is for a Libra man to be jealous, it’s not totally impossible.

But, what can you do to make your Libra guy pay more adoring attention to you? When you feel like he’s not giving you what you need, you’ve got to do something!

It’s time to stand up and take charge. If he has flirty tendencies or a worrisome wandering eye, then you may want to keep reading to learn more about how to make a Libra man jealous.

First Things First, Are Libra Men Jealous?

Generally speaking, Libra men are not the jealous type. They love balance and harmony and would feel utterly incomplete without a partner. You could say they are hopeless romantics, but they certainly are not jealous.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Since Libra cares about being fair, he considers jealousy an unhealthy and unfair emotion, so he really doesn’t want to be involved in something that is not genuine and honest.

He is a very rational and analytical person who will not allow himself to be jealous but would rather move on if he sees you are interested in another man.

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How To Make A Libra Man Jealous

There are only a few occasions where it is possible to make your Libra man jealous. However, before you consider trying them you should know that this guy never plays mind games. He prefers you to be honest at all times.

But, if you feel that making your Libra man jealous is your only option then you can try the following:

  1. Give him less attention
  2. Be a little secretive
  3. Act nonchalant towards him
  4. Be flirty with others

Give Him Less Attention

Libran men love attention. The more he gets, the better he feels about himself. The idea of making him jealous is to make him miss YOUR attention and see that you’re giving it to others.

In order for a Libra man to ever feel jealous, he must feel as though his life is threatened. He has to feel a bit insecure and uncertain about what is going on with his relationship.

When he’s confident in who he is with and what he has, then it’s hard to make him jealous. He does have lines that shouldn’t be crossed though, just like anyone else really.

To achieve it, though, you’ll have to find his insecure spot and hit it up. Flirt with other men via social media, act like you keep checking your phone, and give him less attention. That’s the fastest way to make him jealous. It’s risky, though.

Be A Little Secretive

Libra males settle down once they’ve found the right person and, to be honest, don’t give the relationship much more thought. They assume everything is okay with their partner.

So it’s perfectly natural for their partners to feel a little taken for granted at times. In fact, at times like these, you may feel like you want to shake up that solid foundation you’ve helped to build with your Libra man.

So start shaking up your routine. If he expects you to be home at a certain time, go out for drinks with the girls or the guys from the office. If you usually call him at lunchtime, then ‘forget’ a few times.

Why not go out with friends to a club? Eventually, he’ll notice. He will remember why he fell in love with you. He’ll value you again and want to remind you that you are loved.

Act Nonchalant Towards Him

Your Libra man will instantly be attracted to you if you act like you don’t care! It shows him you’re an independent, strong woman who probably has other men lining up for you when you act like you don’t care about him or what he thinks.

It’s important to remember that Libra men are naturally detached, so he’ll want to chase the thrill of the relationship rather than settle down. It is all about the game for him. Anything too straightforward is boring.

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Be Flirty With Others

One way to pique a Libra man jealousy is to be flirty with other guys. Of course, I’m not suggesting you give free lap dances to all your man’s friends. But there’s nothing wrong with some innocent flirting in front of him.

The aim is to show your Libra guy that you are attractive to other men.

Comment a lot more on other guys’ stuff. Flirt! He’s not going to dump you for flirting with other guys, but he’s going to absolutely try to figure out why. He may even ask you.

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More Ways To Drive A Libra Man Crazy

Die off on your texts or calls with him. He’s used to your attention, so when you give the Libra man less attention, it’s a wake-up call for him.

A few key things to remember are that you’ve got to act like he doesn’t exist for a while on your social media or dating site. Hide your dating status or make it invisible to him.

He may not care, but then again, he might, depending on how much he cares for you. If he isn’t that into you, then this may not work at all. This really does depend on how into you he is.

Start showing yourself online all the time. Post lots of selfies of yourself, showing off how hot you are. Take photos with other guys that you know and post them.

5 Telltale Signs A Libra Man Is Jealous

Naturally, you want to know if your Libra man is actually jealous. He’s so good at acting stoic or uncaring about this stuff, but there are definite ways you can tell. Here are some things to look for:

  1. You catch him looking at another woman’s photo on social media, but he closes it out really quickly. He will try to hide the fact that he’s flirting with other women.
  2. He may try to make you jealous in response to your doing it to him. The Libra man wants to show you what you did to him and see how you feel about it.
  3. Flirts with other women in front of you. This is another form of revenge if you try to make him jealous first. He wants to make you squirm.
  4. Suddenly more attentive: He may flirt with you more or want to be closer to you in an attempt to show you that you are his and you shouldn’t flirt with anyone else.
  5. He suggests having an open relationship. Yep, he normally wouldn’t take this route, but if he’s jealous, he may insult you by suggesting an open relationship.

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If you’ve been asking yourself ‘Why is a Libra man trying to make me jealous?’ Well, these are all things that a Libra man may do to make you angry or jealous. He doesn’t take to it very well when someone puts in an effort to make him jealous.

If they are successful, he will want revenge of some kind, unless he has a moon sign that makes him more mellow or worried. Otherwise, jealousy isn’t a normal Libra guy quality.

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Should You Make Libra Man Jealous?

Libran men tend not to have jealous tendencies, so if you’ve done things in order to make him that way, you’ll likely get a karmic repercussion from it from him. He doesn’t like it, and it could be a relationship changer.

A Libra man is typically secure in his self-esteem and figures no one will cheat on him, or he doesn’t worry about it because he knows he can find someone else. Either way, you may lose if you try to make him jealous.

It may not be worth the risk you want to take in order to get his affection or attention. The best avenue to take is the honest one. Tell him you’re not feeling fulfilled or that you feel he spends more time on other stuff than with you.

If your Libra guy is the flirty type, you can tell him you don’t like it and you’d like to set some boundaries with him. If he really cares for you, he will be open to discussing boundaries.

The Libra man can actually be quite reasonable if you approach him with a very open mind and are willing to find some common ground. He responds to the intellect rather than emotion.

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Do Libra Men Get Jealous Easily?

Usually, when you think of a Libra zodiac sign, the first thing that comes to mind is calmness and kindness. Libras are often described as the perfect star sign. A Libra man is a peaceful and caring person.

I dare say that a Libra man is the least jealous among all other zodiac signs and that he doesn’t get jealous easily. Getting him to be annoyed or angry will be quite a task and may not even pan out.

If he thinks you are interested in other men, he will give you less attention, and this is one of the signs that he is jealous. He will not make a scene; he has dignity; and he will just withdraw, but it is hard to recognize jealousy in a Libra man because he tends to avoid confrontation in any situation, so Libra man jealousy is rare.

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Why Is Libra Man Trying To Make Me Jealous?

A Libra man can feel deeply unsettled if your attention shifts from him to someone else. He cannot easily cope with this, which will make him jealous because he wants to avoid feeling abandoned and rejected.

If you tell him that someone else is more attractive and talented than him, you will activate his jealousy, and he will become a passive-aggressive type of person.

Even if it is not about another person, if he sees you are not attentive toward him or you are focused on other things in your life, his insecurity will make him possessive and jealous.

Libra men can be rather difficult to be with, but I think if you’re honest with him from the start about what your needs are, he’ll do what he can to compromise with you and make the relationship work better.

Be open with your Libra man. It’s better than playing head games. Remember, this guy is highly intelligent and seeks justice. If he decides to take revenge, you will surely regret it.

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  • Hello anna

    My self sneha 19july 87 8.40am Nagpur India.
    My libra man 22 october 1987
    gave me a commitment of marriage.
    I m having a long distance relationship its juz been a 6 months He proposed me direct for marriage after 1 month only. But I am.very confused with his behaviour sometimes he is so introvert so.cold he never received my call nor text me for 10-15days (I only tried 1-2days than I also stop giving respond) like I where in this life. and suddenly sometimes he shows loves writes poems.for me .
    This makes me confused whether I m.with a right guy or not. I know he is not a bad man he will be on his commitment but what makes him doing this I m not getting.

    Your 30 secrets helps me alot to understand him during early days . Even ur april 20libra reading helps me to understand his cold behaviour and be calm.and patient but now m getting pissed off what excatly in his head nor he wants to be with me nor he wants to leave me. Please guide

  • My libra guy is soo confusing and I’m a scorpio woman…he phones to check me up whe he feels like…and I would wait fro 2 if not 3 weeks for his call and he doesn’t respond on my messages in time…ai I’m calling it quits now

    • Hi Nonkqubela!

      Yes, Libra men are confusing. I don’t blame you at all for calling it quits. He must not be ready to push the relationship forward. How often do you call him? If you wait all the time for him to call then he may think you’re not that into him. You say he doesn’t respond in time. So you have a set time in which he should respond? That’s an expectation you cannot have with Libra. They do have their own schedule to adhere to. They like being with someone who is relaxed and doesn’t get so upset when he doesn’t respond in the time she wants. He may not be the right one for you sweetheart. Only you can decide that. I wish you all the best!