No Contact Rule With A Libra Man — Does It Work?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Does no contact rule work with a Libra man? Here're some valuable insights on going silent with your Libra man explained by Anna Kovach.

What exactly does it mean to have no contact with a Libra man? Everything I’ve learned has taught me that this is what you do if you two have had an argument and you’re trying to make him chase after you or make him realize his mistake.

Well, many relationship experts have advised women to implement the no contact rule if they’re interested in getting their Libra man back. A Libra man is incredibly smart, funny, and knows what to say at any given moment. He is social and has a positive attitude most of the time. He can be moody at times, but then again, most people can.

Libra is not really the jealous type and is open to options. However, when a Libra man goes cold and distant, is the no contact rule with him effective?

So, if you’re thinking about ignoring or even blocking a Libra man, then think again. Well, keep on reading to find out, because this is what happens when you block a Libra man…

First Things First, What Does No Contact Actually Mean?

This is when you’re either trying to get back together with your Libra guy or you’re trying to work past it and move on. It may also be during a “break” with your Libra man.

It’s hard to call it quits with the Libra man because, though there may be problems, he’s still so endearing and charming that he may talk you into staying. If he doesn’t, then he’s not truly in love with you in the first place.

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So, no contact means that if you two have ended things, you’ll need to make sure you’re not trying to reach out to him anymore. If you do reach out, he’ll get the notion that you’re not really done.

While that might seem like a good thing if you’re trying to get your Libra man back, you need to actually create space so that he can work through what happened in his own head in order to come back to you clear of baggage.

If your Libra guy truly loves you, he will absolutely not dig the silence and is very likely to reach out to you. That’s why it’s important to put that silence into effect. It will make him miss you and want to hear your voice.

When it’s a situation where you need to move on from him because you know it’s never going to work, you need to go silent because talking to him at any point will bring your feelings back out, and you may want to go back when it’s toxic.

You’ll need to remember why you broke up in the first place. When you do, you have to remind yourself that you’d just be repeating toxic patterns, and it’s better you don’t.

The Benefits Of Doing No Contact With A Libra Man

In the time of going silent, you’ll learn about yourself; you’ll learn if you really do want him or if you just felt you needed someone. Figure out what you want in a partner and if he fits that criterion.

This silence allows you to depend on yourself and not on anyone else. This is a gift! One of the things a Libra man wants in a match is a woman who is independent and doesn’t need him in any way, shape, or form.

Whether you’re doing this to get your Libra guy back, to figure yourself out, or to get over him, you need to get healthy. You need it emotionally, spiritually, and literally in the physical sense.

Excellent self-care will help you come to a conclusion, whether that means letting him go entirely or just finding peace of mind so that when you do talk to him again, you can help find solutions that will work for you both.

You’ll be more willing and open to finding common ground and compromise. Enjoy your new found freedom by spending time with friends or by yourself even if you do get back together with him.

Does No Contact Rule With A Libra Man Work?

A Libra man is sociable and has a desire for a harmonious relationship. He appreciates fairness and balance, so the no contact rule with a Libra man may not be a good option. Instead, having open and honest conversations would be much more beneficial than completely cutting off communication.

Only contact him when appropriate, and make sure that you space your text messages out. You want him to keep coming back for more, and you only share when you have something really interesting to say to him.

The ideal situation, of course, is that you are actually really busy with interesting things and that you aren’t consciously ignoring him. This is a lot more authentic than playing hard to get with a Libra man.

What Happens When You Block A Libra Man

For one thing, you’re taking back your own control over the situation. You’re letting him know that you’re in charge of yourself and your own destiny. That may actually turn him on and make him feel like you’ve changed for the better.

This time and space allow you to figure out who you are without him, what you want in your life, and what dreams you want to accomplish. Get back in line with yourself.

Perhaps remembering who you are and what you want will give you a better perspective as to whether you should even bother giving him another chance or if you should move forward.

Once you feel alive again, you may see things very differently. You may decide you want more out of a relationship than you were getting, or you may just want someone very different from him.

But, you will definitely get some very interesting introspection when you go silent with the Libra man. You will see who you really are and who he really is. For a change, cater to yourself instead of him. See what you’ve been missing!

Are you curious about how a Libra man would react if you were to ignore him? Watch this video and find out.

Do Libras Come Back After No Contact?

A Libra man cannot handle the no contact rule; hence, this strategy is not effective. Libra is a social man who likes harmony and balance in relationships. He despises conflicts and arguments and has a diplomatic approach to the challenges he is facing. Without a partner, he would feel utterly incomplete.

This is why a no contact rule is ineffective. He would feel hurt and left behind, and he would not have enough courage to come back to try to sort things out. He would interpret you’re going silent as a breakup without the chance for reconciliation.

Libra men don’t like to be pressured into anything. Giving him space may just let him think it through and eventually come back, but applying the ‘no contact’ rule all the way will not work well for him.

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  • I’m hopelessly in love with a Libra but he doesn’t show any signs of commitment for years. Until I become very desperated with my feeling , almost shouting out loud “what should I do”, and crying badly.
    I really want to do things that I can do, to help myself without sharing my depression to anybody. I just want to heal myself quietly.
    So the only thing I could do is I turned off the notifications of messages, so I wouldn’t be knowing whether he is texting me or not. Then I wouldn’t be triggered to reply him if he texts me, neither would I be disappointed if I hear no message ring tone.
    I set a period of three days to not check msg. Frankly speaking, I gave three days because I want to give myself a most probabiity of “no hope” senario. Because after three days of me keeping quiet and if there is no initiative from him, it really means he doesnt need my connection at all.
    I think it is very important that during this period, I felt more peaceful without having to expect a message ring tone unconciously.
    But ends of day two, I feel I’m emotional ready so I open the msg. And I see his texts sending me one day back. It’s a funny clip and he said it my type of people.
    If that was before I would have been over the moon. However, I was pushed to the peak of pain when coming to realise not knowing what to do with this man just two days ago. That pain was too bad that his texts are not enough. I feel that I appreciate the funny clip that makes me giggle, but I still want to not contact him so much, I still turn off my messages notifications to also cool off my excitement and expectation.

    • I just 100% understand that, the problem is when you miss them terribly even though you do your own things you feel like something is missing in your day. I am actually doing this three days rule starting from today , especially that I was never in love with someone that much and I feel that I lost my balance. He is busy these days and we broke up because of family issues and I assume he is aggrieved and he’s trying to have busy schedule to make things normal in his life. Even though he asked me to still be his friend. I will wait until he text me first and miss me even more.

    • Hi Khadeeja!

      Asking you to still be his friend is a good thing. It leaves the door open for you two to try again after he gets himself together. Hang in there. Be a friend to him like you would anyone else. Send him uplifting memes or texts. He will appreciate it and find you to be very considerate. That’s a good way to get a Libra man back. You can also check out my book “Libra Man Secrets” for more help.

  • Hi I am Haricleia. I am a Libra myself in love with a libra man.
    We separated last year in November after 3 years, because he said i was criticizing him and complaining too much.
    After a no contact period in March this year he called me in April saying he want us to remain friends and go out .I accepted because I still love him a lot.We have been friends for 3 months now but I want to move things to the next level and ask for a second chance. He also told me that his mum was not happy with our relationship because he was sad many times. What should I do ? stay friends with him?Thank you Anna for your kind help in these tough times!
    Thank you, Haricleia from London

    • Hi Haricleia!

      I wonder if you have some strong Virgo in your chart making you come across as critical of him. If that’s the case then it’s something you need to work on so you don’t carry it forward with you. Give it some more time before you try to push it forward sweetheart. 3 months isn’t a long time for a Libra. Just keep going as you are with patience. Wait until maybe 6 months or so before you ask him to be more again. I wish you all the very best!

  • We had a very bad falling out.. We argued almost everyday due to an unplanned pregnancy and losing both our jobs.. its been hard on us.. he would say things like .. I feel stuck and trapped and that he felt unappreciated and unloved.. but i do love and appreciate my Libra man.. following this he took 6 months to finally make the decision to break up with me.. it was an awfully rude breakup and in return i told him through text he made my life miser And then i proceeded to block him.. should i text him and tell i didnt mean it.. i was so angry and hurt by the things he said the night he packed his things and left… he told me he loves me but he’s not in love anymore.. people fall in and out of love all the time.. its been 4 days since the break up.. should i try the no contact rule or should i reach out and express that he is no longer blocked and that i was being emotional? Thank you for Reading and Responding I really appreciate it! Also he did come home from the bar and was a little under the influence the night of the break up

    • Hi Samone!

      Unless he changes his mind somehow later on, it sounds like he’s done. If that’s not the case then yes, you can and should definitely try to do no contact. You should be able to figure out where his head is at. Any man who loves you would still want to be with you. He’s no different. If he does mean what he says that he’s not in love anymore though, he won’t reach out. I would definitely unblock him though so he can see your stuff. Give it time otherwise you can decide to move on. It’s all in what you want. I wish you the best!

  • Libra man. Leo woman here. He won’t commit. But actions say different. I said mean and harsh things. I have cancer Venus and mars. He has sag Venus and mars. Both Aries moons. We’re quick to forgive but this man does not forget. He needs space. I have been doing the no contact, very little exchange just enough to show him I still support him. He still has a pic of his ex he said he deleted on Facebook. Idk what he’s thinking. He texted me saying you’re sweet and he appreciates me being supportive. Then started conversation. Is it bad if the relationship goes back? Will our family still have faith in us?

    • Hi Jess!

      Libra men can be very frustrating indeed. Yes, they do ask for lots of space. If he isn’t giving you much interest then it may be time to move on for awhile. Yes, he will be polite with you with texts like you mentioned but that doesn’t mean he wants to get into a relationship. This is what makes them so confusing. Leave him be for awhile and do your own thing. If he cares, he’ll come back around but if not then he’s just not into it like you are and you deserve bettter. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  • I dated a Libra man for 3 months we broke I broke up with him once because his behavior was a bit controlling and frustrating at times. He then begged me for forgiveness, apologized and things actually got better for few weeks until he ghosted me , I was so confused and actually p/o but decided not to reach out to him no one deserves to be ghosted

  • Gemini woman here and I’m starting to wonder if my decision to end things with my Libra partner of 2 years was the right choice.
    We first started off as friends and the more we got to know one another the more we felt like we were getting to know ourselves. I want to say a huge part in the problems we had was that he slowly started to move in with me within the first month of us dating and I didn’t notice that he was moving in until he only ever left every other weekend. I was blinded by the honeymoon phase and love that I didn’t care that he didn’t have a job.
    In the next couple of months things changed. He got a job he loved, we moved in together fully with eachother and it was amazing. Everything was going right until he decided he wanted a change of scenery. We went to texas to dog sit and while there he applied for a job. 4 months later we were packing all our stuff up and moving states away to start our new life.
    Things were going really well the first 5 months of us being there and then he became unhappy and unmotivated. He quit his job and started sitting infront of a screen for 12 hours of the day and went to sleep at 6 in the morning. We became complete opposites. I got a new job and started focusing on myself. I worked out, ate healthier and started doing things that I enjoyed. He was stuck jobless and glued to his gaming chair for the remainder of the relationship. I could see that nothing I did to help him was working and I was mentally draining myself hoping that one day he would decide to be better for himself.
    After 6 months, I decided that things were not going to change and I had two options. 1, either let him go so he could figure out himself and one day we could come back together again. Or 2, stay in this unhealthy cycle and keep hoping that one day it would hit him that he needs to do better for himself. I ended things the next time we went back to our hometown to visit and he was a mess. I hurt me seeing him like that but I knew that was the only option. I went back to texas on my own and we didn’t speak for two months.
    Last week our lease was up on our apartment so he came down to help me pack and get his stuff. The man I saw was who I always begged him to be. The guy I knew he could be. We talking about a lot of things and we both still have a lot of love for each other and think about each other and he tells me that he still loves me and cares for me and he is going to get better for himself and for me because he still wants a future with us. He said that he hopes that there will be a day that we meet again and are healed so that way we can give the best version of ourselves to one another.
    I want to believe it but I’m also scared because nothing is ever promised and I feel like I’m going through the grieving process all over again.
    He’s states away and I decided to stay in Texas to further my career and another thing that hurts is that he hangs out with friends often to get him thought this process but since I’m still fairly new in texas I have to grieve completely alone again.
    I’m wondering if I made a mistake by completely letting him go the first two months and not keeping in contact? Now all I want to do is text him but we both agreed on space for a little while longer.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • My libra man. My libra man and I (an Aries) have had a rocky relationship for 4 years now. We are not expecting our first child together. Me getting pregnant made everything worse. He got extremely nasty and distant. I finally could not take his cruel words anymore and I blocked him on everything and changed my number. Now he’s emailing me asking me to please call and he’s sorry for what he’s said. I’m still unsure what his motives are and what he really wants from me. It’s been 3 days that’s he’s been unable to contact me. I’m not sure if I should let him back in and if he has really learned his lesson.