Libra Man And Commitment — 7 Signs & Ways To Get Him To Commit

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
For a Libra man, commitment takes time. But, being aware of the signs a Libra man is ready to commit will help you understand when you can bring up the topic of becoming committed to each other.

Have you ever wondered what are the signs a Libra man is ready to commit? Libra men are so charming and know how to win a woman over, but it isn’t always easy to know what a Libra man wants in a woman because he is so friendly and sociable.

How to get a Libra man to commit could be a bit tricky because Libra men are known for their diplomacy, but when it comes to commitment, they can be a bit more reserved. They are typically described as the “players” of the zodiac, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t commit.

Libra men sometimes seem confusing or cryptic. The thing is, he’s rather obvious when he’s falling in love and when he’s ready to commit. There are definitely things he will do and say.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more about Libra men and how you can get them to commit, then be sure to keep on reading.

Libra Man And Commitment

What a Libra likes in a woman is confidence and a strong sense of self, followed by a nice look and a great mental attitude. It really doesn’t matter what your style is, as long as you look your absolute best.

A Libra man wants a woman who will dress up to go out, even to the store. She always needs to look classy. Looking like a slob will not get his attention. Clean clothes and an appealing appearance will always intrigue your Libra man.

Intelligence goes hand in hand with your wits. It is important to keep the conversation going. He will not relate well to a woman who is not intelligent. She also needs to have a sense of humor.

Making you laugh will be one of his missions! If you make him laugh, that is even better! A couple that can laugh together is one that will succeed against rough odds.

To impress him, show him how smart, independent, and funny you are. He’ll love it and want to get to know you more. There is nothing more attractive in a woman who has confidence and is quite humorous.

Libra men are romantic, and they want to form deep emotional connections. Ultimately, they like commitment and can easily commit if they believe the partner is right.

Naturally, it all depends on his level of comfort, maturity, and whatever baggage he may have from the past to determine how ready he is to commit. He’ll let you know if he isn’t ready.

How Long Does It Take A Libra Man To Commit?

Well, for a Libra man, commitment takes time. They tends to be a big flirt, and it could take them some time to settle down with just one partner. Yet, if a Libra man feels he has found the right woman, he will be ready to commit relatively quickly in a few months.

A Libra man thrives on emotional connection and values long-lasting relationships. So, when he is ready to commit, he will show you how devoted, romantic and caring he really is. Here are the signs a Libra man is ready to commit:

7 Signs A Libra Man Is Ready To Commit

1. He’s Reaching Out More

The Libra man typically will not commit unless he’s in love. That being said, when he’s spending more time adoring you then this is a huge sign that he’s ready to commit to you. 

He’s ready to take it to a higher level to keep you in his life. Even if he’s terrified, he will still commit because losing you would be absolutely awful. He will reach out to you more. 

Dating a Libra man can be wonderful but when he’s ready to take the plunge, he will show you a really amazing time more often. He will take you to high profile places where you two can be seen together.

If he was sort of hiding you before or introducing you as his friend, this will come to an end. He will put his arm around you and let the whole world see it because you are his woman. 

2. He Starts Opening Up To You

The Libra man is very private and it takes awhile before he’ll start talking to you about his past, his family, or an ex that broke his heart. He keeps that all stored away. When he’s ready to commit, this becomes something he opens up about. 

He will answer questions you want to ask him and he will likely ask you more questions about you. Libra men don’t like to pry unless they want to get closer to you. 

His wall comes down and he lets you in. You’re now someone he plans to be with for a long haul, if not forever! He really does see you as someone he can trust with his heart and soul. 

By this point he’s realizing that you are someone he can rely on to talk to about when he’s upset or stressed out. Libra man worries are not as harsh when he can talk to you. 

3. He Helps You When You Need It

When your Libra guy isn’t helping you with things you need, it can make you frustrated and confused as to why he’s so standoffish. An example would be if your car broke down and you had to call him to get you. 

If he’s not ready for commitment he will be upset that he’s going to be late for work to come get you and help you get your car to a shop. When he IS ready to commit, he will help you without complaining or hesitance. 

He absolutely will treat you like a princess. He’ll take pleasure in doing something that will help make your life improve. This includes helping you to pay your bills when he has funds.

If you happen to move in with him, he will insist on paying the bills while you take care of your needs. He will want you to secretly contribute and really, it’s only right. 

Just know that he doesn’t typically want to help you unless you two are in a committed relationship then he thinks the world of you, and will do just about anything he can for you. 

4. He Starts To Discuss The Future

When a Libra man is ready to commit, he will include you in his future. That is because he sees you in it if you want to be. You’ll notice that when you’re just dating or seeing him, he doesn’t often talk about future stuff with you.

He may talk about plans he has or “maybe we can do this,” but never anything solid. When he’s about commitment with you, he will say “we’ll have to do this!” The operative is “we,” or “us.” Those are the key words to listen for!

When he is using that often then he definitely sees you as a permanent fixture and will commit to you. He may not even say he wants to commit, he just starts going in that direction without saying anything. 

Libra man figures if you want to commit also, you’ll go along with it. If you don’t, you’ll let him know and he can move on. Otherwise, this is another of the huge signs that Libra man wants to commit.

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5. He Introduces You To His Family

Like other signs, Libra man tends to keep his family life private. When he wants to commit with you, he will want you to be part of his life which does include meeting his family. 

He will take you with him when he goes to visit them or to spend holidays together. He wants them to know you and for you to know them. Besides, in his mind, you’re now committed to them once you commit to him.

It’s a pretty normal behavior for him to have. You should regard this as commitment as he doesn’t often “take someone home.” He waits until it becomes more serious. 

He holds his family in high regard so he doesn’t take anyone to meet them unless they are only friends or if he’s committed. Just keep this in mind. If he suddenly wants you to meet them then he’s making a commitment to you. 

6. Introductions In Social Situations

Libra man isn’t one to introduce you as anything more than a “friend” when you’re only seeing him or spending time with him. When he is ready to make it serious, he will finally introduce you as his girl or girlfriend. 

He won’t hesitate by calling you what you are. In that moment, if he has not already talked to you about it then you are definitely in a committed relationship. 

Another tip off is if he changes his relationship status on social media or un-hides it to reveal “in a relationship.” He may even go so far as to post photos of the two of you together on his profile as well.

He may make mention of you two going out on a date and tagging it. He opens up to the world that he is with you. That is a seriously huge way of showing you he is committed to you!

7. He Asks You To Be In A Relationship

Sometimes Libra is quite forthcoming once he makes up his mind to what he wants. He will likely ask you if you yourself are ready for the next step in your relationship. 

He may take you to nice dinner and ask you if you would be his. He could also just flat out say he’s ready to commit and would like to know if you’re on the same page as him. 

He worries that you might not be on the same page, so it’s wise to reassure him that you’re absolutely ready and want to be with him for the future. The reassurance you give him will make him stronger and more confident. 

Once this happens, you two are golden! You can change your relationship status too or introduce him as your man. How great is that?! 

How To Get A Libra Man To Commit — Make Him Realize He Needs You

Keep The Peace

Libra men are gentle people who seek to be ultra-friendly and to be liked by all. To a Libra, very few things are worth making a stand for if they offend someone else. In fact, they’ll do just about anything to avoid conflict… This is why they desire a partner who is calm and collected.

In order to make the Libra man feel comfortable settling down into a relationship, you need to make them feel as if partnering with you will be 99% peaceful. They cannot stand fighting and will look for any other way around it. The Libra man is not content in a relationship where there is a lot of tension.

If you’re struggling to make your Libra man feel harmonious with you, I strongly recommend checking out my 30-day Libra Man Love Challenge… It will set you on the right path with your Libra guy. He’ll enjoy spending pleasant times with you where you are laughing and in love.

Hear What He’s Really Saying

Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, planet of love, grace, and conviviality. People with heavy Libra placements are gifted in the ways of charm, but not so good at communicating their real emotions. In an attempt to make everyone else happy, the Libra will sacrifice properly communicating their needs!

You may even believe the Libra has no needs, but this is not true. The Libra guises his needs and usually won’t be forthright about what he really thinks. This is why with Libras you need to be a subtle kind of detective and be able to read between the lines of what they’re saying.

If you make a suggestion and the Libra says: “It’s up to you! I’m good with whatever,” realize that there is a chance that the Libra is really saying: “I don’t want to do that, but I don’t want to shoot you down.” I advise that you always ask twice when you’re unsure if they’re being honest about what they really want.

It’s important to know that the Libra is the type who wants you to be happy to keep the peace. They also may believe that forgoing their own needs is the way to give you that peace. In reality, you likely will be happiest when you know they’re happy! Communicate this in the clearest way that you can to the Libra.

When he knows that you’re willing to hear his truth and that you understand his nature well enough to make doubly sure that he’s fully expressing his needs, you’re inviting him to settle in and get comfortable with you… and he might just take you up on it!

Turn Fights Into Talks

Maybe you’re asking, how am I supposed to go through my whole relationship without having a fight? Well, you really can’t! But most of the time, there is a better way to portray the information that you need to address with the Libra so he feels the love more than the strain. 

It will always behoove you to not act out of anger with the Libra, since this will have them shut down. You’ll need to find a system that is less combative (fire sign women, tune in right now!). You need to think carefully about how you’ll approach the topic that you need to bring up.

Instead of being angry, bring it up in casual conversation. This keeps the Libra’s guard down since he never got the opportunity to become defensive when it’s snuck in like this. If you play it right, this technique will work to get your point across without spooking the Libra.

If the Libra is able to see that you’re looking for gentle ways to make your grievances known then he’ll be inclined to want to stay with you and settle in! You’ll find that this way you’re making the Libra calm, something he is always searching for. You’ll have an instant ‘in’ to the motivations of the Libra!

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Be Patient With His Decision Making

The Libra’s symbol is the scales of justice. This is a good representation of the mind of a Libra! Always intelligent, incredibly fair, and also totally impossible when making decisions!

You’ll notice the Libra ponder for a long time on what to say and do. He’s mentally weighing the pros and cons all the time. This makes him keen and smart, which is a total turn on. However, this also means that deciding anything takes a long… long… long time.

This is partially why you’ll find him deferring to you to make the decisions. He perceives that the length of time that it takes for him to make decisions is somehow holding you back and making you upset.

It’s important to let him know that you can be patient. This alleviates tension on him and gives him freedom to come to his full truth in order to make his decisions.

This is also why you may find that his decision to settle down with you takes a long time. He is ensuring that you can offer him what he needs and that he can offer you what you need. The scales are in full swing!

When you don’t pressure him to come to any conclusions too soon and give him space to find the right answer, you’re tipping the scales in your favor (pun totally intended)! He’ll be far more likely to settle down with you and stay for the long haul!

How To Keep A Libra Man Interested And Committed

Keeping up with his wit and humor is essential to keeping him interested in you. Show interest in his hobbies and passions. He will highly appreciate it.

Radiate confidence and communicate openly and honestly. Be romantic and affectionate. The Libra man likes to cuddle a lot!

Create harmony. Avoid arguments and conflicts. Give your Libra man his space when needed. Tell him that you’ll be there for him no matter what he does. This is a very important secret to a happy relationship with a Libra man.

Talk to each other about the things that are important. Make him feel like he’s in control, because if there’s chaos in a situation, the Libra man will stay away from it at all costs. Once you have his mind, you will also have his heart.

Keep the conversation alive; don’t sound needy or clingy. He wants balance, lightheartedness in love, no hard talk, no judging, and no accusations.

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Most Common Libra Man Commitment Issue  — Will A Libra Man Ever Truly Commit?

Due to their desire for harmony, Libra men may struggle to commit. Their indecisiveness often gets in the way of true commitment. Some of them may think that committing to one person would make them miss out on other experiences.

Also, past experiences may prevent them from truly committing. They can dwell on being hurt by the past for a long time before they realize they should move forward with their lives.

Honestly, a Libra man not ready for relationship is the rarest of all the Zodiac representatives.

If you are dating a Libra man with commitment issues, it is important to communicate your expectations, desires, and needs. You need to be prepared to fully understand his perspective and to give him as much time as he needs to see if he will be willing to commit (eventually).

Undoubtedly, patience is required. A Libra man is always keen to learn new things and broaden his horizons, especially if it is something he is totally unfamiliar with.

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  • Absolutely on point.
    You stated in your last email that it was probably Saggitarius ( myself) would re_locate to the states this coming fall. My libra guy (American) has mentioned this in the near future. I sincerely hope that you are right.
    Love n light xx

    • Hi Debra Soulsby!

      Yes, out of the two Sagittarius is the one who is more willing to relocate than Libra would be. Libra likes stability and routine. Sagittarius is up for just about anything. I also hope that it does work out for you that way as well sweetheart. I wish you all the luck of the stars but if you do want to know more about Libra, check out my book!

    • Hi Collette!

      Libra men are complicated to say the least. They are endearing though. They are some of the most loving and romantic men around. They just need time to really iron out what they want and what they will do. It’s nothing uncommon for them. They’re thinkers and they won’t rush without thinking. If they do, they end up going back to the start because they messed up. I hope this helps answer your question sweetheart. I wish you all the very best!