Libra Man Predictions For February 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly February predictions for your Libra man. What will his mood be for the Valentine's season? Read on and discover.

Hello my lovelies, how are you, and how’s the mood for February? 

I hope you are doing well and are feeling the end of all retrogrades we had entering this year. How did January treat you? Tell me all about it in the comments, but before we get to that part, let’s focus on what can be done with and about Libra man in the most romantic month of the year, shall we? 

The start of the month will have him singing songs to you like a mockingbird, and bring your sparkly gifts like a well-trained crow. Now is a great time to seduce him even further, and to program him to bring you gifts you like, or to do your bidding, like some kind of a vampiric thrall; you go goth queen, and you go hard! 

2nd week offers a good chance to talk about ‘serious’ and edgy stuff, as well as to go on ‘greener’ dates, where you don’t have to spend as much money, as the focus should be more on having a good time together and enjoying fun times. 

3rd week offers some very exciting times, as well as glimpses into his eternally romantic soul. You have a chance to use his romantic nature to the fullest, and make the best use of his puckered lips, I tell you 😉 

4th week is a perfect time for you to show him what you’re made of, for him to be at your mercy, and for you to relax and unwind with some exciting travel, go all out, is my advice. 

Theme of the month: he’ll question his friendships, loyalties, and friend circle at the start of the month, and as time progresses, he’ll focus more on his health, daily routines, and what needs to change in order for him to introduce more elegance and ease into his daily life. 

Magic Phrase: “life is not fair babe, but then again little is in this fiendish existence, why don’t you come over to tell me all about it, I’m here for you, listening and ready.” 

Text Magic: “babe, your eyes are wet, that only happens when you’ve pushed your emotions so far deep down, they might come out of your sweet bottom” for the start of the month, and “let’s create and be sensitive together, I’ve gathered the finest cosmetic, come over for a makeover 😊”.  

Do: introduce romance to daily activities, text (a lot), create a fun atmosphere, hang out with mutual friends, go shopping, go on cosmetic treatments, and be bold in your emotional expressions. 

Avoid: ghosting him, giving him a cold shoulder, not responding to his romantic texts, refusing to teach him beauty routines, hiding your past and parts of your personality, and censoring your emotions in front of him. 

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Casanova strikes again… 

At the start of the month, Libra man will be extremely romantic; he’ll want to spend time with you on a daily basis, he’ll want to read poetry to you (Edgar Allan Po is preferred, of course), and he’ll want to surprise you every day with a small token of appreciation. 

He’ll catch the fever of ‘public displays of affection’, and thus, you’ll be doomed to experience being loved in public, what a predicament, I know… However, now is a perfect time to indicate what kind of gifts you like, and what is your love language, actually. 

As the week moves along, the Moon will enter Leo, where it will have its Full lunation, and this will take place in his 11th house of social themes and friends. This is a good time to meet his friends or to go to a party that one of his friends is hosting.  

Be free with the expression of your needs and desires, allow him to show off what he can do (for you), and let him feel proud of himself for doing what you asked. 

Why am I timid, like a Disney princess from the 90s… 

The 2nd week kicks off with the Moon in Virgo, and this will have Libra man in a more timid mood than usual. His fears and paranoia might rear their head, so now is a good time to give him courage and lead by an example – what it is to be bold and to stand up to your own fears. 

As the week progresses, his mood will cheer up, and he’ll feel like being the center of attention, again. This is a good time to avoid fights and to avoid raining down on his rainbow. Although he can be quite a handful sometimes, he is not often enough praised for being so easygoing and easy to handle compared to many other signs. 

Give Libra man some love during these (trying) times, show him your gratitude, and allow for his time under the spotlight. He’ll appreciate it immensely. 

As the week draws to a close, his mood will become deeper and more serious, and he’ll exhibit a tendency to think and talk about topics that are somewhat dark or grim in nature. Fear not, this is just a transit through his 2nd house of sustenance and finance, and now is a good time to go on mindful dates, and not overspend on basically nothing. 

A lover, not a fighter… 

As the 3rd week kicks off with Valentine’s Day, Libra man’s mood will be cheeky and cheerful, he’ll be in the mood for mischief and for making you laugh. This is a great time to have open and honest verbal communication, as well as adventurous and intellectual fun. 

During this week go on some fun dates that will leave you both laughing until your cheeks hurt, and if you feel like it, go watch some movies that are both funny and inspirational. Now is a great time to bond over hypothetical and make-believe scenarios, and to feed each other popcorn. 

As the week progresses, his focus will shift to more lewd and fun stuff reserved for the bedroom. You might find out about his past lovers, or heart wounds, as you two wrestle about who will have the top on the sheets. 

On the cusp between the end of the 3rd week and the beginning of the 4th, there’s a Pisces Super New Moon, and this will enhance his emotions; this will lead to creative outbursts of feelings, and confessions, as well as him being a good kisser being pronounced like the main theme of this transit. 

I’m a rolling stone

The 4th week blasts off with his focus being on you, he’s going to be hungry and thirsty for you, like a man crawling from the desert, and your posture should be bold and demanding, Now is a perfect time for you to get yours, and you should do it with fire in your eyes and danger on your teeth. 

This will be a major turn-on for him, and he won’t be able to get enough of you. As the Moon progresses to his 8th house of sex, transformation, and secrets, a secret might come out. Whether or not you judge him harshly for it is up to you, but remember 2Pac’s iconic words “only God can judge me”, and try to see his actions from that perspective… 

As the week draws to a close, his need for travel, foreign cultures, and adventure that stimulates his senses will be immense, you can join him on his adventures, and partake in a trip/excursion that will be one of the most exciting ones. 

Or you can opt to stay home, hot and bothered, and wonder when he’ll come back, and what kinds of experiences will he pack in his suitcase; up to you, entirely. 

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Final Word 

There you have it my sweeties, now it’s your turn, spill the tea in the comments below, and let me know what has been happening. 

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Libra man will fall in line with the epitome of the most romantic month of the year, and he’ll be his most romantic self. Especially before and around the VD, so make sure to make good use of his lovey-dovey mood. 

Toward the end of the month, he might come to regret some of his past mistakes, but he also might come to redeem himself with a majestic cruise, or a trip around the globe that you’ll get to enjoy. 

I’m rooting for you guys, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Libra Man, 

Your sister and relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

  • Just reading this today and I can attest that this is 100% accurate down to the fact that our morning music fest in which he was our DJ, was 2pac….yep 2PAC….I need to work on being nice-mean for his return from work today; I know it’s my world this weekend and I’m gonna take positive advantage.

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