Libra Man Predictions For January 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly January predictions for your Libra man. Check out the first monthly predictions of 2023! How is January going to treat him?

Hello, my sweeties, are you recovering (still) from the fabulous first night of 2023? I hope your recovery is complete so that you may venture down the forecast lane with me, for I’ve come prepared – here’s your Libra man’s Horoscope for the first month of the new year. Let’s go!

The first week of January puts the Libra man’s panties in a bunch; he’ll have to focus on his domestic life, which he’ll probably escape by going on a sudden adventure, or by focusing on his lover or partner. Shame on him, but not on you, you’re here to enjoy, and he’s here to provide the pleasure, period. 

The second week holds the opportunity to change his life into an excavation site for his past and he might find his private life suddenly in the center of the public eye’s gaze. It’s all for people, and he is not an excerpt from his wildest fears coming true, the only difference is – his fears and the Capricorn man’s fears, for example, are two very different levels, and the Libra man is a child’s play compared to the other.

The third week sends mixed signals, one thing is for sure though – give him praise and laugh at his jokes, he’s going to need it to feel good about himself and appreciated. If you really want to, you can prompt him to deal with the situation at home, and be done with it once and for all. 

Theme Of The Month: Cleaning out his closet, both figuratively and literally. 

Magic Phrase: Babe come clean my closet too, I have some very interesting skeletons in there. 

Text Magic: I’m thinking of you, quit spamming me telepathically, or I’ll have to spam you back! 

What to Do: flirt with him, show off your sexy lingerie; leave him be if he wants it, give him space; praise him, make him feel like he’s the funniest guy alive; enforce healthy habits, and inspire him to feel better by looking better. 

What to Avoid: not being supportive, pouting; putting pressure on him, putting blame on him; not laughing at his jokes, refusing his romantic advances; enforcing his couch potato habits, and ignoring his bad choices. 

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Sloth Is My Greatest Sin

The first week of January will make the Libra man focus on his domestic life and family – a lot. There are three planets in his fourth house, and one of them is Retrograde (Mercury). 

Luckily, Venus (his ruler) has moved to Aquarius, his fifth house, so his heart will wander into the pastures of fun, romance, and flirting. But first, he has to take care of the mundane, and the mundane says “clean up your house,” both figuratively and literally. 

Jupiter and Venus make a very nice sextile, very nice indeed, and Jupiter has just moved back to his seventh house, and this creates a great opening for matters of the heart. This is actually a great time to start flirting with him more intensely and to start appearing actively in his mind and in his dreams. 

His libido and inner urges (aka kinks) will be also quite active during this time, thanks to the transits in his eighth house, so his subconscious is very open to dirty talk and kinky ideas. Although Mars is Retrograde in his house of travel and philosophical passions, the Libra man will feel a strong need to ‘escape’ daily life. 

If you get a text or a call from him from a foreign land, don’t be surprised, that just means that his urge for escapism has won, and he has left the cleaning of his closet for some other time. Not surprisingly, Libra men aren’t at all put together as they like to appear to be. 

My Life Just Turned Into An Excavation Site 

The second week kicks off with a Full Moon in his tenth house, the house of public image and career, and this is going to increase the tension in his domestic life. His mood will be extra sour during the first few days of the second week, so be prepared for that. 

He might even disappear from the map, it may seem like he ghosted you, but he didn’t. The Libra man is weird in that way, he needs to hide from his own failures instead of facing them, so in the meantime, he also hides from everyone else. 

This is a good time to send provocative texts and photos, and inspire him by cheering him on and saying that all will be alright. The Libra man doesn’t love anything more than someone perceiving him as a victim and then taking pity on him. It might not be nice of me to say it like that, but it’s true. So use that info how best you see fit. 

This second week is also good for poking around his past, if you feel so inclined, and digging up the skeletons from his romantic backyard. That’s some Plutonic work right there, but if you feel the need to excavate, go forth, it’s an ample opportunity for that, and you might find out more about him than he lets on. 

I Am The Sword Of Love And I Shine Bright For All To See

The third week offers a breather for the Libra man as the Moon traverses through his first house of self. Now is the perfect time to give him all kinds of attention, and to be his number-one fan. The Libra man loves it when he’s being perceived as very needed, charming, and popular, so you can make him feel like that quite easily. 

This week is also good for you to prompt him to deal with his domestic life more actively. He might find excuses at first, but the more reasonable and objective advice you give, the more he’ll feel inclined to listen to you, and actually resolve the domestic situation, once and for all. 

He’ll be chattier than usual, and even more open about his feelings, so you can expect him to woo you, buy you flowers, and even write you poems. I’d stay clear from the poems if I were you, but then again, some women do like those sappy melodies, so who am I to judge? 

Going on excessive wine dates and overindulging in psychoactive substances (that includes nicotine, too) is not recommended for him this week. Instead, you should remind him to drink more water, change his sheets, and take longer showers, he’s going to need it. 

Couch Potato No More! 

The fourth and final week of January blasts off with a Super New Moon in Aquarius, which takes place in the Libra man’s sixth house of daily routines, work, and health. His ruler, Venus, is in a close tango with Saturn, and he might feel this hard on a very personal level. 

Now is not a good time for excess in anything, especially in a sedentary lifestyle or avoiding the things that his intuition tells him his body needs at this point in time. Libra men tend to screw up their immune system (often) by ignoring their needs and intuitive responses to their environment. 

It is a good time to observe him and see where he’s struggling and where he needs a boost. Maybe buy him vitamins, and make him take in more water and teas instead of caffeine and soft drinks. 

Now is also a good time for a new daily routine and healthier habits to take place, so you can act as his superhero and an instigator, and introduce some healthy new items and habits into his life. Even if he doesn’t seem thrilled about it, somewhere down the line, he’ll thank you for it, and in a massive way. 

Final Thoughts 

There you have it my sweeties, a Libra man manual for January, and I hope it serves you well. His mood will be unbalanced this month, so try to ride the waves of his mood efficiently, and don’t let yourself be swayed by his boyish charm and crooked smile. 

If something’s bad for him – make him see it, and influence him in order for his health to remain as good as ever. He’ll be thankful later on for it, trust me. 

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Stay creative, free of mind, and free of spirit. Until next time, my darlings.

Love and light,

Anna Kovach

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