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Libra Man Predictions For June 2023

Hello Sweethearts, it’s June and it’s time for another guide for your relationship with Libra man.

May was very hectic, but now it’s time to relax and understand what’s really going on and what’s most important.

I really hope you have gained understanding from these monthly guides for Libra man. June looks like being a month that’s quite positive for romance.

Let’s get going on this month’s prediction for Libra Guy. I can’t wait to reveal the secrets to a great relationship or successful dating with him. This can be an important month for ceremonies and legal matters. When I say ceremonies, you guys may be attending weddings, graduations, or other important religious events.

It’s often preferable for you and Libra man to follow paths that are established, rather than speculative, and you must pay attention to details and legalities.

Following tradition can be quite rewarding or even enlightening and getting involved in certain ceremonies, rituals or other religious experiences is often attractive.

Sun in Gemini Square Saturn (19th June)

This month, the important thing is trust and good faith in your relationship with Libra Guy. It’s vital to follow high principles, logic and reason. It’s important to be forgiving, but that shouldn’t mean just ignoring problems or sweeping them under the carpet.

Yes there should be give and take, but sometimes there’s a lot of give right now ( in both of your minds), and the ‘receiving back’ may be some way in the future, that’s why compassion and good faith in relationships are important in terms of your marriage.

So, whether you need to cut Libra Guy some slack and be patient with him, or whether he needs to do that for you, the extent to which you do this willingly will be a key indication of relationship health. If you both need immediate payback for any effort you put into the relationship, then how much faith do you have in the future of the relationship? Think about it.

Mercury enters Gemini (12th June)

Success goes where the energy flows and depending on your focus, this period can bring success in many areas. You and Libra Guy’s material comfort can increase, and it is an excellent time to plan for your financial future as the components that you put into place now should benefit you in the long term.

You guys will tend to encounter situations that clearly distinguish what really matters and what’s peripheral, and you benefit from getting to the core of any issue. The setting is right to resolve, or at least improve significantly, problems that seemed intractable.

Mercury Trine Pluto (12th June)

On a spiritual level, this transit reveals how important it is for you to understand the law of cycles and the unique timing of your life: for everything there is a season. This is vital to your personal development and success because it reminds you that there will always be ups and downs in life and love and you have to work with those ebbs and flows rather than feeling a victim of them.

You and Libra guy can reach high levels of spiritual enlightenment by appreciating each part of the cycle, whether positive or negative and understanding what, from these experiences, you can take forward. This period is also karmically active, so ensure that you act in ways that are fundamentally good and fair to each other.

It is essential for you to balance a desire to fulfill yourself with accepting some responsibility for the impact of your actions on Libra Guy. It is important to take ownership of your fate, in nearly all instances, you do make a contribution in some way to what is transpiring in your life.

Mercury Square Saturn (16th June)

Self-doubt is often a factor right now, but it drives him to work harder and also to think more about scenarios in his head so that he is prepared. This fear factor helps him to avoid obstacles rather than allowing complacency to set in and then bumping his head.

Sun enters Cancer (22nd June)

There is likely to be pressure and some excitement regarding his career ambitions. In some cases he may be required to choose between taking a job promotion or taking extra responsibility at work, and possibly having this time to put into your marriage. It’s possible that you guys may argue about the time that either of you are spending at work, and it’s difficult to strike a balance, because in order to pursue some of your long-term ambitions as a couple, you need to bring in more money.

However, it can also feel that your careers are tearing you apart, and so it’s important to be patient, to be tolerant of each other and be prepared to take some short-term discomfort, because I do feel that you will be able to manage the career responsibilities that you both have better in the coming months.

Venus enters Leo (6th June)

There’s a slight tendency to be evasive and to delay anything potentially problematic, but it’s more important to be direct and assertive. Don’t put yourself second, don’t neglect your needs and remember that no one else is going to make things happen for you, so if there’s anything that’s bothering you, it’s up to you to articulate that to Libra Guy and then to plan a way forward.

Venus Opposite Pluto (6th June)

Any relationship that begins now with Libra Guy may well lead to a lasting bond that connects you guys at a deeper level than usual.

Emotions are characterized by more Intense and focused passion, and yet things are not necessarily easy or free flowing. Persevere and use this period for learning at a deeper level.

Current relationships will benefit from looking past the impression or image that you have of each other, to discover the fundamental qualities that you share and that based on what really makes you tick.

Venus Square Jupiter (12th June)

Intimacy is also about trusting each other, supporting each other, and sharing in your Libra Guy’s feelings. Intimacy is knowing how to show empathy and be able to express secret yearnings and even fears. Improving intimacy on this basis is something that binds you strongly together.

Theme of Month – It’s a great month for self-improvement goals that you can try together and these can be simple things like getting into the great outdoors, eating well and enjoying nature, and interacting with your pets.

However, it can be more complex like taking a course together, studying philosophical subjects, or doing a fasting regime. The theme is aiming to be better people through both discipline and expansion of the mind.

Magic Phrase“There’s no problem that’s greater than our love.”

Magic Text“You make me feel like anything is possible and together it is.”

Do: The moon waxes between the sixth and the 21st making this the best time to be proactive, enterprising and implement new initiatives. It’s also a good time for brand new goals, for beginning dating or marriage.

Projects to do with property, home moves, home renovations are favored. Planning family events and holding family gatherings are also successful. Any enterprise involving working from home is successful

This is a good time for social media goals, learning, making short trips and pleasure in general. This is a good time to indulge and have fun.

Avoid: Some caution is needed in applying for debt, arranging a remortgage or organizing your taxes.

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Week One

It’s important not to get carried away, and not to raise your expectations, because although things in your relationship can be extremely promising right now, you are bound to hit hurdles and yet upcoming hurdles shouldn’t be disheartening, but if you become too involved in a love bubble it means it’s going to be more difficult when these things crop up.

You can really see what’s coming if you look, but you are choosing not to look at the moment, so by all means enjoy this week romantically, go wild, but just be aware that there will be a few practical problems that are going to present themselves, and you have to work through these with determination to make the relationship successful and to ensure that it continues in the coming months.

Week Two

One of the keys to unlocking intimacy is to show vulnerability, don’t always feel the need to show a brave face, be practical and get on with things, the more you begin feel that you can show vulnerability in a relationship, the better the sexual side is going to develop and the quicker too.

He’s quite concerned about matters at work and he’s a workaholic, so do encourage and support him as he’s under some pressure.

It’s not the most confident or bubbly week in terms of the energies, so don’t be concerned if he’s a little withdrawn and not that chatty or eager to engage.

Week Three

Even if it is a bit stressful managing work and marriage right now, there is every reason that that will improve if you grit your teeth and keep going. This can be a difficult time for age-gap relationships or relationships where one of you have a lot more power or authority. It’s possible that you may feel a little bit subordinated or even martyred in a relationship, you may even feel that you don’t have a lot of power and that you are not being listened to, but this is only temporary.

The energies this week incline Libra guy to put a priority on substance rather than superficial contacts and so even difficult relationships are appealing to him if he feels a level of purpose and importance through the experiences he’s having.

Week Four

This is a week when there can be some setbacks in your relationship, often things become a little bit flat, or maybe you experience differences or estrangement because your passions collide. Another problem is arguments over your children and this can be an especially difficult time if you both have children with ex-partners, because it may be more difficult to co-ordinate.

So while this is not necessarily a time of serious or fundamental problems in a love relationship, there are hurdles to be encountered, and there are annoyances and quite a lot of frustration which often surrounds logistical issues. You and your Libra guy may feel that you just can’t connect or events and circumstances are stopping you from enjoying life as a couple as much as you want to.

Closing Thoughts

The events this month can have a long-term effect, perhaps it may not seem so but even smaller decisions can snowball into something quite significant for the future.

Success right now in a relationship with Libra man is in not beating about the bush. Don’t wait for the right moment to have certain conversations, it’s actually a lot better to come out with it and clear the air, rather than to walk on eggshells or pussyfoot around.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Libra Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

  • Hello Anna, once again thanks for mails, but i haven’t talk with him, 0 contact, i suspect there is a third person, i hope that some that truth will be revelead, he screw up things.
    I am moving on with my life, i keep busy , doing my things.
    Have a blessed June.

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