Libra Man Predictions For October 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly October predictions for your Libra man. Things to know about your Libra man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts, and welcome to an exciting reading for Libra Man!

This month is particularly significant for Libra, as the new moon happens in the sign of Libra which is wonderful for improving his lifestyle, making changes to health, expressing himself in new relationships and for you guys to turn over a brand new leaf.

It’s an awesome time for you to encourage any initiatives he has that will help him reach personal goals: everyone wants to feel important and so it’s key in relationships with Libra Man to emphasize his talents, abilities and to show your appreciation for him and how much you care for the relationship.

The planets are very busy this month as they are moving signs multiple times, plus we have Pluto going direct in Capricorn for the last time in any of our lifetimes, which is also quite a significant event and it can draw a curtain on many issues that began in 2008, so it’s important to bear that in mind.

With that said, let’s get going with the readings.

Mercury enters Libra – 6th October

While Mercury entering his sign is quite good for communication, it can mean that he has a lack of objectivity and detachment. Yes indeed, he’s more eager to communicate but sometimes he can be a little bit preoccupied with certain points of view and less willing to listen to the opposing side of things, which is unusual for Libra Man who is usually quite balanced.

This is certainly the start of a busy period when he should be setting goals and he can accomplish much, this is also a great time for you guys to have more debate within your relationship, to sit around the table, to negotiate and to come to some agreements, however you have to be firm with him because he is in quite a powerful debating mood, and is very persuasive and determined to get his own way. If you want to get his attention, you also have to be succinct and direct, so when you chat with him, almost set an agenda as if you are in a meeting, and make sure you stick to it.

It’s important for him to pay attention to his health, this is a time where he should watch out for excessive stimulants like coffee, because he can become a little bit too hyper.

Venus enters Libra – 10th October

The energies are representative of quite a lucky time, Venus of course rules Libra, so it acts very powerfully when it is in Libra and again this increases his powers of persuasion, and he has a great desire to meet new people and to socialize. So while he is more affectionate, congenial and fun loving, he also spreads himself quite thin across a whole range of activities, so he’s not necessarily particularly attentive. Thus if you are craving some one to one time, it may be difficult to get it, because he is eager to make new friends and he may be hob knobbing in terms of business and his social life.

This is not a time when he wants to be distracted by minutiae or arguing, so it’s all peace and love with him, but that does mean that a lot of things get pushed to the back burner, if he perceives them as a little bit difficult or messy. This is certainly not a time when you can get him to do any hard physical chores, he can be quite evasive about anything that requires hard work.

This is definitely a time for date nights, wining and dining with friends and enjoying the good things in life, so use this period to celebrate his birthday in style, if it falls in this particular period, or a late birthday celebration is definitely in order.

Pluto direct in Capricorn – 11th October

This is an important time to settle things from the past.

Iif there are any home repairs or alterations that were left half done or big projects that you took on as a family that you never finished, this is a time when you really have to draw those to a close. It’s also important for you as a couple to get closure from the past, so think of anything that’s been left unopen or loose ends and focus on sorting them out. Don’t continue to drag debris from your past into the future this should be a time of closure and resolution.

Mars enters Scorpio – 13th October

This represents an excellent time to encourage him to go for goals! When it comes to business, it’s an awesome phase for him winning new clients or contracts, so it’s definitely a time for him to be extremely assertive and up his game. There are gains to be made financially if he is daring.

This is a time however, where it’s very important for him to be decisive and to focus, so encourage him to decide on a course of action and stick with it as this is definitely a time when he can flounder if he fails to really hone in on one specific goal.

He can be quite acquisitive at this time, and if you guys are so inclined, you can make unwise and impulsive purchases, so it’s really important to stick to budgets right now. It’s also a time when you may clash over money issues, but usually there’s a control issue lingering deeper underneath, so watch out for locking horns over money and understand the deeper psychological issues going on.

Sometimes he’s a little bit anal and too attached to material things, as right now he tends to be more territorial and possessive so watch out for these traits. This is definitely not a time when you want to step on his toes or invade his privacy in any way.

He’s certainly very responsive to affection, so doing things like back massages, having a hot tub together or enjoying some aphrodisiac foods can get him in the mood, because he’s fairly sexual. However, you have to be quite careful about the way you stimulate his desire, be very physical and use body language more than conversation.

New moon on the 14th of October

With new moon happening in your sign of his sign of Virgo this is a great time to encourage him to turn over any new leaves and to replenish his energy through a better attitude to his health and fitness, it’s important to encourage him to take himself in hand.

Theme of Month – A great time for fresh new attitudes, perspectives and turning brand new leaves. It’s time to encourage him to be positive and to establish some exciting new goals for himself as you guys head into the rest of the year.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 14th of October to the 28th of October. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

An excellent period for group goals. Large events and conferences are favored. A good time for social and political goals. New legislation should benefit his aims. Good for new platonic friendships and expanding his social power. Social media activities are successful.

Avoid: Not the best waxing phase for new careers, his job applications or interviews. PR and public speaking are not successful. Becoming self-employed or being entrepreneurial is not advisable for him.

This is a tricky period for property and home improvements, also a difficult period for entertaining with the family and hosting family events or having family to stay.

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Week 1 – Let Him Hear The Words of Love

This is a time when you really have to let him know how important he is to you, he needs to feel loved, cherished and appreciated. This is an awesome time for gifting and for showing your appreciation in tangible and material ways, however, it’s not just the thought that counts, sometimes it’s the effort that you put in behind it as well. Remember words matter to Libra Man, he appreciates hearing specific things from you, so don’t assume that he knows you love and care for him, find a creative way of telling him.

If you’re dating Libra Man or married, he’s big on first impressions and he does have a penchant for the WOW factor, so be charismatic and flamboyant to impress him.

He’s not always sensitive, he is definitely thinking about himself and he can be quite clumsy because he is not very receptive to understanding your needs, so that’s what you need to bear in mind this week.

This is certainly a time when he needs to watch out for toxins and be careful of his health, allergies can flare up and he needs to be mindful of staying away from triggers that he knows do him no good.

Don’t encourage comfort eating.

Week 2 – Broken Eggs

This can be a time when he makes a lot of progress, but it can also be a time when he enters power struggles and stirs up disagreements and conflict, even if inadvertently. His energy level is really high, but he tends to go about things in such a way that he rubs people up the wrong way, so it’s important to stay out of his way when you feel he’s getting a little bit intense.

If there’s something that’s upset him recently, he will be determined to get to the bottom of it and to resolve it and sometimes his attitude is that he has to break eggs to make omelette, so he’s not always entirely constructive. This is a time when you should avoid any white lies, being secretive or trying to deceive him and that’s really not a good idea.

Week 3 – Dancing Between the Issues

This may not be such a romantic week, but it’s definitely a constructive week in terms of improving understanding, getting agreement and getting things off your chests. His ego is quite robust right now so it’s a good time to have frank conversations.

This is a wonderful time to be newly dating Libra Man because he is curious, spontaneous and looking to enjoy life. He’s also likely to tell you a lot more about himself, so you will get to know an enormous amount about him really quickly, especially things like his interests, likes and dislikes.

This is a fun time to be dating Libra Man, but as is often the case this month, he’s not particularly sensitive or over emotional, so the deeper aspects of himself can remain a mystery and he’s very good at being evasive. If there’s something he doesn’t want to talk about he will side step the issue with aplomb.

Week 4 – The Scales Must Balance

This is quite a tense and hectic week for all star signs, Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus brings unpredictable events in the wider economic, social and political sphere and these can create tensions which cause us all to stop and rethink. In terms of yourself and Libra Man, this is a time when you may differ in terms of your priorities or attitudes to money.

One of you may be more or less risk averse, so financial matters can bring you to loggerheads, so if possible, avoid investment or spending decisions or at least moderate them.

It’s very important for you and Libra Man to find middle ground and that’s the hardest thing right now, you both need to veer away from the extremes.

There’s something about the energy right now that tends to make people more reckless and Libra Man can be more prone to wanting to jump in the deep end or take a radical move to solve a problem, so it’s always important to seek a more reasonable position even though drastic actions are tempting.

Closing Thoughts

This month brings a general feeling of excitement and readiness for change, so what a wonderful time for you guys to discuss emotional and family matters and how to bring these to a successful conclusion. As the year comes to an end this also represents a great time for brand new relationships.

In terms of marriage, even if your romance with Libra guy had been but stuttering this is a time when it can really move forward and begin to take shape in terms of understanding its true potential.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Libra Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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