Libra Man Predictions For September 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly September predictions for your Libra man. Things to know about your Libra man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello my Sweethearts and welcome to September!

Here is the reading for your Libra man and I hope that it will be very helpful to you as you navigate the month in terms of romance, dating and your marriage with your wonderful Libra guy.

Now there’s quite a lot happening this month astrologically, just as the weather can be rather changeable as we go into the fall or spring season, depending on which hemisphere you’re in right now, the planets or also up to their tricks. We have Jupiter going retrograde in Taurus, Mercury will be going direct in Virgo at the same time as the New Moon in Virgo and Venus goes direct in Leo.

Most of these are positive developments, but it can lead to some gear shift emotionally. The planets that are primarily active this month are Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus, so there is a spark of inspiration, enhanced creativity, the ability to use positive thinking and visualization to a greater extent and the potential for more romance in relationships. So it’s quite an interesting month, let’s break it down.

Venus goes direct in Leo – 4th September

Venus is the ruler of Libra Guy, so the fact that Venus is going direct in Leo is a positive sign for his ability to express love, affection and to be more decisive in relationships.

During the retrograde period he could have been a little bit more introspective and it was a the time when he perhaps did a little bit of a relationship audit in his head, weighing up options and understanding how content he was in the relationship.

The fact that Venus is now going direct means that it’s a better time for constructive conversations and coming to agreements in relationships, but it’s not only about that, it’s also a time for you guys to have new experiences together and revitalize the shared interests in your life.

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus – 5th September

Now this particular retrograde has to be handled fairly carefully because it can bring out a slightly jealous side in Libra Guy.

It’s very important to show your commitment to the relationship through both words and deeds, so this is not a good time for hollow promises, empty words and cliches, you need to say things, mean them and sound like you mean them because he’s more likely to harbor doubts about the relationship and he can be a little bit suspicious right now.

During the retrograde period, a relationship with Libra Guy needs a little bit more thought, it’s not a time when you can be complacent or fall into any behavior patterns that are detrimental, because this month bad habits can creep into the relationship and therefore it’s vital for you to arrest any trend emerging trends or habit in the relationship that could be destructive.

So it’s a time to nip in the bud any destructive behavior on either of your parts and immediately correct that or at least understand the motivations behind it.

It’s important right now for you to be very communicative about money, it’s likely that there’s going to be some good money news, particularly coming from your side, and it can lead to a feeling of greater prosperity and abundance, but at the same time it’s still important to be fairly moderate in terms of your finances.

This isn’t a good time to go for it with the spending, taking on more debt or increasing the level of dependence you have on other people, any extra money should be set aside with a view to increasing your financial flexibility and independence.

Libra Guy’s more likely to be obsessive, so it’s important not to dismiss any concerns or anxieties he has, but to try and gently allay them. This is probably not the best time for any shock announcements or radical new changes, change should be brought into the relationship in a way that feels fun and creates a bit of excitement, but not in a way that’s bound to cause grating gear shift.

New Moon in Virgo Trine Uranus – 14th September

This is actually really fantastic time for romance, sex and passion. The New Moon is a excellent time to make a new start, to set new targets, to begin brand new initiatives and you can do that in your relationship or in your business, but a any rate this is a good time to turn over a new leaf, but do it particularly through the use of mindfulness and positive thinking.

In fact, even mantras can be really useful right now, so if your Libra Guy is the sort of person who is open to meditation and the spiritual world, you really want to follow those paths and make better use of any spiritual techniques, therapy groups or activities that help you to access universal power.

The New Moon creates quite a sensitive, intuitive phase for him. Usually Libra Guy tends to be quite a cerebral, rational character who thinks things through, but right now he’s more swayed by the mood, the atmosphere and the ambience, he picks up what is subtle.

So if there’s something on your mind, rather just say it right out, don’t let him guess, because if anything’s off in terms of your behavior or your attitude, he is going to pick it up and he may draw the wrong conclusions. So it’s important to let him know if you are anxious, need space or are feeling a bit angry, as a lot of us women do at certain times of the month, so at least is aware of it.

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Mercury goes direct in Virgo – 16th September

This is an excellent time for positive visualization, affirmations and using positive thinking to supercharge his ambitions. It’s a very important time for spiritual awareness, spiritual awakening and also personal development.

Dreams are particularly significant and maybe precognitive, his ESP is enhanced as is his intuition and he needs to focus on spiritual awareness.

Theme of Month – What’s so important to Libra Guy in relationships is a feeling of camaraderie and being a team player, so it’s vital for you to have lots of interests that you can participate in together, and this would include mutual friends. Libra Guy is a very independent person, he’s ambitious and he wants to pursue things that are close to his heart, but he also enjoys it when a large proportion of his life is devoted to working together with a strong partner, and that’s why this month it’s great to come together to do things that inspire you both and make a difference to other people’s lives too.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 14th of September to the 29th of September. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.
Short distance travel, study, exams, presentations and internet dating are favored. An excellent time to follow through with all his communication goals with gusto, good for negotiation and new contracts. Communication speeds up but this is an excellent time for debate, a good period for quickly learning and mastering skills.
This is an excellent period for highly competitive activity and sports, a very good time for leadership, being assertive, standing up for himself and making a good impression.

A great time for positive change in attitudes.

Avoid: This time the waxing period is tricky for major career change, PR and leadership. It’s not ideal for corporate entertainment and public speaking or teaching.

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Week 1 – Getting Edgy

This is a great time to renew your appreciation for each other, but you guys shouldn’t be scared to push the envelope in your relationship, this is certainly a time where change and being a bit daring and bold in terms of what you feel you can achieve as a couple or in forging new directions is important.

It’s vital for couples to embrace change and not to stagnate and so this is a wonderful week to think about any areas of your life where you’re beginning to feel a little bit trapped or unhappy, and you should explore weaknesses in your relationship. Libra Guy is more open to these sorts of edgy discussions and won’t be distressed, so it’s very important for you to work on revitalizing your relationship, sometimes the impetus for renewal can actually come from friends, so that’s why it’s great to be active within your professional and social networks, getting lots of different perspectives from other people, but not necessarily sharing your intimate details with them of course.

Week 2 – A Land Called Fantasy

This is a rather good week for any socializing whether it has a business or pleasurable purpose. It’s also a good time to go out, to enjoy restaurants, and maybe to try to keep up the good vibes of the summer (if you’ve been in the Northern Hemisphere) alternatively it’s good to get an early start on spring cleaning and new routines for spring, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere.

So as a couple, it’s really important right now to be relaxing and doing things that are replenishing and enjoyable. Certainly work on your fantasy life as it’s a good week for date nights and romance as well. It can be quite a heavy month financially, you may be more likely to splash out on things you enjoy, but if it’s done in proportion and you can afford it, why not spoil yourselves. This is a great week for experiencing the good things in life and they don’t always have to be costly.

Week 3 – Borderlines

This can be a slightly tricky month if you work with Libra Guy simply because work tends to be quite draining right now and it’s often very difficult to strike a good work-life balance.

Boundaries are absolutely essential, so you and Libra Guy need a positive approach to boundaries between you. As he’s so psychically open right now, you are feeding off each other’s energy and so one if you is a bit negative it can bring the other one down, and it works both ways. It’s also very important for you guys to draw a clear distinction between home life and work, because during this time both colleagues, clients and customers can end up taking more and more of your spare time, leaving you both depleted.

So one of the key things in relationships is to be holistic, to think about how diet, sleep, fresh air and exercise can actually improve your mood and help the relationship.

Sometimes it’s not really about communication, it’s about more sleep and getting into a better of frame of mind, and therefore being able to enjoy the relationship or tackle problems more sensibly.

Week 4 – Born to Lead

Mars has been in Libra for the whole month, but now the Sun enters Libra on the 24th of September, this increases his energy and vitality and it’s great for any sporting and self-improvement goals he has. He’s also more decisive and self-directed, so it’s great if you guys have any important projects you need to tackle as a couple, or if he needs to put his foot on the gas in terms of his career.

He’s more likely to want to take leadership, sometimes he’s very stubborn and pigheaded right now, he wants his own way and he’s very impatient to get it, so he’s incredibly persuasive but hopefully that will also be used to help you guys as a couple.

He may be feeling quite amorous this week and so in relationships, it’s easier to get him aroused and to enjoy some time in the bedroom. In terms of dating, he wants to be your knight in shining armor, he’s eager to impress you and he’ll be wanting to move the relationship quickly forward.

Closing Thoughts

Libra Guy is more passionate and also more sensitive this month, he can have more empathy but because his psychic senses are stimulated he sometimes makes too much of things, so it’s important in relationships to be straightforward and honest.

This is a great time to use a lot more imagination and creativity to bring your romantic and sex life alive, it’s also a wonderful time for improving your relationship through the use of spirituality and holistic methods. So it’s quite an emotional kaleidoscope this week, he is wearing his heart on his sleeve and he’s showing a lot more of his softer side which is quite exciting in relationships.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Libra Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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