How To Show A Libra Man You’re Interested Without Pushing Him Away

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
I am going to help give you useful tips about dating Libra man. I’ll tell you how to show a Libra man you are interested without pushing him away from you.

If you’re really into a Libra man but he has no idea, what can you do to let him know that you would like to get to know him more? How can you tell him you’d like to go out with him without him running off?

I am going to help give you useful tips about dating Libra man. I’ll tell you how to show a Libra man you are interested without pushing him away from you, so you surely should keep reading!

Make Conversation

If you want to get his attention enough to let him know you’re into him, then you’ve got to start talking to him. Talk to him about intelligent things. Astronomy is good, as well as current events.

He’s a wise guy who is very charming. He loves a smart woman who knows her stuff and is up to date on what is happening in this world. He’s also impressed by her knowledge of interesting topics.

You can talk about specialties such as writing books, writing music, poetry, art, dancing, or anything that is particularly entertaining. Chances are, he’ll have plenty to say about it as well.

Talking to him you will get a sense of what he’s like, what he likes, and if he’s someone you can see yourself with. You may also find creative ways to find out if he’s single.

Perhaps you can say something like “I bet your wife loves that you’re a musician.” He should say right then and there “I’m not married.” You quickly reply: “oh sorry, girlfriend maybe?” If he says yes, then you’re out of luck.

But if he says he isn’t married, then you know there may be a chance! Watch his movements, his eyes, and the way he responds to you. It should indicate that he’s intrigued.

If all goes well, you talking to him and probing will be a first step in showing him that you’re actually interested but without being pushy. It’s very sweet, coy, and easy.

Talking to him about things that are of interest will make him wonder more about you (which is perfect!). That’s what you want him to do. When you see this ploy is working, you can begin phase two!

Be Flirty

Flirting With A Libra Man

If you are really crushing on a Libra guy and want him to know it, then you’ve got to flirt with him. Yes, there’s more to it than that, but starting out with flirting is a vital way of getting his attention.

When you talk to him, try to make him laugh. Put your hand on his hand or his shoulder when you say something. Touching is an excellent form of showing him that you’re into him.

Don’t be too touchy feely though. There are some boundaries you shouldn’t cross. Again, you may or may not know about whether or not he’s single, but if you tried the first tactic that I mentioned then you know what’s up.

You’ll need to tell him how handsome he looks in that shirt he’s wearing, how beautiful his eyes are, or how you can see why women like him so much. He’ll then ask why. You can tell him whatever you like.

He loves being a sought-after guy. It turns him on, and gives him a nice ego boost. If you can fluff him up like that then you may stand a chance. He’s a big flirt himself so he’ll love bantering with you.

As long as he’s single, he’ll play along and he’ll possibly even one up you. If that’s the case, it’s a sign he may also be interested in you. This is another excellent signal for you to proceed.

Libra men are pretty responsive when a woman flirts with him. He’s a sucker for some compliments, so go for it! When you two are going back and forth you can continue to the next step.

Letting Him Know Your Intention

How To Show Libra Man You Like Him

This is where you will actually be a bit more forward –just don’t go overboard. You have to be just enough for it to work. While you have his attention and things are going well, you let him know you’d like to meet up with him again sometime.

This lets him you know you’re into getting to know him further. He shouldn’t reject this unless he wasn’t truthful about being single. Otherwise, he may be a very busy guy trying to find some time to fit in fun.

What you will do here is suggest to him that you should maybe meet up in the same place or to someplace for some coffee, tea, or dessert. You can suggest something maybe you two talked about.

When you meet up again, you’ll kick things up a notch by discussing your passions in life. Talk about your goals and aspirations. You can even talk about your successes.

He will love to talk to you about this, so if he hasn’t already, ask him some questions because he likes a woman who is supportive and cares about his endeavors.

This should help you secure more time with him, and will possibly get you a future date with him! If he digs you after this meet up as friends, he will indicate whether or not he’d like to keep going or if he’d like to date.

If he isn’t into dating, he will surely indicate to you what his reason is such as he’s too focused on his career or he’s busy with something else and has no time for a relationship. He may just not be ready due to his past.

Always Be Confident Around Him

How To Show A Libra Man You Like Him

Whatever you do, you need to always appear confident when you’re around him. He prefers a woman who is confident and independent. He doesn’t want a woman that needs him.

He wants a woman that can take care of herself, but likes to spend her free time with him. Something else to consider is if you two get into a routine of talking via text or in person, you’ll need to be sure to be clear about the fact that you have a life.

Don’t always reply to him quickly or right away –you don’t want to seem too eager or desperate. This is how you get him to take the lead and chase you a bit. Be busy sometimes and reschedule with him.

Oddly enough, this is a bit of a turn on, because he’s assured that you don’t need him and he is free and clear of having to be tied down. He doesn’t mind being committed to someone but he doesn’t want to be held back.

Handling it this way helps him to see that you are perfectly fine on your own but you really enjoy being with him when you can. He’ll love this and he’ll be putty in your hands.

This will be when he’s full on ready to date you and he’ll start making moves to get together with you when he can. Just remember, always be confident. Always be sure of what you say to him.

When he hears it and feels it, he’ll feel confident in you as well. This leads to a mutual understanding that helps you two to grow and get to know each other on a much deeper level.

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Look Your Best At All Times

I didn’t want to leave this out, as Libra men do notice this. He loves beautiful women as he loves beauty of all kinds. He wants to see you looking your absolute best.

When you know you’re going to see him or be around him, dress as though you’re going to attend a dance, ball, or whatever the mood is. He’s going to see you all dolled up and you’ll be hard to resist!

With the combination of your brains and beauty, how could he not fall head over heels for you? Keep it simple and you’ll be able to win that Libra man over without being pushy.

He won’t be afraid at of you at all as long as you follow the tips I’ve given you. Libra men are pretty relaxed much of the time. It takes a lot to tick them off. He will respond to pressure though.

The Libra man doesn’t like it and it freaks him out. The ways I’ve suggested takes the pressure off and makes everything really relaxed which is what he’ll be drawn to. You can do this!

By the way, speaking of the delicious Libra man, did you know that actor and producer Matt Damon is the sign of balance? Yep! He sure is. He looks like one too if you think about it.

Did you successfully get a Libra man to ask you out without pressuring him? How did you do it? I’d love to hear about it. 

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