7 Ways To Win Your Libra Man Back

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Looking for ways to win your Libra man’s heart back? Are you regretting that things ended and yearning for him in your life again? If you’re looking to try again, it can be helpful to enlist Astrology as one of your tools to guide you. these are some useful tips to get him back into your life: 

Looking for ways to win your Libra man’s heart back? Are you regretting that things ended and yearning for him in your life again? If you’re looking to try again, it can be helpful to enlist Astrology as one of your tools to guide you. these are some useful tips to get him back into your life: 

In my experience as Relationship Astrologer, Libra men are probably one of the easiest signs to win back. Why? Well, they are famous for their indecisiveness, that’s why! This is also known as the “love sign,” which makes Libra men some of the most romantic and relationship-orientated people around! 

Plus, he won’t necessarily be stubborn and uncompressing – the chances are very good that he also wants to get back together, but is sitting in agony, not knowing which way to go. At worst, these guys can overthink it, and may even need you to step him and help guide the way back to each other! 

Your greatest challenge in getting him back will be if he has met someone else already. Then, ladies, story to say it, but it’ll be quite tough, because endow he has two people to choose between. And there’s very little worse in the life of a Libra guy than having to decide between two people! 

However, if you want be the one that he chooses, then follow these tips below – they’ll help you get back on track and hopefully, rekindle the flame between you! 

7 Ways To Win Your Libra Man Back

1. Simply Speak To Him

Being an air sign, Libra men love to talk. This is the best way to their hearts, even more than seducing him or playing games with him. When last did you really, really communicate – or listen? This is the best time to arrange a coffee date, which he will often be more than open to. 

When you meet, get everything off your chest and ask him to do the same. Be brave enough to admit you still have feelings for him and would like to try again. He may not jump into the idea right away, but he definitely will consider it. 

Sometimes, all you need to do is tell the truth of how you feel, without being sugary about it. It’s surprising how many of us skirt the truth and wait for someone else to say it, before we allow ourselves to be vulnerable! 

2. Turn On Your Flirt And Charm

Seducing A Libra Man

Did things get heavy towards the end of your relationship? Were there too many demands from either side and not enough fun and play? Was there a lot of conflict and arguments, or did you allow yourself to get comfortable and not try as hard? 

Whatever the reason things ended, a simple way to try and win his heart back is by simply being a flirty, charming and easy-going energy. Perhaps that’s exactly what he needs to remember about your relationship. He’s very responsive to flirting, and loves to flirt back! 

Pretend you’re dating again, and go back to the playful and light ways you used to have together. This will remind him of how fun things used to be. And how fun they can still be! It’s easy to get caught up in drama, and forget to have a good time. 

3. Use His Indecision To Your Advantage

Let’s face it – this is one indecisive fella, right? He may have gone back and forth in his mind about where your relationship was going, even avoiding ending things or allowing that talk to happen. The chances are very good that he’s still as indecisive now as he was then

So, as sneaky as it may sound, you can use that indecision to your advantage and win him back. Gently coaxing him backing the relationship, planting that seed in a subtle way, will have him rethinking things. When you combine it with my other tips, you could have a real shot at this! 

4. Seduce Him

How To Win Your Libra Man Back

Failing everything else, you could just seduce him back into your life. Remember, Libra is the Love Sign, and is extremely responsive to seductive signals. This could mean arranging a coffee date and somehow wangling it so that he ends up back in your arms at your place. 

It could also mean being extra flirtatious, affectionate and sexy when you do see him. Libra men are not immune to the charms of love, and it could warm his heart to see you so actively trying to get him back. 

Of course, you should never go over the top or be too obvious – subtlety is key with this tip! You never want to compromise yourself, after all. 

5. Remind Him Of All The Happy Memories

Everyone loves a stroll down memory lane! Sometimes, that’s all you need to rekindle the passion between you. It’s easy to get lost in the drama of how things ended, but if your relationship was a mostly happy, non-toxic bond, then it can be very possible to get right back into it. 

Fortunately, certain social media sites do bring up memories on both your pages, which is some of the work done for you. Other ways can be, when you do talk, to reminisce about the past, about how things used to be. 

Doing this slowly, over time, may warm him up to the idea of getting back together. 

6. Be Prepared To Compromise

Were you often the one unwilling to compromise or to sacrifice? That’s okay, not all of us are people-pleasers like the Libra types! However, if you want to be with this particular sign, you do have to be prepared to compromise – a lot. 

Balance is everything to the Libra guy, and perhaps he felt as if the relationship was out of balance. It’s possible he put aside his own needs for yours, which is not your fault at all, but it’s something you can take responsibility for together. 

He could have certain terms and conditions that need to be met before he entertains the idea of getting back together. Be open to hearing him out, and to make those sacrifices. 

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7. Be Rational And Objective With Him

Libra men respect rationality, being an air sign. If you’re looking at negotiating a reunion, be as objective and clear-minded as possible. Try and avoid emotions running the show, because it just won’t appeal to him or make him want you back. 

Outline all the reasons why things could – and did – work, and how they could work in the future. Offer resolutions to the problems you had, and make a good argument for getting back together. Yes, this does mean that our lay your heart on the line, so you have to be prepared to be vulnerable. 

Fortunately, he will usually follow your lead, and will love that you are being so pen and authentic! 

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Anna Kovach

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