7 Questions That Make A Libra Man Fall In Love With You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Did you know that Libra is the sign of love and relationships? When it comes to astrology, this sign is all about commitment, compromise, sharing and pleasure! It’s not hard to get him to fall in love – he’s built for it! However, this is a man in demand, so how you can get his heart to be all yours using a few good questions? 

Did you know that Libra is the sign of love and relationships? When it comes to astrology, this sign is all about commitment, compromise, sharing and pleasure! It’s not hard to get him to fall in love – he’s built for it! However, this is a man in demand, so how you can get his heart to be all yours using a few good questions? 

Libra men are hardly ever single. In fact, many of them go from one relationship to the next, as they just love being coupled-up! 

He’s a great guy to be with – romantic, sweet, creative and accommodating, he always puts you first and invests all of himself into the relationship. He actually wants to spend time with you doing fun things. How many guys can we say are like that? 

However, the Libra man is also a flirt. He often tends to have a swarm of women around him, all wanting to be the center of his attention. He knows how to play the game and seems to have plenty of options to keep him occupied. 

So, when you find one of these handsome fellas, how can you make sure he sticks around? Asking the right questions can be one way to get his heart to melt and be all yours! Here are some of the best ones gathered from my years of experience as a Relationship Astrologer. 

Just one tip before you dive in: remember that Libra is an air sign, so they love to talk. Any good quality conversation will get right into his heart. Choose your words wisely and show him how smart you are!

7 Questions That Make Him Fall In Love

1. Talk About What He Wants In A Perfect Relationship

Questions That Make A Libra Man Fall In Love 

This is one man who you don’t have to be shy with. His favorite thing is relationships, after all. He loves to talk about and think about love, and he’s the type of guy that will be open to talking about what he wants from his ideal romantic situation. 

Go ahead – ask him what his perfect relationship looks like. His perfect woman, the perfect date. What he values in love and what he most desires. Just talking about it will set his heart on fire, and it will help to figure out if you’re a good match. It’s a win-win! 

2. Find Out Who His Close Friends Are

All relationships are important to the Libra man – not just his romantic ones. It’s likely he has a few very close friends amongst his greater social circle. He’ll love that you’re asking who they are and what the friendship is based on. 

Of course, share about your friends too, and tell him why they mean so much to you. Discussing your closest relationships will bring that warm and fuzzy feeling to you both! 

3. Get Into A (Friendly) Debate

Friendly Debate With A Libra Man

All Libras love a good debate. They are masters at seeing both sides of a story, and you’ll find their ideas incredibly stimulating. They really enjoy the back and forth of banter, and they’ll just love a woman who can keep up with their sharp minds! 

Find a topic – any topic, no matter how triggering – and watch how the diplomatic Libra man artfully disarms the tension and provides a stimulating, thought-provoking conversation. 

4. Explore His Creative Side

Being ruled by the creative planet Venus, most Libra men have a very artistic and creative side to them. They love beauty in all shapes and art forms, and some of them may even collect art. 

So, go ahead and find out what their favorite art pieces may be. Who their favorite artists are – music or otherwise. Discuss the latest pop culture and find out if they do any artistic work themselves. There’s nothing to get the juices flowing and the heart pounding like discussing pretty things with a tasteful Libra man! 

5. Pick Any Conversation Topic And Talk

To tell the honest truth, a Libra just loves to talk. They can talk about anything under the sun, given half the chance. They really enjoy picking your brain and developing a strong intellectual connection. In fact, as much as they are visually turned on, they are mentally turned on – if not more so! 

If you’re the type of girl that they feel they can hold a stimulating conversation with, their heart will be yours in no time at all. They want to know that you’re smart and able to hold your own when it comes to the realm of the mind. 

So just pick a topic and flow with it. He will easily pick up what you’re putting down. Easy as that! 

6. Flirt!

Flirting With A Libra Man

Forget about asking a question. Instead, flirt with him. Turn your best flirt game all the way up and watch how he reacts! Being such an accomplished flirt himself will make this a very fun experience for you both. 

If you’re a little rusty in the flirting department, think about throwing out some sexy and suggestive innuendos, laugh at his jokes, make a few of your own and remember to touch him and keep eye contact. Also – it never hurts to dress your best.

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7. Ask Him For Help With A Decision

Although Libra guys are sometimes a bit useless at making decisions for themselves, they can be amazing at helping you to make a decision. Plus, they get to feel important and needed in your life, which can only open up more opportunities for a closer connection. 

Find something that has been bugging you, that you may not have been able to see clearly on. Bring it up with your Libra crush and ask him to help you explore the options that you have. Guaranteed, he will help you make an excellent decision.  This is another win-win situation for you both!

In conclusion, flirting with him, talking about all relationships – including friendships, asking him about his creative inspirations, having him help you solve a problem and having a friendly debate are all excellent questions and ways to get him to fall a little deeper in love with you! 

Remember, mist Libra men just love to talk, anyway, so it’s not hard to get close. Don’t be scared to show him how sharp-minded you are, as he thrives on a strong mental connection. 

Keep things as light and fluffy as possible. Libra men don’t like any kind of unpleasantness or confrontational vibes, and he doesn’t do deep unless you are very close! He wants beauty and harmony in his life and will go out of his way to avoid the opposite. 

So – have you ever dated a Libra man before? Are you dating one right now? What kinds of questions did you ask him to get him closer to you? We would love to hear your tips and tricks! 

Your stories are important to me – and they’re completely anonymous! Feel free to share in the comments below.

If you’d like to get to know more about this charming and diplomatic sign, check out my Libra Man Secrets right here, and let the Astrology do the talking! 

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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