How To Flirt With A Libra Man Over Text: Cute & Clever Examples

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So, working on your skills of text seduction is a sure way to get his attention, but sometimes it can be a little tricky figuring out what to say without sounding completely clueless. This is why I have come up with this list of cute and clever examples you can use to flirt with your Libra man over text.

Libra men are the best! Especially when it comes to communication. These guys love to chat and be in conversation with people. Did you know that Libra is an Air sign? Air signs are really curious and love to learn.

Libra is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance, and this is why Libra’s like being in relationships so much! You can only imagine how flirtatious a Libra man can be with all that love and communication energy he carries. 

The sure way to his heart is definitely through your words. If a Libra man is turned on intellectually, then nothing will get in his way of pursuing a lively relationship with you. Having a mental connection is a big priority for this flirty guy. 

So, working on your skills of text seduction is a sure way to get his attention, but sometimes it can be a little tricky figuring out what to say without sounding completely clueless. This is why I have come up with this list of cute and clever examples you can use to flirt with your Libra man over text.

I promise, if you follow these tips then you will be on the right track to winning over his heart. Use some of these examples and you can’t go wrong!

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“Isn’t This Photograph Gorgeous?”

Remember how I mentioned that Venus rules Libra? Well, this means that your Libra guy has quite an eye for aesthetics and loves to be surrounded by beauty. He absolutely adores anything and everything gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing.

One thing you can really do to catch his eye is to send him a picture that you took while you were walking in nature, or if you spotted something you know he would enjoy. Your Libra guy knows what looks good and loves to look at anything beautiful.

And if he sees that you have a good eye as well, it will make him think that the two of you might be more compatible than he first realized. This guy really has a passion for arts and culture and he likes to share this love with his partner.

He really appreciates a woman who has an eye for beautiful things, so don’t hold back. When something in your daily life catches your eye, you should make sure that he knows about it and there is no better way to do this than sending a photograph.

“I Think You’re Really Special”

Flirting With A Libra Man Over Text

Libra men love attention and they really enjoying knowing that someone likes spending time with them. If you really want to grab your Libra man’s attention than you should be open and honest with him about the way you feel towards him.

Send him a cute text by telling him that you really enjoy spending time with him, but keep it short and sweet. You don’t have to declare your undying love for him – it might freak him out a little bit. Just subtly let him know that he makes you feel good and that you like spending time with him. 

I mean, what guy could resist this? 

“I Think It Is So Sexy The Way You Do XYZ…”

I am amazed that women often overlook this simple but very powerful flirtation technique and that is to boost your Libra man’s confidence! Who wouldn’t want to feel good when they are around their partner?

Giving your Libra man a compliment is such a wonderful way to make him feel good. And when he feels good, he will start associating feelings of joy and happiness with you. This is powerful stuff, yet it is so simple!

Of course, you need to be genuine and don’t just say something nice to him to get him to like you. You really have to mean it! If he wore something nice or looks good in his latest Instagram post, then let him know that you think he looks sexy.

We all want affirmation that we are good enough and that we are desired, so let him know via text that you think he’s darn fine!

“You Wanna Know Who’s Amazing And Has The Cutest Smile Ever? Read The First Word Again.”

Flirty Texting With A Libra Man

Remember I mentioned that Libra is an Air sign? Well, this means that he loves an intellectual spark! And that someone witty and clever is always going to come on top of his attraction list. I know this isn’t a strong suit for everyone, but you can always google a couple of witty phrases online to use with him. 

It is important to be yourself of course, but everyone needs a little help now and then. Try your best to be charming and lighthearted and you will somehow find a way to creep into your Libra man’s heart.

Don’t be afraid to at least try playing with words! This will test your own boundaries and you might even learn that you are way more creative than you first thought. 

“What Are Your Hopes And Dreams And What Is Holding You Back From Reaching Them?”

Libra men appreciate communication so very much. They love hearing from people and being social. Nothing irks them more than someone who just sends one-worded replies. When engaging with a Libra man, make sure to keep it interesting. 

Be engaging and ask him questions. Don’t just rely on him to keep the conversation moving. You need to be an active participant. The sign of Libra represents balance and harmony, so if a Libra guy feels like he’s doing all the work, he will quickly lose interest. 

Even if the two of you just text once a day make sure that it is captivating and meaningful. Let him know how your day went or anything special that happened. You want him to feel included and like you’re excited about sharing your thoughts with him. 

Give him really detailed responses and remember to ask him questions as well!

“I’ve Never Met Anyone Like You”

It is very popular advice to give women to tell them that they need to wait a certain amount of time to respond to a man. Honestly, guys don’t really notice this kind of thing, and I’m sure when you’ve tried it that it felt completely unnatural. 

Of course, you don’t want to seem like you’re sitting on your phone just waiting for him to text you. Just respond when it feels appropriate and that you feel like you have something fun and interesting to say. 

If you play too hard to get and follow all the typical “rules” for dating and texting, then you’re going to get way to stuck in your head and overthink things. Dating should feel natural and enjoyable. 

It shouldn’t give you anxiety because you feel like you texted too soon. Just follow your gut and what your intuition is telling you! Don’t take the fun out of it, because your Libra guy is going to pick up on it.

One thing Libra’s really appreciate is honesty, and if something feels disingenuous or fake then it might put him off completely! Just be yourself and let it flow. 

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