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How To Make A Libra Man Go Crazy For You Through Text

Libra men, such glorious creatures. These guys know a thing or two about romance and love being in a relationship. This must be because their sign is actually ruled by Venus, and you know, this is the planet of love and anything beautiful!

But you have probably noticed that he’s quite popular. This is because Libra’s are usually quite social, and they love spending their time with people and getting to know them. It also helps that they are really charming and naturally flirtatious.

So, it can actually be kind of hard to get a Libra man to wake up and take notice of you, with all the attention he gets from all corners of his life. What can I say? People love spending time with him and being around him! He is quite a likable guy!

You must be wondering, how can you make a Libra man go crazy for you through texts? Is there anything special you can do or say that will drive him wild with desire? But of course, there is, and you know I have the answers!

So, what are you waiting for, girl! Continue reading to find out all the secret ways to make your Libra man go crazy for you by sending him some specific texts.

Be Confident And Spontaneous

There are two things a Libra man finds really attractive in a woman, and that is her confidence and her ability to adapt and be spontaneous. Your Libra guy likes to have fun and is actually rather playful, he is most definitely not the brooding, serious type!

He wants to spend his time with someone who makes him feel good about himself, someone who lifts him up, and who can see the beauty in the world with him. And you should exude this kind of energy over your texts.

Show him you are someone fun and enjoyable to be around. Send him funny memes and videos, make him laugh and he will soon associate positive feelings with you. Remember, it is important to be yourself around him. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident in herself and isn’t looking for a man’s approval.

Libra men really like independent women. He is more attracted to someone who has her own life and isn’t waiting around for him to make it interesting. Show your Libra guy how amazing your life is and I bet he would be pretty honored to be included in it.

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Compliment Him Regularly

Texting A Libra Man Flirty Texts

The secret is out! Your Libra man has a bit of a vain streak in him. He likes to look good and takes a lot of pride in his appearance, and he wants other people to notice this about him. So lay it on thick because your Libra man likes to hear compliments.

But don’t just zoom into his appearance, he might like to look good, but there are many other things he is good at that deserve your attention. He is such a smart guy and he is also extremely talented, so whenever you notice something special about him, make sure you let him know how awesome you think he is.

Who doesn’t love an ego boost? Your Libra man sure does! So, whenever you get the chance let him know how awesome you think he is, and I promise, sooner rather than later you will be all he can think of!

Play Hard To Get (But Not Too Often)

I don’t always recommend playing hard to get, but with some Zodiac signs it can be quite effective and your Libra man happens to be one of them. When you are 100% sure he is into you, just pull back ever so slightly.

Perhaps leave your phone at home when you go for a coffee and catch up with your friends. This will keep him wondering where you are and what you are up to. This might trigger a little bit of anxiety or insecurity in him, but this can be quite effective.

Of course, don’t ignore him for days. That is just cruel, but just keep your distance slightly and you will notice him going crazy for you. I only recommend this when you are quite sure he is interested in you, if you pull back too soon, he might think you don’t like him and he’ll move on to someone who does seem interested.

So, act cautiously with this tip, and don’t overdo it! Being a little mysterious is never a bad thing and this will keep him curious about you.

Send Him Beautiful Selfies

Tips For Texting A Libra Man

A Libra man is very aesthetically inclined. He likes to be surrounded by pretty things and tends to go for women who take a lot of pride in their appearance. It kind of turns him on when his lady goes for beauty treatments and wears beautiful clothing.

It makes him feel good, like he chose the right partner. Nothing is sexier to him than a woman who plays up her beauty and does so for him. He really likes having a beautiful woman next to him.

And you will surely drive him crazy if you send him selfies whenever you think you look good. And if you think that is a little bit forward, then instead you can change your profile picture often and I promise he will notice. He might even sneakily take a screenshot of it.

You can also post photos of yourself on social media, but not too often! He doesn’t want to think you are vain and full of yourself. Quality over quantity when it comes to your Libra man. A beautiful picture will always catch his eye, and I can guarantee he will have something to say about it.

Libra men are really good at complimenting their lady when they think she looks good!

Always Be Kind And Thoughtful

Libra men don’t do negativity. These guys are so positive, so if you’re a bit of a Debbie Downer, you either need to realize that this guy isn’t for you or start working on your mindset and change it to something more positive.

When you’re communicating with him over text make sure that you are always kind and positive. Ask him how his day was and take a genuine interest in his life. Also, boost him up when he feels down and instill a great deal of confidence in him.

Also, be careful not to offload and complain to him about something too much. He likes giving support, but if you just go on and on about an issue without doing something about it, then he isn’t going to like it very much.

If there is something in your life you feel unsatisfied with, then do something about it! A Libra man doesn’t handle moaning very well. This is why I always suggest being super confident and kind when you deal with him.

And if you have an issue, it might be better to speak to your friends about this. Remember, a Libra man is an Air sign, and this means he doesn’t do too great dealing with emotions. Air signs are all about communication and intellect.

Intelligence Reigns Supreme

Following from my previous point, one thing your Libra man finds extremely sexy is intelligence. If you can show him how smart and passionate you are about certain topics you are guaranteed to make him go crazy!

Whenever you get the chance, you should have a deep discussion about your thoughts on certain topics. Libra men get really turned on when you can get the wheels in their mind turning. Showing your Libra man how smart you are is going to go very far with him.

Yes, this guy loves beauty and aesthetics, but he values intelligence and smarts a lot more. So, if you have something to say about the goings-on in the world, make sure to tell him and ask his opinion about it. Trust me, he will love it!

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My Final Thoughts

Driving a Libra man crazy isn’t too difficult, just make sure you have all bases covered and that you pay attention to your beauty and your brains! But, like dating any guy, make sure that you are yourself! Don’t pretend to be anyone else, and I promise the right guy is out there waiting for you.

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All you want is a free-flowing and fun connection with your Libra man…

But you find yourself in a situation that feels like an emotional rollercoaster and you just don’t know if you’re coming or going…

Sometimes you might find a glimmer of hope…

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All you truly know is that you feel awful and you just want to go back to the connection the two of you once shared…

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