What Kind of Women do Libra Men Like? – The Traits He’s Looking For

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you crushing on a Libra man but not sure what he’s looking for in a partner? Find out what Libra man wants in a woman. Keep reading...

Crushing on a Libra man really isn’t difficult! These guys are just so charming and know how to win a woman over, but it isn’t always easy knowing what a Libra man wants in a woman because he is so friendly and sociable.

How do you know if you are special to him and if you meet the criteria of what a Libra man is looking for in a woman? Libra men tend to have quite high standards when it comes to romance because they believe that their one true love is out there; anything else will just be sub-standard.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more about Libra men and what they are looking for in a woman, then be sure to keep on reading:

What Kind Of Women Do Libra Men Like? – The Traits He’s Looking For

1. Class And Elegance

It really doesn’t matter what your style is, as long as you look your absolute best. Much like the Capricorn man, the Libra guy likes to look nice no matter where he’s going. He wants a woman who will look like she’s about to go out.

Even if you don’t wear much makeup, you can still make yourself look beautiful by fixing your hair and wearing clothes that are tidy and appealing. In other words, Libra men typically will not go for a woman who looks like a slob.

If you sit around in your pj’s at the end of the night when you’re home, he will not throw you out. He’s alright with you being yourself when you’re not going anywhere. However, if you do decide to go to the store, make sure you look nice.

There are times when he may not dress up but he’ll still try to look decent because what if you two run into someone he knows? He would be humiliated if either or both of you look like the cat just dragged you in.

The way you carry yourself will be a big thing for him as well. Sometimes you can wear rags and still have an attitude that makes you come off like a queen. So, carry yourself with confidence in knowing you look on point no matter what.

2. Intelligence And Humor

what kind of woman do libra men like

The Libra man himself is very witty and intelligent. He won’t relate well to a woman who does not possess these qualities. He wants to be able to hold conversations that are deep and long-lasting.

He’ll also want to be able to make a woman laugh. It would really even be nice if she could make him laugh. A couple that can laugh together is one that will succeed against rough odds.

To impress him, show him how smart, independent, and funny you are. He’ll love it and want to get to know you more. There is nothing more attractive in a woman who has confidence and is quite humorous.

I’m not talking about dry humor like telling jokes, though sometimes those actually do work. What I’m referring to is being able to find humor in just about anything you two encounter.

Let’s say you’re watching a movie and you both pick up on the same thing and make funny comments about it. That’s something he loves to do! Remembering funny lines from movies is another classic maneuver.

Talking to him about life issues or today’s news will perk him up if you have an enlightening way of discussing it. Talking about politics or other intelligible conversations will impress him.

3. Complimentary Action

The Libra man is similar to the Leo man. They both require lots of compliments, attention, and adoration. They want to feel sexy, important, and desired. They also want to feel needed.

I don’t mean needed as you should be a needy woman but rather a woman that can hold her own but could use a helping hand with simple things from time to time – thus, making him feel useful.

He wants to feel he has importance in your life. Letting him know that he’s important and that you really and truly appreciate him, he’ll love it! He wants a woman who is independent but appreciates what he does for and with her.

Do your best to make him feel good and he’ll definitely return the favor. While he can be a bit self-centered at times, he’ll still try to make you feel important in his life when he can.

4. Patience and Calmness

what does a libra man look for in a woman

Libra men are absolutely averse to dramatic situations. This means he doesn’t do well with women who get upset at the drop of a hat. He also doesn’t like to be yelled at, criticized, or treated as though he’s a child.

He will even sometimes take helpful suggestions as your way of criticizing him, making him feel as though he’s not doing enough. Be aware of this. The best way to talk to him is calmly and with great patience.

He’ll listen when you talk to him with a calm demeanor. When you come at him with anger, hurt, or any other high-frequency emotion, he’ll tend to clam up and not know what to say.

What’s worse is if you talk to him in a critical way or make suggestions too often, he’ll carry it around with him and then one day explode on you, hurting your feelings. He’ll say he can’t hold it in any longer.

He’ll feel bad after he unloads but this is what he does if he feels that it’s getting to be “too much.” He often will be calm and easygoing himself but he isn’t good at immediately communicating when he doesn’t like something.

Libra is trying to build balance in his life but he doesn’t know how to do this well in relationships. He needs a woman who can keep the peace and tell him how she feels without being too emotional about it.

5. Mystery And Spontaneity

The Libra man loves to figure a woman out so try not telling him everything about yourself upfront. He wants to get to know all about you over time. Give him increments of yourself.

Also, try to tell him things spontaneously instead of when you think you should. It keeps him on his toes and makes you more interesting to him. You can also try to be spontaneous with your texts to him.

Out of the blue, you could send him a funny picture or quote just to brighten his day. He’ll think it’s incredibly thoughtful. Be a sweet woman who wants to adore him. He’ll love it!

If you’re struggling to be spontaneous with a Libra man, I strongly recommend checking out my 30-day Libra Man Love Challenge… It will set you on the right path with your hot Libra guy. 😉

What Do Libra Men Like To Talk About?

Seeing as Libra men are Air signs (the communicators of the Zodiac), it is safe to say that they love to chat and have a good conversation. One of the most important components to an attraction for a Libra man is if he has a good rapport with his lady.

His sign might be ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, but physical attraction comes second for him. He needs to be intellectually stimulated by his partner. So, what exactly does he like to talk about?

1. Art And Culture

As I mentioned above, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus which means that topics of art and culture are extremely important for these guys. They are really into anything that happens to make the world a more beautiful place.

They’re extremely interested in art and are always attending the hippest and trendiest art galleries and love spending their time in museums. Art is a really good talking point to bring up with your Libra lover.

Show him what you’re interested in and make him realize that you know a thing or two about the things he is interested in. It will make him see that you are much more than just a pretty face and that he could potentially build a really lovely connection with you.

2. Politics

Libra men have a keen sense of justice and have an innate understanding of what is fair is fair. This means that they are usually quite interested in politics and humanitarian issues. They just want the best for the world and they tend to feel quite passionate about it all.

They really enjoy hearing a different opinion or meeting someone who gives them another perspective on an issue. And they definitely find it impressive when they can be with a woman who feels as passionately about this topic as they do.

And because Libras are so fair-minded, they don’t really mind if the two of you might disagree on one or two points. It is more important to them that they can actually have these conversations in an intelligent manner.

3. Your Own Personal Interests

Libra men are natural people pleasers. They like to make other people happy and because of this, they love hearing what other people are passionate about. This gives him the opportunity to learn more about the person he is talking to.

So, when striking up a conversation with a Libra man, make sure to let him know what your hobbies are and what you like to do in your free time because if he really likes you, then he will take special notice of this and make sure to ask you for more information.

A Libra man is always keen to learn new things and broaden his horizons, especially if it is something he is totally unfamiliar with.

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