Do Libra Men Cheat? All About Libra Man Cheating Signs

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Libra man cheating? Though it is few and far between, the Libra man who has high standards may stray. Why would he do such a thing though?

Dear, you’re probably here because you suspect that your Libra man is cheating on you. Well, let me tell you that there are things to look for that are dead giveaways for you. So, how can you tell if your Libra man is cheating on you?

You must have heard this time and time again: Libra men are so loyal and loving, but you still have your suspicions. Could this guy be too good to be true? And then, why would a normally loyal Libra man cheat?

It is always good to know what to look out for instead of making assumptions about what is going on in his head. Keep reading for some useful information about the Libra man cheating and what could come from it.

Libra Man Cheating — Do Libra Men Cheat?

Libra men crave lots and lots of attention. They love being told how awesome they are, how good they look, and how their talents are impressive. They are classic attention grabbers.

This is why Libra men put on the charm when they are in proximity to pretty much anyone, so they can be prone to cheating for this very reason. 

Does that then mean that your Libra guy is cheating on you? It could be, but it could also be that he’s just not feeling the relationship and is looking for ways to get out. 

If your Libra man truly loves you, he will be faithful, but he will still flirt. He doesn’t think there is a reason for you to be jealous. Libra wants you to trust him and know he won’t cross the wrong lines.

Okay, so not all Libra men are cheaters. Each and every one is different depending on what he has in his chart other than his Sun sign. He could have a Rising sign, such as an earth Zodiac sign, that will make him more stable. 

He could also have a Moon that is more grounded. There are always various angles to look at, including how he grew up. Sometimes family has a lot to do with how a person turns out. 

That being said, I cannot peg all Libra men as cheaters. They are capable, but not all of them actually do it. They may flirt like crazy with other women or even men, but when asked to go further, they put a halt on it. 

Are Libra Men Cheaters?

Well, if you are still wondering whether a Libra man will cheat on his wife, the answer is: yes, he will.

If open communication is lacking and trust is not being built at the desired level, the Libra man may look elsewhere for appreciation. Even though he wants to build long-lasting relationships, they can still cheat if they are indecisive or distant.

It takes two to save a marriage and to work together to maintain a strong relationship, so will is required from both ends. If he sees he is the one making an effort, a Libra man will engage in infidelity unless he has left with a single shred of decency.

Categorically, Libra men tend to cheat but are not labeled as cheaters.

They are capable of making mistakes; after all, they are humans. If they see that they are not getting what they want from their partner, they will most likely cheat.

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Why Do Libra Men Cheat? Possible Reasons

A Libra man justifies things in his own mind as to what is right and what is wrong. So, the truth is, a Libra man is totally loyal unless the woman he’s with starts neglecting him or doesn’t give him the love and affection that he needs.

If, for some reason, his partner has calmed down with sex or doesn’t want to give him other forms of intimacy, he may seek it out elsewhere. This doesn’t mean he’s looking to have a full-fledged affair where he falls in love.

Remember, a Libra man won’t commit to anyone unless he’s in love and wants to have a future with her. That means that if he already commits with a partner, having sex elsewhere doesn’t have the same meaning.

Also, if he moves from a serious relationship to marriage too quickly, he begins to feel a sense of regret or that he didn’t get enough time to check out all the flowers. He devoted himself to one without enjoying the other’s fragrance.

Another reason would be that he lost respect for you if you haven’t been treating him well, whether by ignoring him, being cold, or cutting himself off from sex, he starts losing respect. Laziness is also a turnoff to a Libra man.

If you were once very vibrant and passionate in your life and are now complacent and not doing much of anything other than “making it,”  then he may see you in a lesser light, thus losing his respect.

If you’re struggling to find the right words to make him feel cherished and want to share his feelings with you, I strongly recommend checking out my 100 Magic Phrases for Libra Man. It will set you on the right path with your Libra!

How To Know If A Libra Man Is Cheating On You

How to tell if a Libra man is cheating on you can be a little tricky. When something feels off but you can’t define it, there might be a chance that your man is cheating on you. Cheating is an act caused by a reason, so no one cheats in emotionally fulfilled relationships.

You need to listen to your intuition. However, I do want to warn you against paranoia and fear. If you keep accusing your Libra man of cheating because of your own insecurities, then you need to watch out. Remember, you need evidence because you could be projecting, and this is very bad because, more often than not, Libra men are driven to cheat because their women keep accusing them of doing this, even when they absolutely haven’t.

Just remember that there is a fine line between giving in to your paranoia and insecurities and listening to your intuition. You have to be able to distinguish between the two, or else you will find yourself in hot water!

You don’t want to be the reason your Libra man is actually cheating, do you? Trust your intuition all the time! Don’t second-guess it. It’s alerting you for a reason. Even when you don’t have proof but you can just tell something isn’t right, trust that.

4 Clear Signs A Libra Man Is Cheating

There are definitely some surefire signs you should look out for if you’re involved with a Libra man, whether it’s long-distance or short-distance. The distance may only give him a better advantage because it’s harder to get caught.

You have to be quite aware and observant of all the things he does… You might think something is a sign and totally miss something else.

Well, the next segment of this article will give you the signs that you should pay attention to when it comes to things he may do that would indicate that your Libra man is, in fact, cheating on you.

He’s Meticulous About His Appearance, Even When It Shouldn’t Matter

He gets in that mirror, checks his eyebrows, teeth, and complexion, and basically wants to be sure he looks amazing. What is weird is when he’s only going to the grocery store. 

Why in the world would he need to look like he’s headed on a date if he’s only running errands? Yep, something is going on unless of course, he’s always been this way. You’re looking for out-of-the-norm behavior.

He’s Constantly Unavailable

He has become less and less available to you. He’s too busy with work, projects, and other activities. Whether that’s the truth or not really remains to be seen. 

You will notice a sharp drop in his desire to want to spend time with you. He seems to always have something going on or plans change that pulls him away.

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You Spot The Social Media Flirtation

Heartbreaking but true… You catch him actually flirting with other women on social media. He’s clicking hearts on their sexy photos or leaving comments like “stunning!” 

Why in the world would he be doing that when he has you? It’s very true that Libra men are HUGE flirts, but even worse is when they blatantly do it so that you will actually see it. 

It would seem that the Libra guy either wants to be caught so you’ll be forced to end it or he’s doing it because he just doesn’t care what you think. Neither of these reasons is good. 

This is unthinkable, but you catch him texting with another woman. That seems to cross some boundaries for most women, and I’m sure you feel the exact same way. I’d say that’s a problem. 

When A Libra Man Has New, Private Friends

He decides to spend time with friends you’ve never met. He didn’t invite you to go and doesn’t want to be grilled about it. Who is he going to meet up with then? 

This goes through every woman’s mind when she is with a Libra man. If he is so secretive about these people and where he’s going, then something is up. If you feel suspicious, it has validity. 

How about that harrowing experience when you find out that he canceled plans with you to do something else? Yep, he does that too. In the event he is flaking out on you, the Libra man is spending time elsewhere. 

The Libra may not be cheating, but still, if he is not holding up to the plans he makes with you, then you have got to take note. Don’t be flippant about this. Ask him lots of questions. You deserve to know. 

What To Do When A Libra Man Cheats On You

Alright, this will all depend on you. Did he do it once? If it was a mistake you could work with him and try to move past it. If you are the type of woman that holds onto stuff, then it may not work for you. 

How do you approach him once you’ve figured out he’s being unfaithful? The easiest and shortest route is the best. Ask him flat out what is going on and tell him you already know so he might as well spill it. 

When he tells you his side of this, be really careful of how your gut feels. Does it feel tense as though he’s still not telling you the truth or are you feeling as though he’s telling you what is true? 

It’s important you use your intuitive feelings on things like this. I know how painful this is, and how hard it may be for you to even remember to pay attention, but you have to try. 

When you feel if he’s lying or telling the truth then you’ll know what your next move is. You begin asking if you can ever trust him again. No? Then it’s time to let him go. 

If you feel you can trust him then you’re going to have to make him prove it to you over time and build that trust back up. It can be done. It’s just a matter of asking yourself, how much do you love him?

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What Happens When You Cheat On A Libra Man

Libra man is led by balance and harmony. This is the language he gets. He is rarely unfaithful, but if you cheat on him, he might even consider forgiveness as an option if he determines that the relationship is worth saving.

A Libra man will blow cold if he finds out that a woman has been unfaithful but would soon want to discuss this with you.  First, he will keep it all to himself and process it alone, and afterward, he will be willing to talk to you and see what options you both have.

Let me clarify: He won’t take it lightly. If you are living together, he will most likely forgive.

However, if you are cheating on him, you have to make sure he never finds out, otherwise he will be hurt. Still, if your relationship is not on solid ground and if he finds out you have been unfaithful, he will end it.

When A Libra Man Gets Caught Cheating — 3 Possible Situations To Consider

Getting cheated on will leave you feeling absolutely shocked and hurt. This is completely normal, but sometimes the reaction you don’t expect or know how to prepare for is how your Libra man will react when he is caught cheating.

Consider these scenarios:

1. Your Libra Man Denies Or Lies About Cheating

When a Libra man is caught red-handed there is still the possibility that he might deny this ever happened. He will lie about almost anything and make you feel like you have been gaslighted. 

He is very emotionally intelligent, so he knows very well how to manipulate you and make you feel like you are going crazy. You need to be strong and realize that the chances of him lying to you are quite high.

2. He Will Blame You

One of the most common ways a Libra man tends to behave when he is caught cheating is to simply blame you and say it was your fault. He’ll say things like you don’t give him enough attention or that you withhold sex from him. 

These things are very important to consider. Although his cheating is totally unacceptable, you need to take a very close look at your own behaviors and how you may have contributed to him behaving this way.

He may say that you have pushed him to behave like this because he has been feeling unfulfilled in the relationship.

3. He Will Say Sorry And Beg For Your Forgiveness

A Libra man definitely knows how to pull at your heartstrings. His very sensitive ways may make it easy for you to feel sorry for him and accept his apology. However, you need to really take a look at your relationship and see if this is worth it. 

If you are both really unhappy, then it might be best for the two of you to go separate ways. Yes, this will be very painful, but at least you can move on with your life and find someone who is going to treat you in the way you deserve to be treated.

How To Get Over Infidelity And Heal From Cheating

My first suggestion for you is that you make a decision about what you want. Decide whether or not you want to stay with him and work on forgiveness, or if you need to break up with your Libra man

Neither of these choices is easy, but they are both definitely necessary in your process of healing. If your Libra man does cheat on you, how do you forgive him? That’s going to rely on you and how much of your time you want to give to him. Was it a one-time deal or has he done it multiple times?

If you have caught your guy red-handed then you must approach it immediately. Don’t let yourself simmer on it because you will either back out or you will try to convince him not to leave you. 

This isn’t good for you. You need to trust your inner voice and believe that you deserve the absolute best. It’s for YOUR best interest… not his!

Even if you don’t have concrete proof to present to him, tell him of his actions and tell him you’re done with it. If you need to, you can always seek out counseling or mediation to help you with your Libra guy.

Not all Libra men cheat nor do all of them that do it once, continue to do it. There is such a thing as a mistake and he could make one or have made one. If he truly still loves you though and wants to make it work, he’ll agree to whatever it takes.

Make sure he follows it and make him prove to you that he’ll never abandon you or betray you ever again. Naturally, you’ve learned the signs to look for through all of this so you won’t be fooled again.

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Stop Crying Yourself To Sleep About Your Libra Man…

It can be SO painful to worry about how to make things work with a Libra man who won’t commit.

I know. I’ve been there with many of my friends dating Libra guys.

I remember my very close friend crying herself to sleep at night, worried that her man would never commit to her. She lost sleep, time, and even work hours, all because she couldn’t figure out how to capture his heart and get him to commit.

As a friend, it was hard to watch her go through that. But I knew how good he was for her, and I didn’t want her to give up on him.

Even when our other friends were telling her to move on, I could see that he was the most incredible man she had ever met.

How could she just give up on that?

But it wasn’t easy.  It took a LOT of work.

She had to learn how to speak a different language… his love language.

And it worked!! 

So if you are ready to sleep like a baby… Knowing your Libra man is MADLY in love with you… And never feel anxious about him again…

Click here now and learn to speak your Libra man’s love language.

Sending you love,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  • My Libra man came on very strong in the start of our relationship he was perfect I fell in love the first time we saw eachother our first kiss the earth shifted. Then within a month every other day he wanted to break it off always putting blame on me. I found out his roommate was actually his live in girlfriend for 4 years although he didn’t sleep with last year’s of relationship. I got upset with him and told her eventually she left and things were great except that he hadn’t given up the other girlfriends he was suspose to it’s been six months and he’s adding new ones. I broke it off but we talk everyday and he still has me . I don’t know what to do I love him only him and I need and want the same in return my gut says nope run my heart says In Time he will tire of that life and be all mine. I’m so stupid RIGHT? ???

    • Hi Mary!

      Oh man… you got take advantage of by a dirty Libra man. I am so very sorry to hear that you had this experience. Libra men are playboys. Unless they are 100% invested in someone then they have a wandering eye and occasionally go over the line. Your sounds like he did even more than that. You deserve someone much better than this. I wouldn’t get your hopes up to think he’ll change and come to you. You’ve got to do what is best for you honey. Why not move on, do you, and enjoy making yourself happy. If he does decide to change then he’ll be back but you’ll waste your time an energy by waiting for him. Focus on yourself for awhile. You can do this!