What to Talk To a Libra Man About on A Date

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So, keeping the conversation going should not be hard with the Libra man since he is really good at sustaining the tempo himself. Just in case, however, I have decided to put together a list of topics that would entice a Libra man so that your date can be the best that it can be!

You’ve made all the right moves, gotten his attention, set the date, and now the day is here! Your date with the Libra man. Now for the hardest part… what do you talk about?? Read on for a run-down of the topics of conversation ideal for a Libra man. 

The charming and popular Libra is a huge catch, so congratulations, sister! But the work is not over yet… you’ve got a lot of time with the Libra man on your hands now, so what topics of conversation are you going to fill it with?

Luckily for you, the Libra man is naturally chatty. He is an air sign and he likes to talk. He has a unique ability to be able to communicate with just about anyone on something. 

So, keeping the conversation going should not be hard with the Libra man since he is really good at sustaining the tempo himself. 

Just in case, however, I have decided to put together a list of topics that would entice a Libra man so that your date can be the best that it can be!

Do Talk About Art

The Libra man is a man of refined taste and culture. He would feel comfortable talking about beautiful things and things that keep him feeling inspired. The Libra man is a natural artist and bohemian.

This is likely because they are ruled by Venus, the planet of convivial interactions and aesthetic beauty. Venus keeps them looking on the brighter side of life and seeing the stuff that they find to be lovely. 

If you’ve ever taken a trip to a major museum then talk about the art you appreciated there. If you love music or a certain style of art then the Libra man will eat that up. 

He will have a lot of opinions on how people dress as well, so the current fashion scene or how people in cultural groups dress for better or worse might be another home run topic for the Libra man!

Do Talk About Relationships

Couple Talking About Relationships - With A Libra Man On A Date

Libras are a sign that works best when they’re in balance. They feel like a whole person when they have someone around to balance them out and complement them.

For this reason, Libras are likely to have a lot of relationships – they don’t do well being alone and they don’t feel whole when they don’t have someone else around. 

But this doesn’t mean you have to drudge up past loves and exes. Instead, talk about relationship dynamics that they like and their expectations in a relationship. 

Libras likely have a lot of friends as well. Though they may prefer a lover, they like any partnership such as a best friendship. 

Talking about the people they love in life currently is another sure way to get them talking. Relationships are the most important thing to them and so they really need to be able to express all their feelings surrounding them. 

You’ll learn a lot about what to expect from them in a relationship this way as well! Think of it as a sneak peek into the future of the relationship. 

Do Talk About Social Justice

Many Libras feel an innate sense of what is fair and unfair. They feel extremely close to humanitarian issues. 

This is because they hate seeing people struggling and in strife. Libras desire peace and harmony and they simply despise seeing inequity. 

Seeing a homeless person while acknowledging that billionaires exist can be a tough thing for a Libra to swallow, for example. 

They are going to want to assist in making policies as fair as possible so that everyone can have a certain amount of contentment. 

As a result, Libras likely have opinions they’d like to share on social justice. They will be comforted if you feel the same way that they do one this, though they are very good at being accommodating to different opinions. 

Do Talk About Your Dreams

Talking About Dreams - With A Libra Man On A Date

Libras are idealistic. They want to choose the future version of the world that best fits their view of the world. So, they like talking about the positive aspects of the future. 

They will love to hear about your dreams and your desires for the future. They are the type who would happily support you in these dreams. 

Tell them about your life because they are all about what you’re up to and what you’re dreaming about! Especially if your dreams for the future include a more peaceful world. 

Do Ask Them For Advice

Nothing makes a Libra happier than giving advice. Like I’ve mentioned, Libras just love focusing on a positive future, and so they are always on board to give well-meaning advice to contribute to overall happiness. 

Don’t get too serious with this, since it is supposed to be a date! But if you have a casual sort of dilemma like what to do about an annoying coworker, then the Libra is perfect for this. 

It also assists them in feeling useful to you, which is another priority for them. If it brings them closer to the one that they’re into, they definitely want to participate. 

You’ll make them feel useful by asking them for some advice and you’ll get some grade A counsel from the best mediator in the Zodiac!

DO NOT Talk About Crude Topics

As we have talked about, Libras have a close relationship with the planet Venus. Venus is all about grace and beauty and glamour. 

As a result, things that are the opposite of this will not impress a Libra at all. A Libra may not have an appreciation for potty humor. 

They also will not enjoy jokes that put other groups of people down. They are kind people who avoid bullying at all costs. 

They may act like they are okay with your jokes or crude topics on the surface since Libras hate to make waves. But less obviously, they will be appalled by the topics at hand and this won’t leave a great impression with them. 

Speaking kindly about people will be a huge plus for the Libra man. He loves to see people through rose colored glasses. 

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DO NOT Make Them Choose the Topic of Conversation

Libras, bless their souls, are just not good at choosing… much of anything really! They just care a lot less about what they’re talking about and more about who they’re talking about it with. 

Libras are adaptable. They can adjust themselves to make everyone around them feel more comfortable and this is their own comfort zone. 

They enjoy playing off the energy of those around them but they are not good at directing the energy… unless it’s away from offensive topics. 

You’ll put a Libra man at ease if you direct the flow of conversation and where the topics go. Which is why it’s all the more important for you to know what Libras like to talk about! 

Libra men are easy to talk to and realistically, almost any topic of conversation will be good for them since they are expert conversationalists. 

Just keep in mind a some of their preferences for conversation and you’re well on your way to a dreamy date with your Libra man! 

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Always love helping you all out. 

Your friend and sister, 

Anna Kovach

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