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How to Date a Libra Man If He Is Half-interested – Make Him Want You Now!

You’ve somehow gotten the attention of a Libra man but you’re not quite secure that he digs you as much as you do him. How in the world do you get him to find you more interesting?

How do you make yourself more attractive to the Libra man? You may want to keep reading to find out some important secrets on how to date a Libra man. Step it up and win him over!

How to Attract the Libra Man

There is more to attracting a Libra man than just the initial lure. You’ve got to do things that will keep his interest growing and want to get to know you better. How do you do that? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Look your best when you’re going to meet up with him. You always want to look like you’re going somewhere important or that you might bump into someone important. That impresses him!
  • Capture his attention with your beauty and sense of warmth. Libra man loves a woman who looks amazing and acts very charming toward him.
  • Give him nice compliments. It doesn’t matter if it’s on his looks, his talents, his humor, his laugh, his smile, or anything else you can think of. He’ll be like an attention sponge with you.
  • Flirtation goes a long way with Libra. Naturally the Libra guy wants you to flirt with him. It makes him feel alive and sexy. It makes him feel desired by you.
  • Physical Contact is Important. Simple gestures such as touching or massaging his hand will work. Make eye contact while you talk to him as well. He will feel your desire for him which will turn him on.
  • Invite him to do something you know he likes. Even if you’re only a friend level so far, invite him out to do something you know that he’ll enjoy. It will impress him that you’ve paid attention to him.

These are all very easy ways you can work toward getting him to find more interest in you. It may take a bit of time but if you’re patient, it should pay off unless he just really has no interest at all. Hopefully he does and takes the hint.

What Libra Man Looks For In a Woman

What Libra Looks For In a Woman

To know how to act or how to be, you probably need to know what exactly the Libra man is looking for in a woman. He does have picky desires but if you know what they are, you may win this battle!

The Libra man guy has specific desires and so he’s trying to find that one woman that will fulfill those for him and will keep him happy. He’s high maintenance so it’s a hard task.

When I say high maintenance, I mean emotionally mainly. He needs attention and desire otherwise he fades into the background. He may even disappear if he’s not getting his daily nutrients of your love.

Here are some of the most important qualities Libra man is looking for in the “partner of his dreams”:

  • Intelligent and Classy – A woman with a brain that can outwit many will turn him on. She should be well educated and worldly. She should also be very classy with her behavior and style of dress.
  • Mysterious and Alluring – Libra man wants a woman he can learn about over time. It’s more exciting for him to not know everything about her up front. Her allure will come from her being someone he can’t easily read.
  • Giving with Compliments – The Libra guy desires to have a partner who will always shower him with adoration for who he is and what he is able to do. He wants a woman who is giving in all ways to suit his desire.
  • Calm Temperament – The Libra man needs and wants a woman who will discuss her discord in a peaceful and benign way. Talk to him with rationale and calmness.
  • Low Stress and Low Key – Libra man does well with a woman who won’t try to outshine him or steal his spotlight. He needs a woman who doesn’t stress him out and also doesn’t allow stress to eat her alive either.
  • Romantic and Mature – Sometimes Libra men will go for older women who have it all together because they know how to be romantic and they’re certainly mature.
  • Patience and Honesty – No one likes to be lied to and Libra man is no different. Speak up if you have a problem but do it with patience instead of flooding him with strong emotion. Rationale works far better.

These are some of the things Libra man is looking for in a woman. I mentioned maturity and romance. Younger women know how to romance or can learn. Maturity is something that comes with each individual person.

He doesn’t always go for an older woman. He loves beauty and youth too. The thing is, he may find that when the woman he chose because of her looks ends up being immature and not what he’s looking for.

His shallow side wants to go for younger beautiful women because they’re eye candy that pleases him much. They’re sexy and make him look good. When he wants to settle down though, he needs more than looks and sexuality.

It may take him a while to figure that out. This is why patience is something he has to have when he’s developing a love relationship otherwise it may bite him in the rear.

What Not To Do with Libra Man

There are some very important things that you need to keep in mind when you tangle with a Libra man. You need to understand what he doesn’t like and won’t put up with so that you don’t make those mistakes.

I have a few things to share with you that just may help you get the gist of what is unacceptable to the Libra man’s desires. They can help you save some trouble for your future with him.

Here are some things you don’t want to do if you’re trying to win your Libra man:

  • Temper Control – Do not ever approach your Libra man in anger or extreme emotional outburst energy. He will not listen and he will not absorb what you are telling him. Wait until you’re calm before you discuss things.
  • Don’t push him or pressure him – Libra man responds very badly to pressure. He will back off or become very cold if you do. That’s the last thing you want. Take your time and be patient.
  • Pretend you don’t care – It’s never a wise idea to act like what he’s done or said doesn’t bother you. It will make him think you don’t care for him and ultimately it will cause him to leave the relationship.
  • Suggestions or Criticisms – Libra man has his own way of doing things and even if you suggest something for his benefit, he’ll see it as criticism which will make him old a grudge to later come out in a very unsavory fashion.
  • Jealous or Possessiveness – Libra men themselves aren’t typically jealous or possessive. They think you should be free even when you’re in a relationship. If you accuse him of anything, he will resent you. Treat him like an object and he will probably walk away.

These are some very basic things that you really should try to avoid if you’re trying to build a strong baseline with your Libra guy. If you avoid them then maybe he’ll become more interested and possibly even fall in love with you.

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Yes it’s true that Libra man is particular when it comes to women. If you want to casually date him then it’s not nearly as complicated. However, if you want to get closer to him, you need to be what he’s looking for.

He wants a strong independent woman with her own life, her own friends, and her own passions in life. He doesn’t desire to have someone attached at the hip at all times.

Getting to know him in order to get closer to him will take time, patience, and persistence. If you have the time and passion to put into the effort then you may just win the Libra guy over.

Pay attention to him, flirt like crazy, and make him feel special. That’s the gist of what he’s looking for with a few things added. You can do this if you’re the woman he’s looking for!

By the way, I have a secret to share with you! Did you know that sexy singer/songwriter John Mayer is a Libra man? I think that may be very fitting for the Libra description. He’s beautiful and very charming.

What woman wouldn’t want to get with John? There are plenty that will pine for his attention and I’m sure he eats it right on up like the Libra guys do.

Did you get a Libra man who was only half interested to full engage in a relationship with you? WhaWhat keeps Libra men interested? How did you do it? Tell me!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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