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7 Things That A Woman Married To A Libra Man Should Know

When you think of marriage by the Zodiac, Libra is the sign that comes up. Libra is all about commitment and harmony, and marrying this man can be a real stroke of luck! He’s all about love and romance, and he will throw his focus on your relationship. What else do you need to know about being married to a Libra guy? 

Marriage is never an easy path – even when you’re married to the best person on earth. There’s always work to be done, the best work is when you each are proactive and fully involved in making your marriage a happy one. 

Libra men will always prioritize you and your marriage. However, they have their good and bad sides, just like everyone else! And they have certain qualities about them that you’ll learn when you wed them – these may drive you crazy, or may make you love him more

Probably a bit of both! 

In my experience as a relationship astrologer, women are happy being married to this loving sign. What else do you need to know about being married to a Libra man? Here’s are some of my top tips to remember when married to, or considering marriage to this sexy sign! 

7 Things That A Woman Married To A Libra Man Should Know

1. He’ll Still Have Admirers (And He’ll Flirt!)

Libra is a sign ruled by the planet Venus, planet of love, beauty, pleasure and romance. Libra people often have a way about them that is naturally flirtatious, charming and seductive – they just can’t help it. 

Even if he is a devote husband, your Libra man will always have many female admirers. And he won’t hold back form indulging in admiration, and charmingly flirting right back. It’s just an attention thing – it’s not about you, and you’ll have to remember that he has chosen you as his number one. 

Be careful – he won’t appreciate being possessed. Jealousy just doesn’t sit well with him, and it can cause big problems if you take his flirting seriously. Because, honestly – it’s not serious. It’s just who he is! Accept him as he is – and take heart in the fact that other women think he’s so gorgeous – and he’s all yours! 

2. You Are His Main Person

Libra is the sign of relationships. So, when he chooses to marry you, it means that he has chosen you out of everyone to be his number one person

No matter what, you will always be his go-to for everything, and he will make all his decisions with you. You seldom need to worry about a lack of communication or consideration for you and your needs, and he’ll bend over backwards to please you

Few guys are this devoted, and this quality alone makes up for any other faults and flaws he may have (and certainly makes up for his flirtatiousness!). 

3. He Still Craves Romance

Libra Man Still Craves Romance

Even if you’ve been together for fifty years, a Libra man will always expect romance. In fact, if there’s no romance, he may become rather despondent and sad. 

Doing the dishes and taking care of the kids is all very well, but if there’s no time for date night, or for quality time for just the two of you, it’s not going to be a happy marriage for him. 

He will usually be the one instigating the romance, so you don’t necessarily need to be the one making all the effort! Regardless, do make that effort anyway. He’ll appreciate more than you could ever imagine! Go out of your way to get him flowers, or cook a special dinner just for the two of you. 

4. He Will Avoid Conflict

Libra Man Will Avoid Conflict

Because Libra is the sign of perfect harmony and calm, you’ll never catch this guy starting an argument. If you confront him, he will try to talk you down and find a middle ground, rather than let things explode all over the show. 

In fact, this can become a problem. A Libra man may go out of his way during your marriage to not deal with problems, and may even go as far as to pretend that they don’t exist

This can lead to resentment, so it will be important to find ways to confront and deal with your issues in a way that doesn’t make him do or say anything just to make the “unpleasantness” go away. 

5. He Doesn’t Know How To Ask For What He Wants

Libra is a sign that is wholly focused on their relationships. They can be so consumed with you and your marriage, and what you need, that he forgets or neglects to look after his own needs. 

Here, you can be the one to decipher and help him figure out what he wants, too. This will help both of you grow and your marriage become a place of equality, which is essentially what makes him the happiest

It’s easy to get swept up in someone that always spots your first, but at the end of the day, nobody wants a relationship that lacks real balance. 

6. He Expects Total Equality

Libra Man Expects Total Equality

Equality is a huge ideal for the Libra guy in any marriage or relationship. This often means that he wants someone who is on an equal level to them in terms of beauty, brains, career, and finances. Of course, that’s not always easy to achieve, and there’ll be exceptions. 

But he still wants someone whom he feels he can relate to equally. This is part of his obsession with balance and harmony. Even if you can’t always meet his expectations, making the effort to try will mean a lot to this guy and be a big deal for your marriage’s happiness.  

Remember to remind him that no person, and no relationship is always perfect, as he can get a little obsessed sometimes! 

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7. He’ll Always Seek Life Balance

Because Libra is the sign of the scales, his whole life revolves around balance. This goes for work/life, love/friendship and health/pleasure. 

He’ll seldom be the type to overwork or indulge too much. If he does, he’ll make it right soon. This is a lovely quality to have any life partner, and he will inspire you to do the same! 

When it comes to kids, he’ll also be the type of person who will want to make sure that there is time for your relationship, too. To a Libra man, feeling unbalanced in his relationships and personal life is one of the things that can most stress him out! 

So – are you thinking of marrying a Libra man? What are some of the qualities you think are important and obvious about him? Are there some that drive you crazy? And some that make you weak at the knees? 

Perhaps you are already married to one of these lovely men, and can relate to some (or all) of these qualities! Share your stories in the comments blow – it’s free and completely anonymous! Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me! 

If you’d like to take a fun quiz to see if you’re compatible, try out my compatibility quiz right here. 

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach