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7 Ways To Go From Co-Workers To Lovers With A Libra Man

Do you have a crush on your gorgeous Libra co-worker? You’re not alone – this is one of the sexiest signs when it comes to astrology! Libra is the sign of love, so it’s no wonder that you’ve fallen for this charming sign! How can you make yourself stand out from the rest and go from co-workers to lovers? 

In my experience as Relationship Astrologer, most relationships start at the office. It’s not surprising, considering that we spend so much time in the same space with someone, day in and day out. Plenty of time to fall in love, right? 

The Libra co-worker is one of the easiest signs to fall for. He’s flirtatious gracious, charming, diplomatic and oh-so-handsome! These signs are some of the best-looking in all the Zodiac, so you’ve probably got a whole lot of competition, too! 

Of course, it’s always slightly dangerous – and sexy – to go for your co-worker. As they say, forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. However, Libra men do actually make wonderful partners, as they are the love sign in astrology. 

However, you’d better be prepared to share him. This is not a man that gives up flirting when he’s in a relationship, so be sure that he is actually single, too. Sometimes, he doesn’t even know has flirting, even when he’s with a partner. 

If he is single, and you won’t get fired, these are some off the best tips that I can give you to help you get a Libra-co-worker to be your lover, and not just a colleague! 

7 Ways To Go From Co-Workers To Lovers With A Libra Man

1. Flirt, Flirt, Flirt!

Woman Flirting With A Libra Co-worker

It’s really very simple with the Libra, ladies. All you need to do is flirt, flirt, flirt! Libra men and women understand the language of flirting very well – they are masters at it! 

If you’re not sure what flirting is for a Libra man, it’s all the usual things. It’s batting your eyelashes, laughing at his jokes, lightly touching his arm or brushing against him as you walk by. 

It’s little innuendos, catching his eye and smiling a secret smile. It’s making jokes about romance, whilst knowing that you’re not really joking. It’s complementing him on his work, his outfit, his projects. 

Flirting is laying it on thick, and not minding doing it. Libra men just love a good flirt, and nothing gets them going better than this oldest trick in the book! Don’t be shy – if you really like him, your own flirting style will come naturally! 

2. Dress Your Best

Woman Dressed Elegant For Libra Man Co-worker

Libra men are visual creatures. Ruled by the planet Venus, they love with their eyes. Beauty is ultra-important to these men, and in this way, they are a little superficial

But this does make your job a lot easier! It’s easy to look good, to pick out great outfits every day to catch someone’s attention. He’s not looking for you to be a rocket scientist (although he does love intelligence). He is, however looking for someone that take care of their appearance. 

What to wear? Well, Libra men don’t mind any style, as long as there is style. If you try to be too avant-garde, he might be turned off. 

He likes subtle, flowing fabrics that hug your body, but aren’t too obvious. Power suits work, too, as long as you’re not overly masculine. Libra men like their women to celebrate their feminine side! 

3. Share Tasks And Projects With Him

Libra men are born to work in a team. They are leaders, but they know how to share a task, and love it when they can collaborate with someone. 

This makes for an ideal opportunity to go from co-workers to lovers! Try and get onto the same project as he is, or the same task, and don’t be shy of pushing it overtime! Imagine staying at work with him, just the two of you, creating all kinds of moments of intimacy! 

He’ll not only love being able to share the task, but the sheer amount of time he spends with you will get him to slowly begin to think about taking things just a little further…

4. Stimulate His Mind

Libra Co-worker Stimulating His Mind

Libra is an air sign, which makes them very clever and intelligent. Whilst he loves a lady who looks good, he also looks for someone with a good mind. 

Show off your conversational skills during a meeting, when passing by his desk or when working on a project together. Speak up – he likes it when someone challenges him and shows him a new way of seeing things. 

However, you don’t need to be confrontational and argumentative. Libras hate to argue and will always try and compromise to avoid drama. If he sees you as someone too fiery and argumentative, he will be put off. 

5. Engage Him In Debate

There’s nothing as exciting to a Libra man as a good debate. Now, debate does not mean and argument. It means offering a different side to the story, so that he can play with possibilities in his mind. 

Even better is when you can make the subject of the debate quite sexy! This when you really can reel him in and go from co-workers to lovers! 

6. Socialize With Him

Ways to go From Co-workers To Lovers With The Libra Man

The Libra man is not only a lover, he also is a socialite. He’s the type of person who likes to make friends with his co-workers and go out for drinks, for example. So, what are you waiting for? Make a plan to see him outside of work, with your other colleagues, of course. 

Who knows his may lead to something else, and it won’t be too hard to do, if you play your cards just right!

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7. Compliment Him

Libra men are very prone to flattery. After all this is the song of beauty! He knows that he looks good, so why not let him know that you agree! 

Notice if he has his hair cut, changed his beard, or wears a new shirt. This is an easy and subtle way to show him you’re interested in more than just being a colleague! 

You can also compliment him on his work, of course, as well as his good ideas. Let him know you admired how he handled a particular situation, and don’t be shy to stroke his ego a little. Everyone likes to be told they’re doing a good job, and the chances are that he won’t mind that it’s coming from you, either. Especially if you look good while doing it! 

I’d love to hear your personal stories about dating a Libra guy! Have you ever gone from just working with him, to being in a relationship – or being his lover? How did you to get him to notice you at the office? Feel free to post yours in the comments below – you’ll stay completely anonymous, of course.  

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach