How To Dress For A Libra Man — Tips, Tricks & More

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you are finding yourself attracted to an irresistible Libra man, you’re in luck, I can help! Find out how to dress to attract a Libra man.

When you’re trying to attract a Libra man, it’s important to know how to dress for a Libra man. As the sign of balance and the artist of the Zodiac, looks matter to him. Libra is a man with very definite tastes and preferences.

Luckily, it’s easy to dress to impress a Libra man when you understand his personality. But, you have to be aware of the colors that attract a Libra man.

A Libra man likes it when his woman dresses in a certain way. There is plenty of room to be creative and be yourself. Just keep your outfits romantic and charming. Choose outfits that attract Libra’s attention and show that you understand fashion.

Here are some of the best tips on how to dress for a Libra man in your life, gathered from my experience as a relationship astrologer.

What Attracts A Libra Man?

If you are wondering what attracts a Libra man, please note that the Libra man wants a woman who is very thoughtful. Nothing draws him in like a beautiful woman who is considerate and sweet. This type of behavior makes a Libra man swoon.

So, to attract a Libra man, you must show how amazing you are. Be yourself, be sweet, give him compliments, and tell him how much you appreciate him as a person. He will eat it right up.

The Libra man can seem narcissistic at times because he loves attention. In this way, he’s much like a Leo man. However, he wants to find a woman who will help balance his life.

He knows that even though he can see both sides of the coin in any situation, he still seems to lack a balance of his own. He doesn’t know when enough is enough when it comes to work, play, or love.

A Libra man needs a woman who knows when to leave work at the door, when to have a wonderful time, and when to have lots of fun, whether it’s with friends or with a lover. This is how to attract a Libra man.

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What To Wear To Attract A Libra Man — Tips, Tricks & More

Light Colors & Classy Outfits

The Libra man loves beauty in women. Wear flirty yet classy clothing with soft, light colors when you know you’re going to be around him. Perhaps a long skirt with a slit that goes just above the knee and thigh-high stockings would do the trick.

You could also wear a cute mini skirt with some fashionable heels. If it’s not your style, you could certainly wear a classy yet sexy blouse with some nice, tight-fitting jeans that show off your figure.

You don’t have to “dress up,” per se, but look your best in your clothes.

Makeup To Intrigue Him

A Libra man likes balance, so you need to make sure to harmonize the palette of colors quite well for your makeup. Makeup with natural colors, such as soft lavender or sky blue eye shadow, will get his attention. He loves natural beauty, so go light on your makeup.

Of course, he could be the type that is into a certain type of woman, and so you’d want to appeal in that direction if that’s who you are. An example would be a Libra man who loves goth-looking women.

If you’re that type of rocker or goth, then you can pull that off quite nicely with your hair, makeup, and clothes to look your best in that way. If you’re more stylish or you’re into a certain field of interest he has, you can dress accordingly.

Hair Care Matters

The right haircut can make you feel as if you own the world. If a Libra man is an adventurer type, you could dress that way, putting your hair up in a bun and wearing a hat while still looking neat and well-kept. Get his attention by appealing to his eyes and sense of beauty.

If you enjoy feeling romantic and feminine, long hair will make you feel good. It is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of fashion, according to your Libra man.

He is open-minded to many different styles of fashion, just as long as the woman wearing them is looking clean, beautiful, and classy. This will draw him in, no matter what other types of women may offer.

Be Subtle And Receptive

How to attract a Libra man isn’t as hard as you think it may be. He wants a woman who is magical, sensible, charming, and most of all, enigmatic. A Libra man doesn’t want her to reveal all her secrets to him; she must remain mysterious to him on a certain level.

Sensibility plays an important role here, as she needs to be sensible and sexual and carry her sensuality in a very subtle way. So, if you do all these things well, you will get there, and he will crave your voice, your touch, etc.

Don’t make yourself seem as though you’re desperate for him to miss you. He’ll see through it, and it will be a turn-off. What I mean by this is that I message him and ask him if he misses you. That will likely instantly make him NOT miss you.

The last thing he wants is for his lady love to bug him and ask him when she’s going to see him again, if he misses her, or even if he wants to be with her. These are things best left unsaid.

You want to carry yourself with class and be somewhat independent.

Few More Ways To Dress For A Libra Man

Being able to show him that you’re a sweetheart will win his heart, regardless of what you are wearing. It will also make him miss you and want to see you as soon as he can. He may not want to right away, as he likes to savor it.

He is definitely more into quality than quantity. That being said, he may miss you but not want to see you for several days or a week. This isn’t anything to be alarmed about.

He just wants to have the most intense date with you. It doesn’t matter if you are in casual wear or a business outfit; as long as you are neat and clean, this will suffice, and your Libra man will be thrilled about you.

A Libra man loves intelligence, willpower, and the ability to get out there and accomplish everything you dream of. This is the type of woman that stimulates a Libra man’s mind, body, and heart.

What Colors Attract A Libra Man?

As mentioned earlier, Libra men like soft, light colors that are easy on the eye. Lavender, silver, pink, and white are Libra’s favorite colors. He dislikes dark tones, so wearing black or gray will turn your Libra man off because these colors are lifeless to him.

Bright colors will attract Libra man’s attention, but too much contrast is a turn-off. Loud patterns are distasteful as well. Bright green or harsh yellow will not rock his world as well, so be careful when choosing eye-appealing, non-aggressive colors when around him.

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