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5 Turn Offs That Make A Good Libra Man Leave A Great Woman

Good men leave great women all the time. Why? Most of the time it’s for personal reasons, but sometimes, it can be about you, too. Although Libra men are the types to try to stick it out, find the best in your relationship, and make compromises, there is a line that they have to draw. What are some of the turn-offs that make a Libra man leave a great woman? 

Libra is the sign of love when it comes to Astrology. And, in my experience as a Relationship Astrologer, these men don’t leave a relationship very easily – at all. A typical Libra is willing to find a peaceful middle ground and a way that works for everyone. 

Of course, there are certain turn-offs, however, that can push a Libra man over the edge. Astrology can be our helper and guide in times of a new relationship, when we are still figuring out who the person is. 

However, it’s also a wonderful tool for when we have been in a long-standing relationship, and need a little bit of enlightenment as to where we may be going wrong. Knowing what we know, we can get back on track, turn it around and save our relationship from going downhill! 

These are some of the top turn-offs that may push a Libra man to leave a great woman: 

5 Turn Offs That Make a Good Libra Man Leave A Great Woman

1. A Woman Who Welcomes Conflict

Turn Offs For Libra Man

Let’s say you are a fire sign like Aries, Sagittarius or Leo. Or perhaps you’re not one of these, but you’re still a fiery woman. Libra men, although attracted to all that passion, can struggle with a lady who isn’t afraid of conflict, and sees it as a healthy part of any relationship. 

If a Libra man could have his way, there would never be any fights. That’s not realistic, of course, but he will go to great lengths to avoid confrontation. He may even pretend like there is no problem, allowing resentment to build up. 

There’s nothing at all wrong with being a woman who welcomes conflict. But this may be too much of a turn-off for him. Instead, can you find a way to have a conversation and negotiate? This will deal with a problem whilst not having the intense heat that comes with arguments. 

2. Not Getting Along with His Friends and Family

Libra is one of the most social signs in the zodiac. They treasure their social relationships, their family relationships – all relationships, really. Of course, you are always his number one priority, but he does have other people he cares deeply about. 

You may be a great woman, but perhaps you just don’t click with his friends. Maybe his friends irritate you, or you have nothing in common. And, perhaps you just don’t have energy to give to people whom you have no common interest with. That’s perfectly okay – but it may not be okay with your Libra guy. 

He expects you to try, the way he does. The thing is, Libra men can struggle to understand why some people just can’t get along. Just because he gets along with everyone else, doesn’t mean that you can! Don’t be too hard on yourself – maybe try again, and do your very best to find a way to welcome his people into your life. 

3. Lack of Mental Connection

Turn Off For Libra Man - Lack of Mental Connection 

Libra is an air sign, which means that mental connection is very important to them. They love to talk, and share ideas and opinions. Most of all, Libra men love to debate. They always see both sides of a story, which is why they are called the mediators of the zodiac. 

However, you may be a lady who prefers physical and emotional connection over talking all day and all night. There’s nothing wrong with you, of course. People are just built differently, needing and wanting different things. However, it can be a turn-of for a Libra man when the woman he’s interested in doesn’t want to chat and share ideas as much as he does. 

4. A Woman Who Doesn’t Care for Her LooksBiggest Turn Offs For Libra Man

Here’s the thing: Libra men really, really care about looks. They are ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of beauty, harmony and creativity. He may be low-key about it, or very obvious. He likes his ladies to be waring beautiful things, and have impeccable makeup and a good perfume. 

Even if he’s not a makeup man, he still expects you to take care of yourself and groom regularly. And, maybe, you’re just not that kind of girl! Maybe you prefer getting up in the morning and throwing on some comfortable sweatpants and a cute t-shirt. Sadly, that won’t fly with a Libra guy, and he’s likely to find it a bit of a turn-off, in all honesty. 

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5. An Unwillingness to Compromise

One of the hugest turn-offs for a Libra man is a woman who isn’t willing to compromise or find the middle ground with him. Compromise is a tricky thing – some say it’s the key ingredient, and some say that you should never compromise on certain things, if at all. 

Libra, however, takes the former stance. This is the sign of balance, after all! However, you may be the type of woman that feels it necessary not to do that. Maybe there are certain values, beliefs or other topics that you hold so dear that you’ll just never give ground. 

This doesn’t make you a bad person – and it doesn’t make him bad person for doing the opposite, either. But it can cause issues in your relationship, and ultimately, it may be too much of a turn-off for your Libra fella. 

Can you try and find certain things to compromise on? Are there any topics where you are willing to give way? Perhaps the real deal to make here is that you will compromise some of the time (there is always as way when it come to love!). 

Remember, never to feel bad about yourself if you can’t live up to Libra standards! Always keep in mind that their standards are really high, and it can be impossible for any lady to be perfect. And remind your Libra fella of that too, regularly! This will help him to also relax and not put too much pressure on the relationship itself. 

If your relationship is still in its early stages, try not to pretend you are something that you are not. Hiding, for example, an assertive personality will only come back to haunt you in the long run! 

So, have you fallen in love with a wonderful Libra man? What do you love about him the most? Have you noticed what flicks his switch on – and what pushes all the wrong buttons? What do you think makes him a great guy to date? 

I’d love to know your stories – go ahead and drop your comments in the comments box below. You’ll stay anonymous! 

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach