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Libra Man Traits – Get to Know Him Better than Himself

What makes the Libra man tick? What can you expect from your Libra guy? What are his positive traits and his negative traits? Keep reading for insight on the Libra man traits. It may just help you get to know him more than you could imagine.

Positive Traits

  • Cool and Collected

It takes a lot to piss a Libra man off. He stays relatively calm and doesn’t overreact to things because he’d rather think it through. He has his days where he may be more susceptible to irritation but mostly, he’s pretty centered.

He isn’t one to have angry outbursts and fly off the handle. He tends to take his annoyance into account but doesn’t make too big of a deal out of it because unless it’s a personal attack on him, he remains neutral.

He will have an opinion but he won’t be angry about it. He’ll just think about it and come back to it. This is particularly useful when someone gets angry with him and tries to pick a fight.

Libra man will look at you and try to diffuse the situation. When he does this, it’s best for you to calm yourself down and talk to him like an adult. He’ll respond much better to your words then.

  • Doesn’t Carry Grudges
Libra man traits

Even when Libra man gets upset with someone, he will typically get over it quickly and let it go. He does have limits, however. If someone keeps attacking him or being critical of him over a period of time, he may finally say something.

Most of the time the Libra man recovers in a resilient fashion after someone pisses him off. He knows it’s not that important and no reason to be upset with something he cannot control. He uses his logic.

He may even get irritated if something goes wrong with work or in his environment. Just as quick as he got triggered, he’ll quickly diffuse it and resume his normal routines.

I cannot think of one Libra man that hates anyone. He may not like someone and may not want to interact with them due to things they’ve done but he won’t hate them and will be civil if he has to be around them at some point again.

  • Charming and Lots of Fun

The Libra man is really fun to be around. He has such a way about him that draws everyone in. He’s quite familiar with being the center of attention because everyone is just so interested in what he has to say or stories he has to tell.

Libra man is excellent in telling stories of things he’s been through or places he’s been. Everyone wants to hear more. This is why some Libra men become authors or researchers.

He’s well spoken, intelligent, and can be very funny. He knows what to say and how to say it in order to make people feel really comfortable around him. Even if he doesn’t like someone, they’d never know it.

He doesn’t let on to anyone what he’s really feeling unless it’s someone particularly close to him. Otherwise, no one really knows what is going on in his mind. Either that or they think he really likes them.

Libra man is fantastic with laying it on thick. There aren’t many people that don’t fall victim to the Libra man’s tactics in sociability. The man is an expert in being around people.

The Dark Side of Libra Man

  • Self Centered, Selfish

The Libra man wants to find the right woman to be his soul mate. However, until he learns how to treat his potential partner with the same amount of lavish treatment as he does with himself, he’s going to fail.

He puts himself first and doesn’t see why that’s a problem. Yes we must love ourselves first before we can truly know how to love someone else. However, he takes that a bit too far.

To him it means to give himself the very best and not give too much thought on what the other person in the relationship may mean. An example would be him going shopping and coming home with new stuff.

You notice that he didn’t pick anything up for you at all even though there was a big sale. It’s not that you expect it but it sure would be nice for him to think of you even if it’s just something small right?

He doesn’t really “get” this. He thinks of himself and what he wants at the time which can be tricky when he’s trying to form a lifelong bond with someone he really cares for. He has to learn to treat his partner as he treats himself.

  • Doesn’t Open Up Enough
Libra Man Traits

The Libra man opens up to an extent about who he is but not fully. He harbors secrets and doesn’t think he has to share them with anyone, ever. This makes him seem sketchy at times.

He tends to hold in his upsets for so long that one day he finally snaps. He says really awful things that his partner isn’t expecting and had no idea he was upset about in the first place.

It’s a really hard thing for his partner to hear about all the ways she’s upset him and how he carried it for so long before he said something. Now he resents her and yet she had no way of knowing to fix or change anything.

Bad communication is what happens with Libra man. He should speak up but he doesn’t and so things go awry and before you know it, it’s too late and he’s not in love anymore.

He may also be sneaky trying to flirt with other ladies and go so far as to text them with his personal cell phone. He isn’t planning to sleep with her and calls her a friend.

For a woman who is committed to him however, that feels like a direct slap in the face. Again, he is thinking of himself and his needs before his partners.

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Libra guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

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3 thoughts on “Libra Man Traits – Get to Know Him Better than Himself

  1. I have a married libra am in love with,he one-day surprised me by telling he loves me,that was on his children’s birthday and I asked why on that day but he replied we would talk face-to-face,but then he never did,and also after our first loving,he start distancing himself,am confused what do I do

    1. Hi Jennifer!

      Ok, he’s married and that doesn’t fare well for you. He will remain dedicated to his wife and will cater to her which means you will always be plan B until he calls it quits with her. I don’t think he knows what he is doing and he needs to figure himself out otherwise you’ll keep getting squat from him. I hope that makes sense. To understand Libra more you should check out my books. I think they could help you understand his personality better.

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