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How to Get a Libra Man to Ask You Out on a Date!

Charming, smart, sociable, altruistic; all characteristics I would use to describe the hopeless romantic of the Zodiac, the Libra man.

From his appreciation of art, history, hospitality, and aesthetics, the Libra man is easy on the eyes, and even more desirable once you engage this whimsical man in conversation.

From topics about food, politics, relationships, and how to save the world, a Libra man can talk about it all!

As a woman, I know it can be hard sometimes to let someone (especially your crush) know you are interested and that you want things to move along. 

However, when it comes to the brilliant and handsome Libra man, you do not want to miss your opportunity to get to know him better. He is truly one of a kind!

So how do you get this Casanova of a man to ask you out on a date? Do you make the first move and ask him first? Do you drop subtle hints and gently let him know he is your crush? Or do you take the patient route and wait until he comes to you?

Although these are all excellent options, I want to share three easy ways to let the Libra man know you are interested and ask you out on a date.

3 Ways to Get a Libra Man to Ask You Out on a Date

1. Tell Him You’re Single

Ways to Get a Libra Man to Ask You Out on a Date

You probably would not think to tell a man at first sight that you are single and ready to mingle, especially if you are just starting to form a connection, but to the semi-traditional Libra man, availability is important.

With Libra being a talkative air sign, communication is everything. So, if you want him to know you are available and are open to dating, you need to tell him. He needs to hear or read the words ‘I am single and ready to date.’

Because he is the Zodiac sign most associated with balance and harmony, the last thing the Libra man ever wants to do is cause stress or overstep a boundary. 

So, if you don’t want to make things weird or have him playing an unnecessary guessing game, keep the lines of communication open and let him know where you stand. Make it very clear that he is what you want in a man.

If he is still not getting the hint after you told him you’re available, mention an event or activity you want to go to that you know he would like. Perhaps you can suggest that you go together.

By telling him you are single and then suggesting an activity to him, you are letting him know that even if you don’t go out when you suggested, you’re still open to the possibility of another date in the near future.

2. Tell Him You’re Hungry

Easy Ways To Get A Libra Man To Ask You Out On A Date

Maybe this may sound funny to you, but I promise it works! If you know or have recently connected with the Libra man, and you want him to ask you out on a date, tell him you were hungry and watch how fast he feeds you! 

As a romantic man ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, the Libra man finds great pleasure in pleasing others, especially through the art of culinary sensation.

Whether he prepares a home cooked meal, whisks you away for an elaborate dinner in the city, or picks up takeout from his favorite local restaurant, food will always be the way to Libra man’s heart. Cooking and eating or one of his many love languages.

And yes, if you want to get to Libra man to ask you out, bring food into the mix! Not only does he love cooking and eating, he loves the connection and intimacy the art of hospitality brain, he enjoys interacting with people.

3. Be An Eyecatcher! Show Off!

Showing Off To A Libra Man

Although we want to believe that physical appearances in first impressions don’t matter, they do, especially to the Libra man.

To the Libra man, you are what you look like. So, if you dress the part, you are the part, and vice a versa.

When it comes to getting the attention of Libra man, he loves a woman who knows how to stand out. And not in a negative way either, I mean the modern, classy, and intellectual woman who knows how to confidently wear a dress. 

So, when it comes down to him asking you on a date, you won’t have to beg or do anything negative for attention if you humbly toot your own horn and let your confidence speak for itself. 

Because the Libra man is a relationship-oriented air sign, he’s turned on by the woman who is comfortable in her skin! He feels his best in a balanced relationship with someone creative and original. Being with someone innovative encourages him to take better care of himself. 

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Final Thoughts

 Overall, the best way to get a libra man to ask you out on a date is to:

  1. Make sure he actually knows your single. Despite your confidence, he may not know you are available, and he will hold back!
  2. Take advantage of his love for food and use it as an ice breaker to ask you on a real date. 
  3. Do your best to be yourself at all times so you can naturally stand out in a crowd. He won’t be able to resist! 

Now that you know my suggestions on how to get a libra man to ask you out on a date, what are some tips that you have learned or experienced to get a Libra man to ask you out? 

Let me know in the comments.

And if you’re dying to know more about the intelligent and charming Libra man, check out my blog here: Libra Man Secrets.

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach