Libra Man Horoscope For June 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
June 2024 horoscope for your Libra man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2024! How is June going to treat your Libra man?

Welcome Sweethearts, to the month of June, and it’s going to be off to a cracking start because we have a stellium of planets, along with the New Moon in Gemini.

Now, Jupiter has just moved into Gemini as well, and in week one, we have Mercury moving into Gemini, so we will have Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter all in Gemini during the first two weeks. This will have an important impact which we will be discussing.

Jupiter in Gemini means there’s a distinctly different flavor throughout the rest of the year from what there was in the first 5 months. This is a time of ideas, study, expansion, and exciting communication. There’s also much more of a restless energy, a desire to be pioneering, and to explore.

What a fantastic time for all your hobbies, your social life, and having fun! But also, an excellent time to improve yourself intellectually, to gather knowledge, and to be empowered. Now, knowledge is power, and with Jupiter in Gemini, it is the key to unlocking your and your Man’s future.

Now, for all star signs, it’s very important right now to dabble in new things. Variety is the spice of life, and this is a time for attracting new friends, acquaintances, and forging new partnerships, whether they are romantic, business, or social.

Remember, with Jupiter in Gemini, there’s a slightly lighter touch with less attachment, so there’s a dilution of the heavy energies of Taurus, which represent the desire for commitment and sometimes jealousy and possessiveness.

So, the whole flavor of relationships going throughout the rest of the year is to be mutually supportive but always to focus on independence, humor, and novelty in the relationship. This is also a great sign for money-making, so rub your hands together and get excited.

With that said, let’s get going onto the June reading.

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Libra Man this June…

Mercury enters Gemini – 4th of June

This is generally a positive placement for Libra Man, but it’s not the most romantic of placements because he can often be distracted and less interested in intimacy. He tends to feel quite restless, and he enjoys trying new things and working on personal challenges.

So, what you really need to do now is take a flexible approach to the relationship. Certainly, be encouraging towards him, and if he is excited about something, go with it.

What he doesn’t really like now is any feeling of being boxed in—not necessarily physically, but also mentally. He reacts more strongly to any kind of pessimism or you being judgmental, so it’s important for you to know when to give him some space but also to take a high-minded attitude. Don’t be too focused on the past; be forgiving. The key is just water off a duck’s back—try not to let things affect you.

New Moon in Gemini – 6th of June

For Libra Man, this is quite a rejuvenating placement. It can definitely imbue him with a little bit of motivation, so if he’s been feeling a touch flat or blue, or perhaps has had worries and anxieties, this is a time when he finds it easier to take a positive, proactive approach and generate some ideas.

What’s great for you as a couple with this New Moon is doing some brainstorming, thinking about things you’d like to do as a couple, some new goals or aspirations, or just thinking outside the box about anything that’s troubling you. Sometimes it’s great to just tear up the plan and make a brand new plan.

If things aren’t working, this is the time to say, “We’ve had enough of it. We don’t care what happens, we’re going to do it our way from now on.” It’s very important for you both to have a certain risk-taking attitude to life. Now, that doesn’t mean you should be reckless, but you shouldn’t be too conservative or hold yourselves back. The future is to be grabbed.

Mars enters Taurus – 10th of June 

Now, this placement can make Libra Man quite difficult to understand. It brings out his more stubborn nature and can also make him quite reactionary. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what he really wants or thinks because conflicted emotions tend to come to the surface.

If there’s been anything that has recently upset him or made him angry, it’s very important that he burns it off in positive ways. In fact, working out at the gym or focusing on some exercise can actually be a great outlet for him.

He’s really got a lot of energy right now, but if he doesn’t handle it correctly, it can spill over into frustration, arguments, or even a kind of jealous attitude. This is also a good time to work hard at any financial goals you have or sort out financial problems.

Venus enters Cancer – 18th of June

This is pretty good for his work, and if he has any important work events, job interviews, or work-related entertaining coming up, do support him in that because it’s sure to yield dividends. However, it also means he’s very image-conscious, so it’s definitely not a time to be having any arguments in public. Just be more aware of privacy in your relationship. Keep your issues to yourself, keep on a brave face, and try not to let the side down.

What he needs now is a strong woman to back him up, so try not to detract from anything that he may be trying to achieve in terms of his work. If you appreciate his efforts and give him some encouragement, he will love that. Take a little bit of an interest in his current aims and ambitions, and this will keep the relationship really strong.

In terms of dating, if you are currently in the same job as Libra Man, he enjoys talking shop, and that should reinforce the relationship.

Sun enters Cancer – 21st of June 

This is certainly a time to help him make decisions. This should be a decisive and proactive period, so it’s great for you as a couple to make plans, act on them, and make them happen. It’s vital right now that he has a high level of agency. So, whatever is going on in your lives, don’t let it drift—don’t put it off to another day. With the Sun in Cancer, it’s certainly time to show a strong intention, work together as a team, or alternatively, help him make some decisions as you don’t want to delay.

Themes for a Libra Man this June 2024

Libra Man can be a little bit distracted, he’s not always at his most romantic. In fact, this is a good month for problem-solving, planning, and getting things done, so it tends to all be about action and focus. What you can do as a couple to improve your relationship is show that you believe in him, support him in his goals, and don’t detract from anything he’s doing. Be a loyal supporter, be in his corner—this improves trust, which is a vital component of the month.

Magic Motto – “We are stronger than we know and we don’t shy away from big decisions.”

Magic Text – “Nobody gets it like I get it, we don’t need gimmicks as we have chemistry.”


The moon waxes from the 6th to the 21st making this the best period for his new initiatives and projects. This is also the most successful time for new relationships goals, discussions and starting dating. Any major new directions or decisions should be planned for this waxing phase. The waning phase in-between is better for contemplating, fulfilling promises, reflecting on progress, adjusting to circumstances and completion.

Real estate deals or looking for property or a new home can begin or be resumed during the waxing phase. Planning large family events and having people to stay is favored. This is a good time to open a new business in the hospitality, tourism or environment industry. Excellent for DIY, home improvements and clear-outs or garage sales. It’s a suitable phase for dealing with private and family matters.


This fortnight competitive and physically demanding tasks are not favored. Getting treatments like physiotherapy, osteotherapy, chiropractic therapy or reflexology may not be successful. Careers or activities needing confidence and assertiveness are less favored. Not a good time for him to do something totally unfamiliar to him.

Not a good time for him to start a new job or take on a leadership or management role. Dealing with the public and PR are not suitable for him.

Not a great waxing phase for networking and professional events. Joining new groups and organizations, especially political ones, is not favored. Caution is needed in social media activities.

The waxing phase is not ideal for loans, mortgages or taking on more debt. Managing large sums of money is not advisable. Not a suitable time for tax and accounting changes. New sexual relationships aren’t favored. New research and development projects are not successful.

June 2024 Horoscope for a Libra Man

Week 1 – Getting away from it all

Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius is pretty good for any relationship that has a long-distance element or where you guys are both working hard to achieve something together.

Relationships that have a high level of activity and joint focus do well; however, relationships that are stagnating and feeling really restrictive are going to have problems, so flexibility is absolutely key. You immediately have to address anywhere that your relationship is running aground and improve the communication or jump onto some problem-solving.

It’s a good time for planning a trip. Sometimes you guys just need to get away from the routine to reboot yourselves and get a perspective, so it’s great to just get into a totally new environment and experience something different.

Week 2 – Crisis point 

This is definitely a tricky week with Mars in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius. He is feeling very sexual, but his ego is also fragile, meaning he can be jealous and very possessive. If you have a good sex life in general, this is a time when it’s great to spend time alone, so you definitely want to be getting the babysitter and the au pair to look after the children so that you can have some hot summer nights.

However, if the relationship has been difficult recently and you’re not agreeing on much, things can reach a crisis point, but it is a good time to clear the air, and even an argument could be quite productive in order to just move the dial and launch a new phase in your relationship.

Week 3 – Bridge over troubled waters

This week is very much about pouring oil on troubled waters, diplomacy, and putting on a brave face. If things are generally going well in your relationship, this is quite a fun time; there should be events to attend together, and it’s another week where it’s quite good to take a trip away and escape.

However, if things have been difficult recently, this is a time when you have to set a clear intention, come together as a team, and use pragmatism and a certain amount of stoicism to work through your problems. Be logical, don’t allow emotions to take over, and there’s no reason why you can’t set out a brand new chapter in your relationship.

Week 4 – Good bedfellows 

This is definitely a positive time in his career, a period where he can make an impression, and it’s quite solid in terms of communicating with the public and good PR. What you can do as a partner is be reassuring, take an interest, and be a good sounding board.

Sometimes what he most wants is someone to just help him work through things, so you don’t necessarily have to help him come up with solutions but just be a good listener and make the right noises, and he’ll probably come to the right decision.


So, what do we have this week? We have the potential in June for some brand new directions, renewed positivity, and increasing momentum in your relationship. But it’s so important not to be dragged into any arguing or heightened levels of emotion.

Even when he’s a bit testy, keep your head, stay calm, and keep your eye on the facts.

Right now, it’s so important not to get distracted with things that are ephemeral. You want to know what is really going to make the next few months of your life fall into place, and you want to focus on that. So, first things first.

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