When A Libra Man Ignores Your Texts Or Stops Talking To You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Libra man ignoring your texts? Does it frustrate you like crazy? If so, keep on reading because there's one important thing you need to do when a Libra man ignores your texts.

Does your Libra man take ages to reply? He goes silent, and your mind turns to the worst-case scenario. It’s a natural human response when a Libra man ignores your text…

There is a whole lot to love about the sweet and tender Libra man, but his unresponsiveness drives women crazy. There are things about a Libra man that may turn you off or cause you to question your relationship. So, what to do when Libra man ignores your text?

You might want to know what you can expect from your Libra man when things don’t go smoothly before you get too comfortable dating him. Sometimes, a Libra man doesn’t answer texts right away and this is not necessarily a red flag, but it is, when a Libra man stops talking to you.

What if he’s not answering at all, yet, you still see him on his social media. He still has you on his friend’s list… What is going on with this Libra man? Have you ever wondered: ‘Why is my Libra man ignoring me?’

Keep reading, because I want to help you to learn the most common reasons why a Libra man avoids your texts. Your Libra man problems can be solved if you are ready to take the right steps.

When A Libra Man Ignores Your Texts, It Leaves You Wondering…

When a Libra man ignores your texts or stops talking to you, it can be frustrating, but you love him too much to give up the relationship…

The Libra man is not complicated. But sometimes, your Libra man may blow hot and cold because he’s trying to make some sort of decision about you and the relationship. When he is upset, he becomes unresponsive.

This is part of who he is, and you may not understand it (or want to accept it), but he comes from the element of air. This makes him more mentally equipped and causes his moods to change on a dime.

Your Libra man may be going through things you don’t even know about, and as a result, he closes himself off until he can get back on track. He requires your patience and love.

When your Libra man goes silent, it’s potentially because he has just retreated into his head. He could be worrying about where the relationship is going, feeling insecure, falling in love, or overthinking.

Have you ever wondered what scares a Libra man away? Then please keep on reading…

Why A Libra Man Ignores Your Texts? 6 Reasons

1. Your Libra Man May Be Ignoring You Because He Feels Pressured

Are you pressuring your Libra guy by texting too often or asking him too many questions? You may not realize it, but this may be the cause of his disappearance…

If he feels pressured to get more serious before he’s ready for it, then he will likely back down a bit. Libras are not in a rush, and want to take things slowly. Sending him lots of texts may make him think that you are trying to go too fast, which will definitely make him uncomfortable.

Libra is the type of guy that will pack it up and run if he feels pushed into doing anything. It’s a knee-jerk reaction (not the most thoughtful, I might add, but his reaction nonetheless). He believes that if he dives into a relationship, he is going to regret it somehow.

2. He Doesn’t Know How To Fit You Into His Life, So He Starts To Ignore You

A Libra man seeks on balance and harmony, and has his life set up in the way he wants it (for the most part). When a Libra man starts dating you, this throws a wrench into his carefully cultivated plan.

He will enjoy it at first, but then he’ll start thinking about his future and how things have been going so far. He may receive a promotion at work or pick up another project. This makes the Libra guy think about the time he spends with you.

He has to weigh his options to figure out if he can fit you into this life that he has planned out for himself. Libra ponders about whether or not a relationship with you makes sense with all that he wants to do.

This is why it can take him time to figure out if he wants to continue the relationship. It also makes your Libra man pull back from responding to your texts or even stop reaching out to you first.

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3. A Libra Man Stops Responding To Texts Because He’s Not Over His Ex

Sometimes the reason why a Libra man ignores you or has gone cold is that he may still be thinking about his ex. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon…

If a Libra man has been married, or nearly married, he will carry that over with him into his next relationship. He tends to lug that baggage around, no matter how heavy.

Your Libra guy may still harbor feelings (good and bad) about his ex, and because he hasn’t let go, he isn’t ready to move forward. It doesn’t give your relationship a chance. He has to learn how to let go of the past and realize that not all women are the same.

You don’t need to be blamed for something that his ex did. His paranoia gets the better of him – I’m not kidding about this! A Libra will drive himself nuts with worry about your relationship, and whether or not the past will repeat itself. He doesn’t want to get hurt and this is his way of protecting himself.

4. Your Libra Man Takes Ages To Reply Because Work Keep Him Busy

The Libra man likes to keep himself busy because he’s one of the Zodiac signs that cannot stand boredom. He will busy himself with lots of tasks and projects to keep himself occupied.

Sadly, this also means he could pull back from you which makes you feel lonely. He isn’t trying to hurt you at all, but rather just trying to keep himself feeling productive and accomplished.

The Libra man loves to dabble in many different activities and hobbies, and sometimes he doesn’t know how to balance work and fun (despite his ever-lasting chase for equilibrium). He may overdo it with work or extracurriculars and be left utterly exhausted.

It’s a struggle for him to maintain a healthy balance but if you’re patient and take things slow, this will ease his mind and make him more comfortable in being with you.

5. Is A Libra Man Ignoring Me Because He Isn’t Ready For A Relationship? SURE, yes

I know some parts of this article are tough to hear, but I have to be honest and straightforward with my guidance.

This can also be a very big problem when you’ve fallen deeply for a Libra man who may not realize he isn’t in the right mindset for a relationship. He may excitedly dive in and have fun with you, but he may not consider the consequences.

An example would be when a Libra man goes out with you a few times, and you think that he may be the one, but he’s not going there at all. He’s thinking that you two are just friends having a good time. He’s giving you the wrong impression, however.

If your Libra man is not texting you back or takes ages to reply back to you, you’re not his priority and he’s showing you that.

6. A Libra Man Stops Talking To You Because He Changed His Mind About You

If he has changed his mind about being with you, it’s likely because he rushed in too quickly and discovered things about the connection that didn’t sit well with him.

You’ll know if this is the reason for his quietness because he won’t respond to you at all anymore. Send him a text telling him you enjoyed your time with him but would like to know why he’s quiet now.

He should be pretty honest with you when you ask. He won’t want to leave you hanging any longer than necessary. Just be prepared that he may not stay friends with you either.

If he does, then he may clue you into why he lost interest later on down the line. Sadly, this is one I see often of the common reasons why a Libra man ignores your texts.

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When A Libra Man Ignores Your Texts — Is He Testing You?

Well, a Libra man is not capable of manipulating you; therefore, when he ignores your texts, it doesn’t mean that he is testing you. Most of the tests he uses are based on observation. He will simply observe your reactions to see if you are a match for him. Libra is famous for long-term planning, and he won’t just stop answering your text to test your reaction.

You won’t even notice if you are being tested by him. Libra despises clingy behavior, so he may pull back to see how you will react, but that doesn’t include ignoring your texts. He does that for other reasons.

Why a Libra man ignores you and how long he will ignore you depends on his level of comfort, his maturity, the perception he has of you, and your relationship with him. 

When A Libra Man Doesn’t Answer Texts, Should I Reach Out To Him?

No, you should not wait for a Libra man to text you first. You would wait for a couple of days to see if he will get back to you eventually, but if he doesn’t, don’t start bombarding him with texts because he will feel the pressure and want to shut down even further with you. If you do that enough, he may even call it quits.

So often you might feel like you are texting your Libra man first, however, when a Libra man is smitten and totally in love he will probably text you all day, every day. He can get pretty into it once he’s solidified his feelings for someone. 

When a Libra man is still making up his mind about his feelings – and if you don’t know this about a Libra man, they can be pretty indecisive and take forever to make a decision about someone. 

The first thing you need to do when a day or two goes by without contact is to keep your cool. It’s not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Not yet, anyway.

If it goes weeks at a time then there is something you can question. A Libra man won’t do that unless he’s not into you anymore. Just mere days or even just one week isn’t an end-all for you.

Don’t text him asking him what’s wrong. There may be nothing wrong at all and that question will annoy him. If he wanted to talk about it, he’d reach out to you. Don’t let your worries get the better of you. Blowing up his phone is a huge mistake.

Give him a little time before you reach out again. If he still doesn’t reach out you can do a test text with him saying, “Hi there, how are you?” He should answer but if not, maybe he’s decided this isn’t for him.

What To Do When A Libra Man Is Ignoring You

The Libra man is pretty strong-willed, but if he cares about you at all, you can find a way in and transform it into a forever type of love! There are some things that you can text him which will get his attention and wake him up!

Always be upfront with your intention. You can tell him your viewpoint, ask him how he sees this relationship going but ultimately, tell him that you’ll be there for him no matter what he does. That way he knows what’s on your mind and he’ll let you know if he’s alright with that or if he is dead set against it. 

I cannot stress the importance of your own independence. Be social, show up where he is and put yourself in the spotlight. He won’t know what to do with himself. I know that’s not texting, but it’s where texting can lead to.

Get his head out of the clouds and focus on you! You absolutely can turn things around. It’s crucial that you take your time and don’t try to rush him. There are ways to win his heart without pressuring him. Don’t let his lack of response drive you crazy!

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When A Libra Man Ignores Your Texts, You Can Do This…

It can be so frustrating to send your Libra man a text message and see “seen”… But then have no reply for hours or maybe even days. Sometimes, Libra man takes ages to reply. 

Why in the world would he do this?

You might start feeling anxious or wondering if he even cares at ALL!

Unfortunately, a lot of dating advice written for men in general just WON’T work with Libra. They are wired a bit differently than men of other sun signs.

And if you treat your Libra man the same as other men, you might lose him forever.

There are so many dating coaches that tell you exactly what to do when you text your man… And what NOT to do.

Unfortunately, their advice can REALLY backfire with Libra.

And there are three specific mistakes you NEVER want to make when texting your Libra.

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I don’t want you to scare your Libra man away. Especially when it can be incredibly easy to capture his heart through text messages… 

IF you know what you are doing!

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

When you know EXACTLY what to text him… and what to NEVER text him… He will be putty in your hands. And he’ll make sure to reply to you quickly and lovingly.

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Sending you love,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

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