Libra Man Horoscope For March 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
March 2024 horoscope for your Libra man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2024! How is March going to treat your Libra man?

Hello sweethearts, and welcome to the revealing and intriguing March horoscope for a Libra man. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is in the air, suddenly the new shoots are coming through, the weather’s beginning to improve, and the days begin to get lighter.

Additionally, March is a very important month because, whether you are in the Southern Hemisphere heading into the cooler months, which can be a kind of relief, or in the Northern Hemisphere heading for warmth, it’s still the equinox, which is a seminal moment in the year when a New Year is born.

So while technically January is the beginning of our calendar year, astrologically, March, as the sun goes across the Taurus point, is the beginning of a New Year. So it’s a fantastic time, whether you are going into spring or autumn, to set brand new intentions and new relationship resolutions.

Keep reading for a Libra man March horoscope:

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Libra Man this March…

New Moon in Capricorn on March 10th, 2024

Now this is a tricky New Moon for a Libra man, and you have to be careful how you handle him. It’s important for him to feel on top of things and to have a routine, so he’s looking to have a little bit of structure, and he’s more likely to resist anything frivolous or spontaneous.

This is actually a great time to encourage him to pursue wellness, to be more healthy, to eat better, and to exercise. If you are a couple who enjoy personal development and sports, this is an excellent time to set goals and start getting fit ahead of the new season.

This is an awesome time to get into a position where you feel more at the top of things, so understanding priorities, working hard at commitment, and doing thoughtful and meaningful things for each other are vital. This transit is more than just romance itself; romance is about the thought behind it as well as the quality of the exchange.

This is a time where he can be quite critical, so don’t be sloppy, be mindful, and watch your manners. If you’re going to do something, do it properly.

Mercury enters Aries on March 11th, 2024

Since Aries rules his seventh house of marriage and relationships, the entry into Aries of Mercury, the planet of communication, is great news for discussions, banter, humor, and re-establishing an intellectual rapport

This is also an awesome time for debate and brainstorming in the relationship, and if your relationship is broken down, it’s an ideal time for reconciliation. However, the key here is being logical and rational.

This is certainly not a time to approach your problems from a highly emotional and sensitive point of view. Facts first! So make sure that you guys are on the same page and that you’re looking at exactly what’s happening rather than using preconceived ideas or allowing your imagination to run riot.

On March 12th, Venus enters Pisces

This is actually a really good transit for those of you who work together or who have a blossoming romance at the office. He is spending a lot of time at work; there may be more work socials, so it really helps if you either work together or at least share an interest in the same kind of profession.

What’s really important now is to be an encouraging and reassuring force. During this period, he’s liable to doubt himself, he can be a little bit insecure, and he’s often not really aware of the full potential of events because he is often thinking too small.

Sometimes during this space, he’s self-critical, and sometimes he projects that by being critical of you, and that can be difficult to handle. If he’s being a little bit edgy, he simply needs more rest and a little bit of space. This is definitely a time when less is more, so don’t bombard him.

On March 21st, Sun enters Aries

As Aries is the opposite sign to Libra, the sun entering Aries is an excellent time to put the focus on your relationship. This is a marvelous time for a fresh attitude and for some new initiatives to improve the way your relationship works, but what’s key right now is not making your relationship last on the list.

Yes, work is quite a big focus for him, and it may be for you too, but you have to make sure that your relationship is not being neglected. There’s always time! Everyone always says they don’t have time, but time can always be made if it’s a priority, so right now you need to make romance, teamwork, and working on your relationship a priority, because if you put it off now, things can drift. This is an ideal opportunity to work hard to make your relationship exactly what it can be.

This is also a time for you to show optimism and courage, as the way to boost the relationship is for you to show belief and strength. If you come from a position of neediness and sensitivity, it’s more likely that attempts to improve the relationship will fail, but to the extent that you are positive and have a very keen attitude, things can improve.

Mars enters Pisces on March 23rd, 2024

This is a great period for getting organized and getting things done. Now, Libra Man likes to live an organized life, and he desires peace of mind. He doesn’t like discord or disharmony, which means he needs to be organised in terms of his home and work.

Anything you can do to improve the efficiency of the way your lives work or perhaps help him do a clear-out and get on top of things would be great. If you are dating, this is a time to show him how much he means to you by doing something totally unexpected that will surprise him but also be helpful in a practical way.

Themes for a Libra Man this March 2024

The themes this month are very much based around communication and pragmatism. It’s important for you to be realistic and to see your relationship for exactly where and what it is. Be cognizant of the positives, the negatives, and the threats, and develop a really clear game plan on how to improve those.

Communication should be clear and aimed at circumventing drama. Do not to resort to hyperbole. It’s important now to take life forward and emphasize positive attitudes toward relationships because a lot can be achieved.

Magic Motto: “Communication isn’t the end goal but the lifeblood of our relationship.”

Magic Text: “If it’s important to you, it’s important to me, and I’ll back you up.”


The moon waxes from the 10th to the 25th of March, and during this New Moon phase, it’s ideal for him to embark on new activities and new initiatives, and it’s great for being proactive and planning changes and initiatives.

A great waxing phase for marriage and engagement. It is also an excellent time for persuasion. Teamwork is important. Negotiations speed up, and it’s a great time to share ideas and work with others on problem solving.

This is an energetic time in love that’s perfect for working toward goals and challenges and putting your heads together to improve your marriage in practical ways. A favorable time for new business partnerships, legal battles, or getting advice from experts.

This is a good time for property improvements and redecorating. Family gatherings are successful.


This is not a suitable waxing phase for romantic liaisons, dating, double dates, social activities, or arranging parties. It is also not the best phase for having date nights. This is not a good period for competitive activities and self-promotion. This is less favorable for new entertainment and leisure business projects. Dealing with children in terms of business and long-term decisions is not favored.

March 2024 Horoscope for a Libra Man

Week 1: Little Miss Motivation

During this week, your Libra man could be preoccupied, he’s often quite anxious and a little bit nervy. Things can quickly annoy him, so it’s very important for you to be cognizant of the things that tend to rub him up the wrong way and to steer clear of those issues.

It’s vital for you to be helpful, but try not to crowd him. Work is definitely playing on his mind, and he has a great need to get on top of things. He’s very motivated right now, but sometimes he can also feel a little bit daunted, so remember to show him that you believe in him and give him a few compliments about his abilities here and there, as that can definitely move the dial.

A little bit of spontaneity can work well in relationships, but don’t overdo it.

Week 2: Seize the joystick of love.

Now this is certainly a very sensitive time for your Libra man, but let me warn you, he may try your patience, so it’s quite important for you to have some time to yourself to pursue your hobbies and your interests.

Show him a lot of independence and emotional maturity. Very often right now, he can get stuck in that kind of indecisive weighing of pros and cons that a Libra man does, and he can almost get into a loop where he’s stuck in the stalemate of analyzing and worrying rather than actually doing something.

Sometimes it’s up to you to be decisive and to make the decisions in the relationship. If you guys are dating, this is an ideal time to make a move on him, let him know that you are keen, and take it from there.

Week 3: Balancing Act

This week, the relationship needs perspective. It is sometimes important to have some down time hanging out with friends or getting more involved in social activities to take the pressure off the relationship.

This is an ideal month to be working on your relationship, but sometimes it can feel a bit much, it can become too intense, and often getting agreement or understanding is hard work.

Why is it hard work? It’s because he wants more commitment, but he’s suffering some internal battles right now that are undermining his confidence, and sometimes he’s a bit lower on energy. So the key in all relationships right now is to make sure you both get enough rest, down time, and appropriate work-life balance, because if he’s not, he’ll be out of balance, and it’ll affect the relationship.

Week 4: Luck and Love

Now sometimes this month things felt uphill, but this is a week for fun, and there’s a large amount of luck involved too. This is an ideal time to be traveling, trying new things, and romance with a Libra man is supercharged.

It’s an awesome time for spending more time together, going out with friends, attending festivals, and being adventurous, as basically the sky’s the limit. So what you want to do this week is clear the calendar and make it all about enjoyment and having a good time to replenish your lust for life.


In summary, this month is very important for your relationship with a Libra man. It’s a pivotal time when things can move ahead in a much stronger and positive way, but remember that it’s very important to give him positive reinforcement and to be creative and thoughtful in the way you show your love.

It’s all about deeds, not words, right now, it’s also about a healthy attitude in the relationship, and that means having a good work life balance, working together as a team, and being positive even when the going is tough.

This can be a great time for relationships to move forward and for brand new relationships to get well and truly off the starting blocks and to first base.

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