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The Libra Man with Libra Rising – What is up with this combo?

What is a Libra man like when he has Libra rising? Well I’m about to explain to you what he is most likely going to be like. Whether it’s life, friendship, or personal relationships, he’s going to be rather doubled up. Keep reading to find out what he may actually be like when you’re getting to know him.

Double the Pleasure

Libra man is very pleasant to be around. When you add Libra Rising to the mix… you get Libra through and through. This is the genuine Libra man. He’s someone who is warm, caring, giving, and who will be wonderful to hang out with.

Whether you’re trying to forge a friendship with him or you’re trying to get to the more romantic side, this guy will definitely sweep you off your feet with his ability to be very romantic.

This man is the epitome of beauty and sweet character. No matter what thoughts he may have rolling around in his head, he’ll always sound rather positive and pleasant rather than judgmental or crass.

The Libra/Libra rising man is very social and wants to go be among the crowd as much as possible. He wants to be seen, heard, and known. Even if he’s still a bit mysterious, he wants to know people acknowledge how awesome he is.

Being doubled up on his own sign, he’s going to find that he truly makes decisions after he’s weighed the options. No matter what he does, he considers everything very carefully before he takes action.

He doesn’t want to make a mistake and so he’ll delicately do things based on what he thinks or feels is fair. Whether that be in friendship, with business, or trying to form a serious relationship.

Love and Sex

Pretty loving couple is luxuriating in bed together - The Libra Man with Libra Rising

He may take some time to think things over before he will give his heart away to someone. He’ll take a great deal of time getting to know her while securing that he still has personal freedom.

He will not want to get involved with someone who will not let him have breathing room at times. Therefore he likes to test and flex the freedom he has in order to see if the woman will be problematic or accepting.

Once he does see that the woman he’s into is going to be flexible with him, he’ll be more inclined to get to know her more. This may not lead to sex right away but it could. It depends on where his head is at that moment.

Libra men are capable of one night stands and flings. If he sees it as being just that and no one will get hurt out of it, he may agree to it. It has to meet his logic and desires when it happens.

I will tell you this, when he’s ready to settle down though, he won’t bother with flings or sex with just “seeing” one another. If he slips and does it once, he’ll feel absolutely guilty about it.

In other words, the woman he gives sex and his heart both to, he has to be certain that she meets up to what he’s looking for in a partner. If he finds this woman to meet his criteria then it’s game on!

He’ll be an attentive lover as long as the woman makes the first move and lets him know when she’s in the mood. Don’t be surprised though if he decides he needs to schedule it.

Priorities are not an easy thing for Libra. He often prioritizes things in the wrong order. He’ll learn with time and with the right partner, what is most important. An example would be him placing his career in first place.

If he back burners his partner too much because of his love for work, eventually the partner will lose love and will leave. Then he will learn the painful lesson of why his love should be first rather than career.

A Mysterious Folk

The Libra man with Libra rising will absolutely be one that will have secrets he maintains with regularity. He may keep really insignificant things a secret just for the sake of having something totally to himself.

It may seem silly but he may have days where he says “I’m going to run errands” and won’t tell you where he’s going or what he’s doing other than what he’s already stated.

This is him flexing his mysterious behavior and also showing you that he is independent and doesn’t have to report to you. This is his need for breathing room and if he’s going to run errands, he’s going to do things by himself.

It may be simple stuff like going to the grocery store, paying bills, etc. It doesn’t mean he’s going to out to bang some other woman. Don’t get it twisted. Though he’s not forthright, it doesn’t mean he’s not being truthful.

You’ll have to trust that what he says is what it is and it doesn’t mean he’s doing anything wrong. Once you figure this out, you’ll have a more successful run with him. If you cannot trust in him then this is something you need to work on before loving a Libra man.

His Needs

handsome young man smiling outdoors - The Libra Man with Libra Rising

He will never fully 100% disclose who he is. He’ll give you snippets and you’ll get to know him over a great deal of time. Patience will absolutely be the key to winning this guy and keeping him.

Don’t accuse him of anything unless you know the facts and don’t assume anything because odds are, you’ll end up being very wrong. Be careful and be gentle with him.

He doesn’t do well with criticism or questioning what he does. He’ll take offense and be very hurt by it. I’m not saying you should walk on eggshells but I am saying, you’ll need to learn tact and diplomacy.

When you’re able to talk to him without sounding like you’re attacking him, you’ll find better success with him and possibly win his love forever!

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Libra guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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