The Most Common Libra Man Weakness In Love

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The most common Libra Man weakness is something you need to know so that you’re not caught off guard. You’ll be armed with what you need to succeed with this guy as long as you keep reading for more information.

Libra men just love, well, love! Relationships turn their world upside down. These romantics have a strong desire to be coupled up, and this is why you should know you have all the power. The most common Libra man weakness in love is his heart and how much he wants to love. 

However, this goes very deep and it is important that you learn everything about him to make sure that you give him what he needs in his relationship with you. Empower yourself to create the most amazing relationship with your Libra man. 

The only thing with the Libra man is that he also has a ton of flaws that can be seen as weaknesses, unfortunately. It is important that you know what you are getting yourself into before you decide to commit to him.

Are you interested in getting closer to your Libra man and truly understanding who he is? Then it is very important that you keep on reading to find out exactly how to make your Libra man totally weak in the knees but what you need to be warned about before getting involved with him.

Libra Men In Love And Relationships — Basics

When a Libra man is in love, he is one of the best partners you could ever imagine. His sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, romance, and relationships. This is why he adores being coupled up so much. 

He is very romantic and cares deeply about the woman he is with. A Libra man will go out of his way to make her happy. He will take her on the most magnificent dates and absolutely treat her like a Queen. 

The Libra man definitely knows how to switch on the charm and make his lady feel like the most special woman on earth. This is a man who will be very committed to the relationship and go above and beyond to keep the relationship as strong as possible. 

Being in a romantic relationship is very important to a Libra man so he will really go the extra mile to keep the relationship strong. He is a wonderful partner to have because he is so willing to compromise and find the right solutions for the problems you two might face together. 

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5 Libra Man Weaknesses In Love

He Struggles To Find The Balance

You may have heard that Libra is supposed to represent balance. Well, the truth is, they aren’t balanced at all. They have to work to achieve this throughout their lives. They aren’t naturally born this way.

In fact, they are struggling in their daily lives with trying to find balance. Some become too immersed in their projects, jobs, or daydreams. If they work too much, they forget to play. If they play too much, they slack off on work.

Finding balance is difficult and sometimes elusive. They aren’t sure how to do equal amounts of work and play. This is indeed a weakness that Libra man possesses. It makes relationships difficult for him as well.

If he’s too focused on work or his career, he may neglect his lover or partner. He may find time for her for a week or two then he mysteriously cools off leaving his partner confused. He decided work needed to be priority again.

Basically he realized he’s imbalanced and tries to correct it but in the pursuit of trying to fix things, he then leaves his lover confused and hurt thinking he doesn’t want her anymore.

Sometimes this can actually lead a Libra man to deciding that he doesn’t want a relationship or isn’t ready. He just has no clue how to juggle all the facets in his life and maintain a relationship at the same time.

Libra man has to learn the proper techniques to creating and maintaining balance. He normally will learn this better later on in life but sadly; he may leave many relationships in his wake.

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He Can Be Self-Centered

If you’ve gotten yourself entangled with a Libra man then you may have noticed that he’s all about what he wants and how he wants things to be. He doesn’t often show this trait right away.

He will wait until he’s been with someone for awhile before he’ll relax enough to start letting it fall through the cracks. Libra man starts insisting on doing what he wants to do.

The Libra guy may blow you off to go do something he finds more appealing or interesting. He’ll come up with excuses or tell you he was invited to be there but forgot to tell you.

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There is also when a Libra man starts to do other things instead of making plans with you. It makes you feel like he’s pulling back from you or has lost interest. It’s not that, it’s just he wants to spend his time doing his thing.

He may not give reverence to the things you’d like to do. He may ask for suggestions of places you’d like to go but he may still choose a place he wants to go instead.

When you notice that he starts doing things he’d rather do or suggesting things that suit him better, you’ll feel as though he doesn’t care about your opinions or desires.

He says he supports your goals and dreams but he focuses more on his. He tries to seem like a good boyfriend who will back you but when it comes down to it, he may only do what benefits him.

Libra men are also sometimes narcissistic. They will get close to you then act as though you’re not as important as they are. Beware of him always getting his way while making you feel bad. [Discover more Libra man negative personality traits here <<]

If you sense that is going on then you may want to re-think the relationship you are in because surely you deserve better. Not all Libra men are this way though thankfully but they certainly are prone to it.

He Is Very Indecisive

Another potential problem you may have while trying to get closer to a Libra man is his indecision. They are indecisive about almost anything including where to go eat dinner.

This can prove quite frustrating for a woman trying to get closer to him. You want to move the relationship forward but he’s stuck and not sure if that’s what he wants or if it’s a good idea.

So whether you’re trying to plan on where to go eat together, what to do on your date, or where to go hiking, you will probably have to make the decision because he’s going to be indecisive. This can be rather annoying at times.

He may be indecisive what he wants in the relationship also. Libra man drags his feet and wants to start as friends then see where it goes. He starts acting like a boyfriend though which is very confusing for the woman involved.

She will wonder if he’s decided to be together or what. She asks him about it and he says he’s not ready for a relationship or that he’s not ready for a label. This back and forth thing is enough to drive anyone mad.

The woman that is seeing him or dating him will have to keep asking him where things stand and what the status is so that she’s on the same page as him. It’s not easy but has to be done.

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He Is Afraid Of Commitment

The Libra man always has a classic case of FOMO. He somehow thinks that the grass is always greener on the other side, and he is usually wrong about this. He might have a really strong connection with a lady, but because he has had many of these strong connections in his life, he knows that another one might be coming around the corner. 

Unfortunately, this makes the Libra man very reluctant to commit to someone at times. He would rather stay single for as long as possible so that he can find the “one.” This is a never-ending search in his life. 

A Libra man wants to commit, but he is afraid of committing to the wrong person and this fear makes him run away from what he truly desires in his life. Being afraid of commitment is something he has to work on, unfortunately, you can’t force him into something he isn’t ready for.

It is a really big deal for him to commit his life to one person and he is deathly afraid of making the wrong decision and this is why he tends to keep his relationships surface level. However, this means he never gets to experience the intimacy he so deeply desires.

He Likes To Flirt A Lot

Popularity and being liked are very important for the Libra man. They want a lot of attention and validation from others. This is why he tends to be such a people pleaser as it is important for him to be popular. 

And lucky for him he tends to be very charming and charismatic. It isn’t very difficult for him to make women swoon. He is a flirt, and he knows it! Flirting is like a national sport for the Libra man. Flirting a lot is definitely a Libra man weakness. 

He just can’t help himself, if he can flirt and make as many women blush he feels like he’s had a successful day. However, he probably doesn’t realize that this makes it difficult for women to trust him and this is why he never finds himself in a meaningful relationship. 

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If you want to be with a Libra man in a serious relationship you are definitely going to need strong grit and be able to trust him despite knowing that his nature is to be quite flirtatious. You’ll need to be very strong. 

3 More Libra Man Weak Points In Bed

He Can Be Hedonistic

A Libra man is a lover of pleasure. He is addicted to feeling good all of the time, this pushes him to seek out experiences where he can experience more and more pleasure. He has a strong desire for sensuality. 

This means he wants to indulge in his sexual side, and as often as possible. This can become a weakness for him as it isn’t always easy for him to find a partner who is as indulgent as he is. He may feel insecure that his woman can’t meet his needs as often as he desires. 

He may go to the extremes and he knows that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He’s afraid that his hedonism will push the woman he is interested in away. 

He Has A Wondering Eye

With the Libra man’s hedonism comes an unquenchable desire for pleasure. He is one of those guys that can quickly become addicted to sex. He wants a lot of it and as often as he possibly can. 

Unfortunately, with the Libras man fear of commitment, and his desire for pleasure, it can often create a man who isn’t going to be faithful. One of his weaknesses is that he can’t keep it in his pants. 

He will sleep around, especially if he hasn’t found the “one.” He wants as many experiences as he can possibly get before settling down with one person. His desire for sex often sabotages his relationships as he will often choose his physical pleasures over the feelings of someone else. 

He Is Anxious About Being Impressive

The Libra man is a bit contradictory, as on the one side he can be very selfish and only care about his own gain, but he is also a people pleaser and is desperate to be liked by the people around him. 

This is why he tends to put quite a bit of pressure on himself to be a really good lover. He wants to perform and have you really enjoy what he has to show for himself in the bedroom. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to be the best lover you have ever had. 

However, this stress can make him overthink when he is having sex and lead to him acting very insecure and anxious in the bedroom. The harder he tries, the more disappointing he tends to be. 

He might struggle to be in the moment and really enjoy what is happening because he just wants you to remember him being a great lover. This pressure can really get to him, sadly. 

How To Overcome Libra Man Weaknesses In Love

There is definitely a lot of power in knowing what a Libra man’s weaknesses are in love. This gives you a great amount of information to use at your disposal to get closer to him because you know what his weaknesses are and you can use them in your favour. 

Libra men can be amazing lovers who will put his beautiful mate on a pedestal. That only comes with time and great effort put in. In most cases, Libra thinks for himself first. You need to learn how to use his selfishness for your own gain.

If he finds that he truly loves someone, he will do his best to dedicate himself to her. That won’t stop him from flirting and it won’t stop him from adoring attention from others.

Ultimately Libra man will still do what is best for himself first and foremost. If you become a priority in his life, you’re blessed. Remember that but do keep your independence if you want to make it last with him.

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What A Libra Man Wants In A Relationship?

A Libra man really desires a relationship. He likes being coupled up and having someone to always turn to. What he wants in a relationship is to be with someone who is open-minded and who is excited to be with him. 

A Libra man is also quite the intellectual and is looking for someone he can have a mental connection with. It is important for him to be able to relate to his lady by being able to talk about ideas and discuss what is going on in his mind. 

He also quite likes a woman who is a bit of a social butterfly and who likes to go out and see the world with him. And then of course, the Libra man does like to be involved with a beautiful woman. So a woman who puts her best foot forward will always win over his heart.

What A Libra Man Hates In A Woman?

The Libra man is pretty easy in most cases. It is very simple for him to see another point of view or perspective, so he always has some level of understanding going on about why some acts in a certain way. 

However, this doesn’t mean he is approving of these behaviours. Some of these behaviours include women who are rude, and agressive. He really doesn’t like negative vibes and won’t date someone who adds unnecessary drama into his life. 

Anyone who disrupts his peace is definitely not a good match for the Libra man as his whole life is all about finding peace and harmony. 

Why Most Dating Advice Can Be Dangerous With A Libra Man?

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Wishing you all the love in the world,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  • Hi Anna! Always on point! Is there a way or ways to get him to see he’s being “self-centered “. For instance, he told me he had an event & told me everything about it but didn’t say “when”. When I went to visit him and his kid, which I adore, he just said he had an event that day he picked me up from the airport and his guy friend was at his house and both were going to the event. Well he left me keeping his kid, but I thought we were all gonna spend time. He didn’t ask if I could keep his kid or anything, however I don’t mind, but still… ask me. How does one communicate w/him that it’s Not ok for him to let me know the day of & he assumes that it’s ok. I know he cares and loves me, but I want to nip this in the mud for future. Is there a way of doing this?