7 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Libra Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is what you’re saying turning him off? Watch out! Libra Man are super-sensitive to the words you speak, so choosing them carefully is oh-so-important if you want him to stick around. There are some things better left unsaid, as they say! 

Is what you’re saying turning him off? Watch out! Libra Man are super-sensitive to the words you speak, so choosing them carefully is oh-so-important if you want him to stick around. There are some things better left unsaid, as they say! 

Libra is an air sign; did you know that? Did you know that air signs, of all the signs, are the most talkative, the most communicative of all? Words are like gold to these men, and they listen to what you have to say with a magnifying glass, never missing a thing you say. 

This is why, ladies you need to be ever so careful of the words that you speak with him. it’s not that he takes offence very easily, it’s just that he could all too easily be put off by what you’re saying, and you really don’t want that, now do you? 

Knowing what not to say can make the biggest difference when you are in the throes of a romance with a sexy Libra fella, and want to impress him and keep him around. Knowledge is power, as they say, so let’s get started on the top seven things you should never mention to the Libra guy: 

7 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Libra Man

1. “Compromise Isn’t My Thing”

Some of us are not the types to want to find the middle ground. Maybe there are certain issues that are just an absolute no-go for you, or have been up until this point. For example, maybe you’ve been quite strong when it comes to living in a certain area, for whatever reason. 

However, if you tell your Libra man, who is always willing to negotiate on anything, that compromise isn’t really your thing, well, he may just decide to take his attention elsewhere not long after you let him know! 

You see, Libra is a sign that will bend over backwards for their partners, and although they can also have strong values, they do believe that a truly great relationship is when two people are always open to compromising.  

So, if you are the more stubborn type, it’s best that you review and try your very best to be a little more adaptable if you want to keep this relationship going! 

2. “I’m Not That Romantic”

Things You Should Not Say To Libra Man

You may say this to your Libra man to try and let him know that he doesn’t have to spoil you and make a big fuss over you – you could just be trying to be nice

However, this could totally backfire on you, as Libra is the most romantic sign of all! They thrive in a relationship where there are flowers and special songs and dancing under the stars. Their hearts beat a little faster when they see a romantic note from you, or receive a sweet surprise gift.  

Don’t tell your Libra guy that you’re not romantic, even if you aren’t. A little white lie really never hurt anyone, and who doesn’t like to be spoiled, after all? 

3. “You Can’t Flirt With Her”

Are you the possessive type? Uh-oh! You can bet your bottom dollar that your Libra man, as soon as he hears about that, could get scared and run in the opposite direction. 

You see, Libra men are extremely flirtatious and charming. They often have women just falling over their feet around them, with their gorgeous smiles that melt even the hardest of hearts. They thrive on the attention that they get, and it’s (mostly) innocent. 

If you’re going to be the type of woman to get jealous and insecure at some flirting, it really is best that you either find another guy who’s more like you and perhaps more introverted, or swallow your feelings. It’s not easy but reassure yourself that he chose you, after all, out of all the girls out there!  

A bonus is that he will never hold it against you to flirt, either. Libra men don’t have double standards, luckily. 

4. “I Prefer Quiet Times Together Over Talking”

Some of us are the quiet types. The idea of having someone around to be alone with may really appeal to you. The image of you reading a book while your partner putters around doing their own thing may be the height of romance for you! 

However, Libra is a sign that thrives on talking and communication. If you tell him that you’re more the type to enjoy quiet times over talking, well, he could be pretty disappointed. He wants someone he can exchange ideas and opinions with rather than silent evenings. 

You can always compromise if it sounds terrible to chat all day and all night – you can suggest things your way one day, his way the next – Libra men are always open to meeting in the middle!

5. “I Don’t Have An Open Mind About This Topic”

Dissapointed Libra Man

Maybe there’s a certain topic you just can’t stand talking about, or are very stubborn around. Of course, we all have certain beliefs and ideas that we feel loyal to. However, Libra men need to be around a woman that’s willing to at least see their point of view. 

If you tell him that you just don’t have an open mind around a certain topic, then you may be setting yourself up for failure when it comes to this relationship. Try your best to see where he’s coming from, and he will appreciate the effort! 

6. “I’m More Of An Introvert”

The funny thing is that I’ve noticed as a Relationship Astrologer, is the fact that introverts and extroverts are often attracted to each other. One likes being around people, and the other prefers their own company.

Libras tend to be the more extroverted type of guy, usually with quite a few close friends that he cares about. He loves to go out and do dinners, see people, and get out into the world. 

If you say to him that you’re more of an introvert, he may get a little worried that he will not see his people as often anymore! You can’t help being that way, so the best tactic here is to find a balance (he loves balance!) between his way of life and yours. 

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7. “It’s Just You And Me, No One Else”

It may feel quite romantic to let your Libra man know that it’s just you and him, against the world. As relationship-orientated as he is, this might make him feel a little bit suffocated or even claustrophobic. 

Libra men are not the types that want to barricade their front doors and never see anyone again once they have you around! So, as much as you may want to shut the rest if the world out, the family, the friends and other women, try to resist the temptation. 

Instead, say to him how much you love spending on one time with him, and organize the most romantic dates ever so that you draw closer together, naturally. 

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