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How to Make a Libra Man Miss You – A Few Easy Tricks

Have you started seeing a warm and charismatic Libra man but aren’t sure if he even misses you when you’re not around? How to make a Libra man miss you? It’s more simple than you think.

There are definitely some key things you can do that will absolutely make him miss your presence. Keep reading to learn how to get a Libra man to miss you. You can do this!

Sweet Messages

Something the Libra man loves to receive from a woman he’s interested in are text messages that are sticky sweet. He’ll be charmed by the absolute thoughtfulness. This is a very effective way of how to make a Libra man miss you.

How do you do this? When you message him via social media, text, or email; send him something so simple as “I was thinking of you. I hope you have a wonderful day!”  That’s easy enough right?

Messages like this make him feel as though he’s special to you and this wins his adoration. He’s likely to message you back with something as equally sweet and possibly romantic.

You can even make up a pet name for him and address him as such when you message him. I wouldn’t message him too often (3 or more times a day) unless he’s messaging you back with the same frequency.

Being able to show him that you’re a sweetheart will win his heart. It will also make him miss you and want to see you as soon as he can. He may not want to right away as he likes to savor it.

He is one that is definitely more into quality versus quantity. That being said; he may miss you but not want to see you for several days or a week. This isn’t anything to be alarmed about. He wants to have the most intense date with you is all.

Be Mysterious In the Beginning

How to Make a Libra Man Miss You

If you tell him all there is to know about you from the get go; he will lose that mysterious edge and so you won’t seem as exciting to him. When you part ways after a date, leave him hanging.

Tell him part of a story and then tell him that you’d love to tell him the next time you get together. If he really likes you; he’ll be VERY curious and won’t want to wait too long to find out the rest of that story.

He loves a good mystery! Be one! He’ll appreciate peeling back the layers with time. It keeps him engaged in the relationship and with his interest for you. Getting to know you is the best feeling in the world to him.

Ask him lots of questions but don’t reveal too much about your own life to him. Just feed him bits of it at a time. If he asks, give him a bite and then leave the rest for another conversation.

Trust me when I tell you; he’ll be just as mysterious as you are. If you aren’t the type of woman that digs a mysterious guy then Libra man may not be for you. If you don’t mind unraveling him over time; he’s an intriguing guy well worth the wait.

The less you tell him the more this will bring you closer to how to make a Libra man miss you. Remember less is typically more and this seems to be true with the brainiac guy.

Personal Space

It’s no secret that Libra man likes to be alone sometimes. That being said, you have to willingly give him that space without him asking. That really is how to get a Libra man to miss you.

Though you may want to spend lots of time with him because he’s so wonderful; you may want to pace yourself. If you spend too much time with him or demand it from him; he’ll start to feel too caged in.

In the beginning; try to space your dates out so that you two aren’t together constantly. He’ll appreciate this and then when he’s with you; he’ll make sure you have the time of your life.

He isn’t in need of space as much as an Aquarius man but he does like a little time and space to himself so he can think. He cannot make proper decisions without a little time alone.

After you’ve been dating awhile; he’ll still want some space here and there so don’t let it come as a shock. Libra man is his own man and intends to keep it that way for the most part. This is the self aware side of himself. He knows what he needs.

When you give him space; he’ll be more interested in making dates with you as he WILL miss you when you’re not around. It’s not a magic trick ladies! It’s the real deal and it works.

The less you pressure him, the more he will want to be around you. It’s inevitably how to make a Libra man miss you. He cannot miss what’s always there. If you remember that, you can see how he reacts to you.

Effective Subtlety

How to Make a Libra Man Miss You

How to get a Libra man to miss you isn’t as hard as you think it may be. If you do all these things well, you will get there and he will crave your voice, your touch, etc.

Don’t make yourself seem as though you’re desperate for him to miss you. He’ll see through it and it will be a turn off. What I mean by this is by messaging him and asking him if he misses you. That will likely instantly make him NOT miss you.

The last thing he wants is for his lady love to be bugging him and asking him when she’s going to see him again, if he misses her, or even if he wants to be with her. These are things best left unsaid.

You want to carry yourself with class and be somewhat independent. When you message him, tell him you’re thinking of him but you don’t need to say “I miss you”. This is especially bad if it’s only been days or even just a week.

This screams “clingy” to him. It will have the opposite results. I wouldn’t try it if I were you. After you’ve been with him for years; this won’t make any difference but in the early years; you need to give him time and space to miss you.

Talking about it won’t make him miss you. Just be sweet and let him know he’s in your thoughts. That’s plenty to get his brain wired to thinking about you as well if he wasn’t already.

You know the phrase “kill them with kindness”? That’s absolutely true! Be sticky and romantically sweet without pouring on the needy side and you’ll win this guy’s heart.

For the long term; you need to be patient and let things flow naturally. If you try to rush him; he’ll react badly. In fact; he may cut it off or he may start to do the hot/cold thing with you. Be careful and take your time!

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Don’t Forget…

The Libra man often changes his mind and is easily distracted. Don’t let that happen. Always show him you’re the best person to be in his life. This is how to make a Libra man miss you.

I’m telling you that if you are doing all the right things, he will miss you. Be sure you aren’t reaching out to him all the time. He needs to be the one to reach out on his own.

If you are the one doing all the work then he will probably not appreciate you as much or see you as someone he wants to chase. Let that go and watch him come running back to you.

I have a surprise for you that you may not be aware of. Did you know that the very talented and delicious actor (Wolverine), Huge Jackman is Libra? I mean… WOW! I have no doubt you’re fascinated as I am.

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Libra guy and how to get a Libra man to miss you, then you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

Have you figured out the keys to making your Libra miss you that aren’t listed here? Share with me your secrets. I’d love to hear them!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

8 thoughts on “How to Make a Libra Man Miss You – A Few Easy Tricks

  1. I meet a libra guy about 8 months ago. We somehow/accidentally managed to go holiday together after knowing each other for about 3 days (our friends had cancelled on joining us). We had a great time but he also told me he was in a relationship at this point. Even though our bond grew deeper, I had convinced myself to see him as just a close friend. So whenever he discussed issues in his relationship and suggested that we pursue a relationship instead, I pushed him away and made it clear that we wouldn’t work and tried to show my support for his current relationship. His relationship with the girl was long distance after after 3 months of knowing him, his gf came to visit and thats when I realised I was hiding my emotions! I tried to reveal my feelings but it was too late at that point. He’s now engaged to her. I can’t speak for him, but out of stupidity and jealously, after his fiancé left the country, I went to his house and we slept together. I feel very bad, I went against all I had ‘preached’ about because I was adamant to him that I wouldn’t sleep with him ever. Anyway, it’s been about 9 months now since I’ve met him and I did ask him to choose me over her but he seems so slow to decide and when I placed pressure, he said that he can’t just walk away, both of their families are involved. So now, I work hard to avoid him. What was once a great bond, now feels breakable.

  2. Hi “A”,

    It sounds like he got what he ultimately wanted from you and now has both of you. Of course he’s not going to make a quick decision. He has something special with her and something special with you. You’re going to have to either tell him decide now or you’ll have to walk away and leave it alone. You don’t need to be anyone’s second choice no matter what sign he is. Stand up for yourself. If he’s not faithful to her, me may not be to you either. Be careful with yourself.

  3. My libra guy was really stressed and asked for space. Then I found him logged into hid singles profile on a swingers site. This caused a heated argument leading me to shut down couples profile on the swingers site. He broke up with me. He was very cold and is refusing to talk about ending it. Said it was the right thing go do and we cannot talk right now. We have been in each other’s lives for almost 3 years. Will he ever come back?

    1. Hi Eve!

      Uh oh. It sounds like he’s not happy with either the relationship or himself for that matter. He’s looking and probing to see what else is out there. The problem is, he’s not going to find fulfillment elsewhere if he isn’t happy with himself. That’s what he’s doing honey. I don’t think it really had anything to do with you but he cut it off because he needs to figure himself out and what he really wants in life. If he does come back, it won’t be until he does get himself on track and figures everything out otherwise, he’s going to remain forever “looking”. I hope you do the right thing for yourself honey. I wish you all the best.

  4. Ive been with my Libra guy for 2 1/2 years now, but have known him since i was about 13-14yrs old. It wasnt until i was about 19 when we actually talked and hung out for the first time. It wasnt a continuous thing fornthe simple reason he was married!! We remained friends and he was so unhappy in his marriage that he wanted to leave her to be with me because he felt “I was the one” for him and said he felt that way from the first time he seen me. Well as the years went on we would have contact here and there, but it was always bad timing. I was in relationships when he was single or vise verse. Well towards the end of 2018 i was single as so was he and he contacted me and we kinda picked up where we had left off and since we’ve been together. Well about 6 months into our relationship i noticed that he started changing and wasnt so much the sweet, loving, caring guy he was in the beginning. He started becoming angry, jealous, and mean. Picking fights over nothing and accusing me of things i wasn’t doing. Showing me signs of all kinds of red flags. Me being the person i am i give several chances before i get to a pount where im just done and when i get to that point thats it, you’ve lost me for good. Well anytime i try to talk to him about his actions it turns into a blame game. He never takes accountability for his actions. Everything that goes on with him and his life is always someone elses fault never his. He never talks about issues/problems that happen. He shuts down and ignores me like a child. Then will send me multiple texts saying all kinds of mean things. He’s mad everyday about something and at me for who knows what. Hes mad if i dont have sex with him. He makes it sobthe whole house knows hes mad. He just sits in the room a majority of the time when he gets home from work and is on his phone. When i tell him that he needs to get himself figured out because i cant keep doing this, again it somehow comes back on me. I love him, but i seriously would like to know what is wrong with him for him to act the way he does at 45yrs old

    1. Hi Samantha!

      Oh my goodness sweetheart. He doesn’t sound at all like a typical Libra. I think he must have a quick fused bad temper rising sign or moon sign. Perhaps he has a water sign or fire sign as a rising sign or moon. This could cause anger, jealousy, revenge, etc. He sounds like a nasty fellow to be honest. I am sorry you’ve had to deal with this. If he’s a good guy though who is acting badly then he may need therapy as there could be something bigger going on with him that doesn’t really allow him to talk about it. Perhaps something happened in his past OR he’s a narcissist in which well… he would never be able to change. Honestly that’s more of what he sounds like to me. Look up the signs of it and I think you’ll find he fits it. If you would like to know more about normal behavior of Libra man, check out my books on “Libra Man Secrets”.

  5. Wow, where do I start?!
    This is a bit long, sorry.
    Fairytale? Maybe…do they even exist? We are same-sex, Male. It’s a tough road. He’s a Libra, I’m a Pisces, and the love of my life no doubt about that, we’ll get to it later. I hated him so much from the moment I first saw him. He however, saw something he wanted. We were neighbors and everyday he made sure he bumped into me on purpose, no matter how much I tried to avoid him! Through the course of several weeks we frequently saw eachother, mind you in the company of his much older wife and my much older partner. One evening as I pulled in from work I saw my partner standing on the walkway chatting with him and his wife. I slowly got out of the car, trudging my way toward them prolonging the encounter. His back was turned until very innocently and happily my partner said “Guess what! Our new neighbor knows a great restaurant they would like us to join them at tomorrow!” He immediately turned around and his eyes lit up at the sight of me. I tried to look away but had to endure, yes I humored my partner. We went to dinner with them and I kept my head bent the whole time refusing to look at the guy yet he couldn’t take his eyes of me. Two weeks went by and eventually I warmed up as they joined us for dinners at our place playing games etc. One evening a few days later we had dinner at the pool, his mom and brother joined us which was nice, after dinner him and I decided to go into the hottub so we hurried back to change and met downstairs. We got to the pool area and he shut all the lights of and for the first time we would disrobe, I started to go into the water while he removed his tight fitted spandex shirt. I couldn’t take my eyes of him. This sexy Libra man knew he had me. He winked his eye and said “I saw you watching me this evening, like what you see?” I blushed and said “You are so funny and crazy,” he got into the water and made his way to me. He pulled me into him and said “Tell me you don’t feel it!” I pulled away and tried to get out and he said, when I go to bed that night all I would see is him next me me. I was in shock! He is married and I told him that, yet on our porch on Thanksgiving eve he started to question me about the guys in my life. We got closer and closer and closer….until that faithful Thanksgiving evening. My partner went to work and while his wife was downstairs he came to check on me. In the end we couldn’t stop ourselves. Gradually we ended up falling madly in love, he says I’m his soulmate I know he’s mine but this man is so hot and cold, it drives me crazy! In 2019, He actually separated from me without as much as a word and for over a year I cried, devastated. In the course I ended up marrying my partner, then- Thanksgiving 2020 he contacted me! He came looking and found me again, he confessed that he came to claim what belongs to him and there is no one for him but me. He’s currently going through a divorce and I am too, our goal is to go slow and build our relationship stronger and eventually get married and settle down and have a family. I learned a couple things about libra men because my soon to be ex is one also, be sweet and understanding, love them like no other, give them that much need space and don’t pressure or push them. DO NOT PROVOKE THEM! One thing is for sure, He’s my forever and as a pisces he knows I can be very sensitive and difficult but the one thing which keeps us going is our drive to put eachother first. He is a very jealous man with a deadly silence streak and I learned to cope with it, he’s short when he’s texting and not very outwardly emotional but during cuddling, spending time together and love making he is the embodiment of everything a partner craves. So don’t get to sappy With a libra guy. They are creatures of logic. He often tells me he couldn’t forget me during our separation because I belong to him and I’m his first love as he never gave his heart to anyone the way he has me. He’s Possessive, But in a good way. I like it actually especially when other guys are around he is very territorial, just to see him protecting what is his from outside interference is something else LOL. He is a sweet man but this is a short-long version of the 4 year love affair. I am a strong Pisces learning the libra love language. Goodluck!

    1. Hi DandD!

      Wow! What a story you have! Thank you for sharing it. You two have been through quite a bit to get to where you are. Libra men are thoughtful and they do love saving tickets from places you’ve gone together. They have a sentimental mind but for sure they don’t like too much emotion though either. You’re correct with that! I’m glad that you two are finding your way! Blessings to you sweetheart!

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