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Libra Man Sexually Too Perky – How to Handle Him Neatly?

Are you seeing a Libra man who seems to be a bit overzealous when it comes to being intimate? Does he seem to have a libido that’s through the roof? What can you do? Keep reading for some helpful tips when it comes to the Libra man sexually.

Communication Is Important

The very first thing I want to mention when it comes to Libra man and his sexuality is communication. You cannot sleep with him but not be open and honest. You’ve got to tell him how you really feel.

While it may feel uncomfortable to tell him that he’s too perky, you’ve got to otherwise he won’t know and he’ll keep going at it as though nothing is wrong and you will be put off.

Don’t allow things to get out of control or feel obligated to him simply because you think he expects it. Libra man is not a hard ass type of man. He isn’t going to break it off because you want to calm down the intimacy.

The best thing to do is be 100% honest about it. Tell him that he’s a bit energetic for you and you’d like to have a little bit slower pace so that you can keep up with him. Tell him you’re struggling to keep up.

He’ll probably be rather surprised, may feel uncomfortable, but remember he’s a Libra. This means he will think things through and try to see both sides of the situation to find a reasonable solution.

If you haven’t suggested a solution yet, he may do that himself when you tell him what you are feeling regarding this situation. That’s great! That means that there is a middle ground that the two of you can achieve.

Libra men typically have a higher libido when they are younger. Once they start to age at 50 and up, they slow down quite a bit. I’m not saying they slow down completely but they do rather take it down a notch.

They are much like metabolism in the body. The metabolism starts to slow down with age. Libra man is the same way and so if you stick with him, you’ll see him start to come down from his sexual “high”.

Libra Cares about Your Feelings

Libra Man Sexually Too Perky

While you may not think so or you may be unsure, the Libra man who cares about you will care about your feelings. This is why I brought up communication. It’s a crucial element to your relationship with him.

Libra man wants to be wanted. That’s the bottom line. You can certainly show him in other ways other than sexually that you find him desirable, loveable, and someone you want to spend your life with.

Always tell him the truth. Don’t try to hold back simply because you worry he won’t understand. I will say this though; don’t go at him when you feel emotionally charged.

You need to talk to him when you feel calm and at an even keel in order to discuss things. He won’t listen to you if you’re angry, hurt, or emotionally unstable. Libra man doesn’t respond well to highly emotionally charged situations.

Libra man is about logic and will respond better to “this is what is happening with me and this is how I feel when this happens”. Tell him that he’s too sexually hyper for you and you are struggling to keep up.

Tell him he’s amazing in the sack and you love being with him intimately but you’d like to explore quality instead of quantity. He’ll understand and he’ll be happy to oblige.

He may still have to “rub one out” in order to relieve himself if he has a high libido but this is no threat to you. It’s better that than for him to keep trying to push you for sex when you’re exhausted.

Creative Balance

Ultimately the Libra man wants his life to be more balanced. He’s striving for it in every area of his life. If you make him aware that his libido is a bit unbalanced, he’ll take notice and will do what he can to make it a bit more balanced.

The basics are that Libra man doesn’t really perceive a problem unless you make him aware that there is one. I know this can feel like an embarrassing topic but Libra man needs for you to tell him.

If he’s doing something wrong in bed, you need to let him know. He won’t take offense to it. He thinks it’s actually helpful. If he’s doing something right, you need to tell him that too.

Most women don’t want to have to tell a man what they want or need but with a Libra man, it’s safe to do so. He wants you to have a fantastic time in the bedroom with him.

He wants to live up to your fantasy if you allow him to. If you want him, let him know. If you’re not in the mood, let him know that too. Don’t give him excuses like you have a headache though.

Just be totally honest and tell him that you’re exhausted or just not in the mood but you still find him totally sexy. As long as you keep feeding his ego, he’ll know that you still want him.

Libra man wants to feel as though he’s the King of your jungle. As long as you continue to pump him up and let him know that he’s the only one that can rock your world, he’ll be able to sustain the times when you’re not being intimate.

The bottom line with this whole situation is that you need to absolutely open up and tell him exactly how you feel. Don’t hold back; don’t pretend to enjoy yourself when really you’re exhausted.

Be forthright and tell Libra man that you’re not feeling it or ask him if he can wait for another day or two so you can catch your breath. Honesty means everything!

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Libra guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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