When A Libra Man Says He Loves You, Does He Really Mean It?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to know if a Libra man loves you? Here are some surefire signs to look for if you dare to find out how your Libra guy feels about you.

A Libra man is one of those signs who really gets off on romance and being in love. He is someone who wants to feel a deep connection and feel close to someone else. So, what does it mean when a Libra man says he loves you?

Libra men tend to have quite high standards when it comes to romance because they believe that their one true love is out there; anything else will just be substandard. So, when a Libra man says he loves you, these words should not be taken lightly.

Are you wondering will a Libra man say I love you first? Well, being with a Libra man isn’t always straightforward and there are certain things you need to understand about him.

Keep on reading to find out what it means when a Libra man says I love you first:

How To Know If A Libra Man Loves You

When a Libra man loves you, you will know it because he will make sure to give you obvious signs. He will pay a lot of attention to you, getting to know you and learning about your interests and passions.

A Libra man in love is emotionally invested. He’ll want to talk to you all the time, and when he is free, he will try to see you as often as he possibly can.

Libras surely have one of the most specific love languages of the zodiac, and you’ll need some time to get around it and understand it completely. Here’s my Libra man love language guide <<

His romance and charm will go up quite a few levels as he tries to woo and win you over. He’ll be charming and make you feel like the most special woman in the world!

Check these surefire signs a Libra man is falling for you <<

When A Libra Man Says He Loves You — Should You Trust Him?

A Libra man who is in love with you will have no problem telling you directly. Sure, this sign can be a little indecisive at times, but when it comes to their feelings for a woman, they are always going to be direct.

When a Libra man says he loves you, you can trust him because he is telling you the truth.

If a Libra man wants you, he will go out of his way to make it known to you. You’ll recognize how special he thinks you are because he won’t be afraid to tell you and make you feel like a princess.

This guy isn’t going to beat around the bush and make you guess; when he has a crush on you, it will be fairly obvious, and you won’t have to play games with him to find out what he is thinking.

Does Libra Man Mean It When He Says I Love You?

Yes! This is something you should not take for granted. Libra men will not say it and don’t mean it. Never! He will only say it if it is true, and he cares a lot about being truthful and trustworthy.

How Long Does It Take A Libra Man To Say I Love You?

It will take some time for a Libra man to say, ‘I love you’. When a Libra man finally starts to open up, it’s because he’s lost his fear and let down his wall. He believes that you’re someone he can confide in and share his life with going forward.

You’ll notice he starts to share intensely personal things with you that he wouldn’t have otherwise mentioned. He’s not one to open up his privacy to just anyone, and this is why it takes so much time for him to honestly share his feelings about you.

In fact, you’ll notice that when he’s talking to friends, he tends to keep some things very private and won’t even let them in on them. He’ll have more of a “need to know” vibe.

In other words, unless they need to know for some reason, he has no obligation to tell them anything. This includes his relationships. When he first starts dating someone, he won’t tell anyone.

He’ll show up at parties or events with the woman by his side but won’t introduce her as his girlfriend. He won’t do that until he’s 100% committed to a long-term relationship.

So all in all, when you find that the Libra man starts talking about his childhood, past relationships, or even family, you’re important to him, and he’s likely falling in love with you. You can expect that soon he will tell you, ‘I love you’.

How To Tell A Libra Man You Love Him

The perfect time to tell a Libra man you love him is when you are feeling extra close to him. That snuggly, intimate feeling that, when you feel it, you feel it. This is why we love being in love so much because nothing feels more amazing than this deep sense of closeness.

It may come after making a meal together, meeting his family, or just when you look at him doing something mundane and random. When you make an eye-to-eye connection with him, sense if he is feeling that same flood of warmth.

The words should then just naturally fall from your lips—no effort required!

Be careful of projecting your own hopes and wishes onto him; instead, see the reality of your relationship. If you have become exclusive and are now officially “boyfriend and girlfriend,” this can be a good time to let him know how you really feel!

Whatever you do, avoid the temptation to say it too early to “test” his feelings for you! This will just make you feel way too vulnerable and likely scare him off. Take your time, in other words.

Here’s more on how to show a Libra man you love him <<

If You Listen To Dating Coaches, You Can Lose Your Libra Man Forever…

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of my clients send me advice they got from dating coaches. They wanted to know if it would work with their Libra man.

And I literally wanted to scream with frustration.


Because most dating advice definitely will NOT work if you use it with a Libra.

You see, Libra men are VERY different from men of other signs. And if you use standard dating advice with Libra, it can backfire. He might disappear forever and you’ll never hear from him again.

I don’t want that to happen to you. Especially when it is SO easy to draw him to you and get him to connect deeply with your heart.

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So he’ll NEVER want to lose you. He’ll be wrapped around your finger… And it won’t take him long to put a ring on that finger either.

These phrases are the EXACT thing you need to turn everything around with him.

So… for heaven’s sake… DON’T listen to normal dating coaches! They give out the same advice for ALL men… which is absolutely insane.

Because your wonderful Libra is NOT like other men… at ALL.

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