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For the Ladies – How to Know if a Libra Man Loves You

Are you smitten with a charming Libra man but not sure how he feels about you? Does he like you, love you, or is he just being very polite? How to know if a Libra man loves you? Here are some sure fire things to look for if you dare to find out how your Libra guy feels about you…

He Will Open Up To You

When a Libra man finally starts to open up, it’s because he’s lost his fear and let down his wall. He believes that you’re someone he can confide in and share his life with going forward.

You’ll notice he starts to share intensely personal things with you that he wouldn’t have otherwise mentioned. He’s not one to open up his privacy to just anyone.

In fact, you’ll notice that when he’s talking to friends, he tends to keep some things very private and won’t even let them in on it. He’ll be more like on a “need to know” type of vibe.

In other words, unless they need to know for some reason, he has no obligation to tell them anything. This includes his relationships. When he first starts dating someone, he won’t tell anyone.

He’ll show up at parties or events with the woman by his side but won’t introduce her as his girlfriend. He won’t do that until he’s 100% committed to a long term relationship.

So all in all, when you find that the Libra man starts talking about his childhood, past relationships, or even family, you’re important to him and he’s likely falling in love with you.

He Calls You His Girl or Girlfriend

how to know if a Libra man loves you

This is a big one! When he takes you somewhere around friends and/family and introduces you as his girl or girlfriend, then you know he’s in love with you. He won’t do it otherwise.

Until he’s ready, he will keep this private as I mentioned before. He may come up with pet names to call you as well instead of just calling you by name. Instead of calling you up and saying your actual name, he’ll say something cute.

He may send you cards, letters, or photos via email or snail mail. He loves to do really thoughtful things when he can. He wants to show you that he adores you and that you’re important to him.

Libra man has no trouble in calling you what you are when he’s around other people which breeches his privacy because you’re THAT important to him. So the minute he starts calling you his, that’s a sure fire sign he loves you.

Spends More Time With You

Libra man often likes to spend time alone or away from whoever he is dating. When he’s falling in love though, he will want to spend more time with his partner of choice.

Spending time bonding and getting close will be something important to him. He will only do this with someone he sees a possible future with. Therefore, you can tell he’s in love when he starts asking you to spend more time with him.

He may also allow you to leave a toothbrush and a few other items at his place without telling you that maybe you should bring them home. In the beginning when you try to do this, he may keep them but he’ll put them away so no one sees.

When he’s in love with you, he’ll leave them where you put them until the next time you come over so it doesn’t matter who sees what. He’s with you and he has no trouble letting anyone else see this.

Guard Comes Down

how to know if a Libra man loves you

I mentioned that he’ll be less private and talk about personal things. He’ll also let his guard down in other ways with you if he’s in love. He won’t try to guard his heart so much now.

He’ll let you in, he’ll let you spend more time with him, he may cook for you, he may introduce you to his family and closest friends. He will also let you get into his heart without fear that you’ll leave.

He’s not likely to show any jealousy when you’re with your friends or even if you get hit on because he’s confident in what he has with you. He has no room to be jealous.

It’s also likely he’ll stop flirting so much with other women. You become the woman who gives him all the affection he could ever want, though he will always flirt no matter what. It just may lessen substantially when he’s in love.

He Will Tell You

When you’re forming a love relationship with a Libra man, it’s typically best if you let him tell you first. The reason why is because he doesn’t like pressure of any sort and if you said it first, he’d feel pressured.

If you let him be the one to say it first, he totally will. When he’s in love, he will flat out tell you that he’s falling for you or that “I mean, I love you” in the middle of a sentence when you least expect it.

He has this way of being spontaneous when he tells you the first time. You had better say it back though because if you don’t, he’ll think maybe you don’t feel the same way and he won’t say it again.

He’ll also take note if you don’t say it back to approach it later. It’s going to catch you off guard so you’ll be stunned. However, process it as quickly as you can and then be crafty in saying it in a sentence back.

Libra man is a secretive guy until he’s in love and ready to unlock his inner self with someone. Then he shows who he truly is and how he really feels about the woman that has capture his heart. This is the one thing that isn’t a mystery with him.

That being said, Libra man is VERY obvious when he’s in love. Just look and listen!

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Libra guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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