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4 Clear Signs A Libra Man Likes You Through Text

Have you ever been in love with a Libra man? It is one of the most exhilarating experiences ever! These men are so loving, affectionate, and charming. They really know how to make a woman feel deeply. 

Although these guys are natural flirts, they really enjoy being in a relationship and you don’t often find a Libra man who is single for too long. Plus, they are so communicative! They love to chat and let the woman in their life know how they feel about them. 

These men have a reputation for being sweet, charming, and flirtatious. These guys are truly hopeless romantics. They really believe in love and all the possibilities a beautiful relationship can add to their life.

So, how can you tell if a Libra man likes you, and is even falling in love with you? Well, luckily these men are really honest and forthcoming with their feelings. They have an amazing moral compass and believe in living with integrity and respect. When a Libra likes you, trust me you will know!

These guys are so communicative and one of the easiest ways to pick up on his cues is to check out what he is texting you. A Libra guy is probably the easiest to tell if he adores you over text. So, I thought, why not share all the secrets signs he will give you or say to you over text if he likes you!

If you’re interested in discovering some of these secrets then be sure to keep on reading. I’m sure you will find it rather illuminating!

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4 Clear Signs A Libra Man Likes You Through Text

1. He’s Really Affectionate Over Text

Signs That A Libra Man Likes You Through Text

I’m sure you have learned from some of my other articles that Libra is one of the signs ruled by the planet Venus. And Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and relationships. So, you can only imagine how romantic a Libra can get!

And not only that, but he is also an Air sign! And if there is one thing that rings true for all Air signs is that they love to communicate. Talks and discussions are really their vibe. So, what do you get when you merge Venus with an Air sign? You get a really affectionate human! 

If a Libra man likes you, he will be sure to tell you. This social butterfly doesn’t play games, when someone has his affection, he is going to let her know. He’ll likely tell you by listing all your best qualities.

He’ll be sure to tell you if he thinks you are kind, or which parts of you he adores physically. Trust me, he is going to lay it on really thick. He isn’t even that shy when it comes to saying something really cringe-worthy. 

The Libra man says what he feels and lets his heart do the talking. What a privilege to receive this kind of love, don’t you think?

2. He’s Super Flirty & Even A Little Naughty Over Text

Your Libra guy is very flirtatious by nature. This guy knows how to weave his magic words and charm the pants off of the lady he loves. These men really know to make a girl feel good about herself!

If a Libra man really likes you, he will spend a lot of time sending you very flirtatious text messages. He will be super cute and say funny things to charm you. Basically, if a Libra man is spending a lot of his energy giving you attention, then you are likely the woman to hold his affection. 

His flirty texts can range from anything, from being super cringe and corny with the things he says, to being downright hot and steamy. It is up to you if you’re going to play along with him or not!

A little tip is to not be too available when you’re texting a Libra man. He really does like independence in a woman, so don’t immediately respond to his texts. You want to have him guessing where you are and what you are doing. 

He needs a little bit of a chasing game to stay interested, but don’t make it too hard for him. He doesn’t do well when he thinks he might not have a chance with you! 

3. He’ll Let You Know How Much You Mean To Him

How To Know If A Libra Man Likes You Through Text

A Libra man isn’t shy to let a woman knows he thinks she is special. He is very forthcoming and open with his feelings. When he really likes you, he will most definitely let you know how much you mean to him. 

He’ll be straight up about how he feels or how much you have impacted his life in some way. He wants you to know how good you make him feel, and he isn’t afraid of sharing these signals with you. He wants you to know you’re on his mind and that he cares for you!

He can get quite sentimental and hold on to the memories of the past, so when he brings something up from before, he is likely in one of his reminiscent moods. This is a good thing and it means you trigger positive feelings within him. 

You can always depend on a Libra man to be honest with you and the way he feels about you! There is no second-guessing with this guy.

4. Loooooong And Frequent Text Messages

A Libra man knows how to talk and communicate, and when he feels something for a special someone, he isn’t shy to put this into words. He is likely to send you essays upon essays of text blocks letting you know exactly how he feels about you. 

He will also likely want to be in constant communication with you and check in on you throughout the day. This means he is genuinely curious about how you are doing and what you are getting up to. 

One of the cutest things about a Libra man is that he is exceptionally positive. This guy lives on good feelings and hates being dragged down by negative emotions. He’s likely the person to lift your spirits and make you feel good throughout the day. 

As long as a Libra guy is keeping the conversation going you are definitely on his mind and I can confidently say that he probably likes you quite a lot! He will get really into detail about certain things and it will be a lot like reading an entertaining story. 

Basically, when a Libra gentleman is reaching out and interesting in how you are you have pretty much launched yourself into his heart! You’re a lucky girl, these men are one in a million!

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My Final Thoughts On Clear Signs A Libra Man Likes You

Libra men are pretty straightforward and they won’t waste their time on someone they aren’t that interested in. These guys make their feelings known and aren’t afraid of being vulnerable with the way they feel.

If a Libra man is constantly texting you, then it is probably a good indication that he has the hots for you and wants to spend more time getting to know you better. Don’t overthink it too much with this Libra guy, let it all unfold naturally. 

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