Your Match: Libra Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How compatible are Libra man and Virgo woman? This is an odd mixture and it would take a great deal of love, as well as patience for them to make it last.

The Libra man with Virgo woman relationship is one that is likely riddled with problems and discord. They have a bit of potential but there are so many issues that they may not want to go through with it much less fight to keep it alive. This is an odd mixture and it would take a great deal of love, as well as patience for them to make it last. Keep reading for more information on this potential relationship.


Intellectually speaking, these two find interest in each other. If they’re able to find activities that they really enjoy together, they can find common ground of which to build a strong bond on.

Their physical intimacy levels may not line up very well and will require patience as well as understanding. They do not see eye to eye right out of the gate. It will take for them to really communicate and “get” each other.

Having an intellectual bond is great but they will have to work on all their other issues to keep the relationship alive and well. The Libra man and Virgo woman soulmate relationship is somewhat unlikely.

I say somewhat because I don’t want to be 100% against it. There is always a possibility and always hope. They have to really want it and they have to truly love each other to fight for it.

Fighting is something that may occur often with these two. Problem solving and finding agreement will be very important if they are to succeed with building a bond. Libra man and Virgo woman marriage isn’t likely either but anything is possible.

The two must learn to respect each other’s differences. Respect comes from trust, time, and patience. These are qualities they have to work hard at. They can but, do they really want to is the question.

Virgo Woman, Who She Is

Virgo zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Libra Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

The Virgo woman is very intelligent, beautiful, and has a way of making people want to get to know her more. She likely has many friends but she has a small circle of those she trusts.

She’s a hard worker, believes in doing all you can to succeed, and uses her creative to find her own path in this world. She’s very different than most other women.

She is truthful, loyal, and wants to make sure others are being the best they can be. This can make her come across as critical or judgmental. The truth is, she’s not as hard on others as she is on herself. She quietly criticizes herself, her own worst critic.

When she meets the Libra man, she’s drawn in to his comfortable energy and charming words. She finds him interesting and easy to talk to about intellectual pursuits in life.

When the Libra man shows his flippant ways as far as needing female attention whether or not he is with someone, will drive her insane. It doesn’t fit with her code of ethics and they will find odds such as these and others.

She will find Libra man’s inability to make a quick decision annoying at times. She may not mind making the important decisions sometimes but doing it all the time will be exhausting.

Libra Man, Who He Is

The Libra man is one who loves to be around people but also occasionally loves to be alone. Though he is alone, he’ll still appreciate attention where he can get it. This is typically email or social networking.

Libra man always has his eyes open as he’s always looking for his soulmate. The problem is, even when he’s with someone, he’ll have his radar up just in case someone else who is better fitting comes along.

Libra man always wants more attention and will be social on a frequent basis in order to achieve this. He’s much like the Leo man in this respect. He has to learn to appreciate and love his own garden instead of wondering if there is a better plant out there for his garden.

When the Libra man meets the Virgo woman, he’s captivated by her capacity to hold a smart conversation. He really loves her brain and the capability she has to achieve her goals.

Her creative ideas and goals will turn him on and he’ll think maybe she could be the one. When she starts to criticize him or point out his flaws, he’ll feel very put off, hurt, and will turn to someone else for comfort.

After Libra man has been belittled by his Virgo woman enough times, he’ll shut down and carry around a lot of resentment. This will make him not want to talk to her as much as he once did. It could also cause him to leave.

What Works Between Libra Man and Virgo Woman

These two are likely to have activities in common. They probably like the same types of music, clubs, or other social circles where they have a great time. This makes it easy for them to hang out with each other.

As I’ve mentioned, they also get along wonderfully when it comes to conversation about things that are important to them. They are likely to have long and interesting conversations about the news and today’s events.

This is roughly where it stops though. Their problems may become far more overwhelming and cause them to not see what they still have in common. The issues are probably hurtful and hard to work past.

Libra man wants to feel adored and Virgo woman is going to find this annoying after awhile. If they have any hope at all, it’s going to be doing activities on a frequent basis so that they have fun together.

The fun they have the capability of having could save them from the negativity that their problems may cause them. Their ability to talk intellectually may help as well but only if they can divulge their innermost feelings.

The Libra man and Virgo woman could actually complement each other quite well if they could embrace their differences. It may be a bit too difficult for them to take on or they’ll lose interest thus moving on.

What Libra Man Thinks of Virgo Woman; Especially In Bed

Virgo zodiac sign - Libra Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

Libra man finds the Virgo woman’s brain intoxicating. He cannot get enough of long conversations that have them up all night. He will cherish this and it’s one of the most attractive qualities she has.

He will also have fun with her when they go out and do things that they have mutual love for. This helps them find a bond and build something strong. However, when she starts to point out his flaws, he starts to feel hurt.

Libra man likes peace and hates confrontation. Virgo woman will definitely be more confrontational. Even if she doesn’t mean to hurt him, she’ll say something she believes is just truth.

Libra man often doesn’t want to hear that type of truth and will not only find it hurtful but will build thus causing him to resent her after awhile. He’s not good at speaking up and telling her how he feels.

One day he’ll unload it all on her and she’ll be the one with hurt feelings. She’ll have had no idea that he was hanging on to all of this. She’ll feel as though it’s her fault and will beat herself up for it.

The sex between these two isn’t all that either. They don’t seem to connect very well on a physical level. Virgo woman being an Earth sign and Libra being air, they really don’t understand each other physically. Libra man will be less than thrilled.

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Problems

Sadly, these two have far more possible issues than they do things in common. I mentioned Virgo woman pointing out Libra man’s flaws and causing him to be hurt or resentful.

When he unloads all his feelings eventually, Virgo woman will be shocked and hurt herself. They will walk on eggshells around each other when they realize how offensive they can be toward each other.

Sex won’t be very fulfilling between the two of them, IF they even have much sex at all. They’ll find that they’re better as friends and intellectual matches than they are romantic partners in bliss.

Another area that can be rather sketchy is their ability to trust one another. Libra man is someone who likes to remain mysterious and keep secrets even if they are harmless secrets.

Virgo woman isn’t one for secrets and is more truthful than anyone could ask for. She’ll call him out on it every chance she gets. This causes the two not to trust each other very well at all.

They cannot emotionally handle each other very well at all. They think way too differently and feel things that are almost opposite of each other. This makes it hard for them to really relate on a deep level. It’s also what could cause them to not work out.

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Breakup

When these two are unable to figure out their differences and come up with some sound solutions then breakup will inevitable. Parting ways will be when they find it too hard to fix it.

Libra man may get tired of getting picked on by his Virgo woman. Virgo woman may get tired of Libra’s indecision when important situations come up, though this actually could balance them out if they really tried.

The problem is, they may not want to try. It may seem too difficult. This would lead them to decide that parting ways is the better option. As much as I’ve mentioned about their differences, it’s easy to see why they’d find it too hard.

The thing with these two is, they CAN make it work. They can actually balance each other nicely if they were to learn how to communicate on a very deep level. Chances of them making that effort however, is slim to none.

When Libra man breaks up, he will take a great deal of time to think it over first because he has to make sure he’s doing the right thing. Virgo woman will analyze it all and perhaps take a while as well.

This means that the both of them will have put in lots of thought ahead of time so when it finally happens, they’re certain of what they want and will then go forward with breaking it off.

The Final Score

There is a lot working against the Libra man and Virgo woman relationship. In fact, if these two actually do try to make a go at it, they will need to learn patience and communication together.

It cannot be one sided or it will not work. This is the make or break type of behavior for these two to overcome. That being said, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this couple a 3.

They have the capability to figure things out and make it last. However, the difficulty will be very high. They have to understand each other, respect each other, trust each other, and find middle ground.

These two individuals could balance each other but if they don’t see that, they’ll have a hard time relating to one another which causes them to pull apart, hurt each other, and ultimately move on.

The Libra man and Virgo woman sex is sure to be a damp towel, they aren’t good at expressing their emotion and ultimately are not really soulmate material. Marriage could happen but it would be very difficult and ONLY after they’ve worked at it. Otherwise, they may want to part and find someone who gets what they’re about.

The Libra man and Virgo woman relationship is one that requires special care. Only if they both want to do the time and chisel away at their problems can they make it last for the long haul.

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