Your Match: Libra Man And Aquarius Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Libra man and Aquarius woman relationship is one of warmth, understanding, and intellectual connection. Keep reading and find more information.

The Libra man with Aquarius woman relationship is one of warmth, understanding, and intellectual connection. This is a great pair that has the capability of having a long lasting love.

There is a certain draw between the two of them that make them able to “get” one another in a way that other people cannot. Keep reading to learn more about how they relate and any problems that the two of them could encounter.

Chemistry For Libra Man and Aquarius Woman

In the beginning; the Libra man is pulled in by Aquarius woman’s beauty and brains. He thinks she’s got it all put together and is impressed by her. In fact; he’ll find her to be inspirational.

The Aquarius woman will find the Libra man to be sexy, well dressed, and also equally cerebral. This will be a turn on for her as she’s not often able to talk about deep life events with many other men.

The two find a hidden connection that allows them to enjoy each other in some pretty fantastic conversations. They’re likely to talk for hours and enjoy being around each other.

When they start trying to form a relationship type of bond, they may find some snags that could keep them from their potential. They can overcome it but middle ground must definitely be found.

Aquarius woman requires patience with her but she’s not good at having it herself. So it puts her in a weird position with Libra man. For him to implement any change or compromise; it will take him time.

Aquarius woman may not want to wait around for him to finally change habits that they’ve agreed he’d work on. She may decide to just go at it on her own and move on.

Both do take a long time to actually make a long lasting relationship which is a good thing. However; she may not like Libra man’s indecisive nature with many things.

I will say this though; Libra man in bed with Aquarius woman is something that could very well help them forge a bond that is very iron clad. These two do have potential.

Aquarius Woman, Who She Is

Aquarius Woman Sign - Libra Man And Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The Aquarius woman is much like her male counterpart in that they both love lots of freedom to do what they love and be who they are. They will not settle for any man that tries to hijack their lives.

She’s strong, independent, knows what she wants and will not accept less than what she knows she deserves. She may not say what she’s thinking but if anyone asks her; she will tell them. Sometimes a little unfiltered but she doesn’t candy coat anything.

This woman is full of adventure and excitement. She looks for anything that is fun and helps her feel alive. She isn’t one for sitting around doing nothing. This is why it’s important that in a partnership; she’s allowed her personal freedom.

When Aquarius woman meets the Libra man; she feels that he’s every bit as charming as she is. She feels that he understands her on a deep emotional level. She’s drawn to him sexually as well.

Her desire for the Libra man gives them both a chance to explore something that could be long lasting and fulfilling both in and out of the bedroom. Libra man and Aquarius woman soulmate relationship is very possible.

She will have to learn to compromise with her time though as Libra man does like spending time together and may not like her taking off all the time to do her own thing. Middle ground must be formed for it to last.

Libra Man, Who He Is

The Libra man is very soft, gentle, caring, and gives off a vibe of being desirable to just about any woman. He’s independent yet he seeks out the woman who he would consider to be “the one”.

He is highly intelligent and seeking success in his life. He’s willing to do the hard work it takes to get him to where he wants to be. He requires a little alone time but not an unreasonable amount.

Libra man needs to be able to concentrate when he’s working on his projects or endeavors. He is giving and a good hearted guy who would give the shirt off his back if someone really needed it.

He is the type that women love to cry to as he’s very understanding. When he meets the Aquarius woman; he admires her strength and ability for her to take care of herself.

Naturally since she CAN take care of herself; this makes him want to get close to her and do things for her that maybe lighten her load a bit. He’s sexually attracted to her and wants to spend much time fulfilling her desires.

He doesn’t mind giving her some space when she needs it as long as she’s willing to give him some of her time as well. He will need to accept her spontaneous heart as well. She may want to get up and go when he isn’t in the mood.

The two must work at it but a Libra man and Aquarius woman marriage is definitely possible; if they are willing to find middle ground to work on their love going forward.

What Works Between Libra Man and Aquarius Woman

One of the areas they do the absolute best on is sex and intimacy. They’re able to fulfill each other’s desires and needs in the bedroom. She will help him open up and be more receptive to new things.

If there are things about his own sexuality that he’s never explored before; Aquarius woman will help him to open up about this and start working toward the ultimate pleasure.

Their sex life will be one that is quite pleasurable and will make Libra man stop digging for other female attention. That may only be a temporary fix though. He’s an attention whore so at some point he’s going to want to return to his flirty ways.

I’m not saying he’ll start cheating but I am saying he’s a flirt and that’s what he does is flirt. He doesn’t need to cheat to achieve a state of feeling good about himself via a woman sending a compliment his way.

Another thing that works well for them is the ability to trust one another. Aquarius woman is painfully honest and while it could hurt Libra’s feelings at times; he knows that he can trust her to always tell him the truth.

This means that if she meets someone or he asks if she’s been cheating; she will be truthful. She’s not really the cheating kind though and so this is another thing Libra man learns about her.

Aquarius woman loves to have time to herself and won’t spend much time pining about whether or not her Libra man is stepping out. If he tells her he’s flirting but won’t cross a line; she’ll trust that in him.

They’re likely to have a decent amount in common and shouldn’t have problems doing activities together. Their values in life are likely similar though they may have some differences they have to talk through.

The Libra man and Aquarius woman marriage could work out really well. They love each other and they will definitely find a way if they both want it enough.

Are Libra Man Aquarius Woman Soulmates?

With everything I’ve already shared with you, I do believe very much that the Libra man Aquarius woman soulmates potential is there. They absolutely can make it work.

They can last for the long haul and have that very deep connection that most people crave when they have a partner. These two are great for each other and can be very happy.

Communication is the one thing that they have to stay on top of both in and out of the bedroom. The Libra man Aquarius woman attraction is very high and so that leads to a beautiful connection.

In fact, the Aquarius woman and Libra man marriage is definitely something that is nearly inevitable with these two provided they always tell each other what is going on.

Aquarius woman and Libra man in bed is definitely as transcendental experience that neither of them will forget. They will enjoy each other immensely and is why the Libra man and Aquarius woman soulmates potential is HUGE.

That being said, Libra man and Aquarius woman marriage is definitely possible for these two brilliant and sexy minds.

Libra Man And Aquarius Woman In Bed – What to Expect

Aquarius Zodiac Sign - Libra Man And Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The Libra man in bed with Aquarius woman is something to behold. She’s so smart, witty, and keeps him interested at all times. He knows he can trust her and he knows that he can open up to her.

He will likely trust her quite easily and will tell her about his deepest darkest emotions. Both are able to detach too much feeling from what they’re talking about so they balance each other out.

He’s able to talk to her about anything and she can be objectively helpful for him as far as giving him advice or just support. Everyone loves to turn to Aquarius for advice or a shoulder to cry on because they’re amazing at it.

Libra man is no different here. Sexually speaking; he trusts her and he’s able to open up in a way that he may not be able to open up with any other woman. Anything he’d like to try, he can tell her.

She will be supportive of him and his desires therefore opening up a way for the two to fulfill their deepest fantasies. She gives him plenty of attention and makes him feel amazing!

This feeling gives way to being totally and completely in love. If he’s looking for his soulmate; Aquarius woman may very well fit the bill to his order. She can and will give him what he wants in life.

Libra man and Aquarius woman in bed is a deeply erotic and sensual experience that no one else would understand. They have a connection that is undeniable.

Libra Man And Aquarius Woman Problems

They really get along so wonderfully it’s hard to imagine what issues they will have. However; there are some. For one; Aquarius woman speaks her mind and when she does; it won’t be candy coated.

That means that she’s going to sound abrupt or bitchy. She doesn’t mean to sound this way but for Libra man; this is what it sounds like. He won’t take well to this as he’s a very sensitive man.

He’s going to think she’s rough around the edges when she expresses her displeasure in something he’s done or not done. However; if Aquarius woman explains why she’s saying these things; he may understand.

He’ll ask her to maybe try to verbally be a little sweeter in the delivery. She will tell him that’s not how she is and this will be something they may always struggle with as a couple.

The ability to communicate may be very difficult. While they talk to each other, Aquarius woman will be misunderstood by the Libra man. He won’t get why she’s complaining about him.

He’ll feel hurt and slighted which could lead him to bottle it up and come out with it later all at once. She won’t like how he approaches it and then an argument is likely to come about.

Communication is the one thing they will really have to work hard on if they want it to work and to last. This is the one area that can make or break a relationship so how they handle it will determine the outcome for Libra man and Aquarius woman in the long run.

Libra Man Aquarius Woman Break Up

I’m not going to lie to you here. Aquarius woman is likely the one that will call it quits with Libra man. Once they’ve argued one too many times; she’s going to think he’s a wimp and cannot handle her.

She will feel as though she cannot talk to him without him falling apart or taking offense therefore she’ll decide she cannot talk to him at all. When this happens; she’ll just go ahead and end it.

Libra man takes a great deal of time to think things over and make some sort of decision. His indecisive nature will make him seem “off” or “elusive” which again; will result in Aquarius woman just calling it quits.

Basically he cannot handle her candor and honesty when it involves things he’s done or not done well enough. She’s not going to watch how she speaks because it’s in her to always be truthful.

Can they get back together after break up? Yes but only after counseling or finding the ability to compromise. Of course Libra man and Aquarius woman in bed could solve some issues that other ways cannot help.

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The Final Score For Libra Man And Aquarius Woman

The Libra man and Aquarius woman relationship has some great potential. However; communication can make or break them. On a scale of 1 to 10; I’d give them a 7. Libra man and Aquarius woman really have to work on how they talk to each other.

Though Aquarius woman wants to always be candid; she needs to understand how it makes her Libra man feel. Perhaps she CAN be a little less edgy before she says something.

Libra man will need to understand that just because his Aquarius woman says something; it doesn’t mean she’s trying to hurt him or insult him in any way. They have to learn to be open with each other without taking offense.

Libra man Aquarius woman soulmates can work if they really love each other and can be open and honest. They have to actually talk, not just small talk. It has to mean something.

If they can find some middle ground in communication; they absolutely can make every other area of their relationship work out quite easily. The Libra man and Aquarius woman marriage as well as parenting could be a wonderful success.

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  • It’s going amazing! It’s like a match made in heaven. At first we had this attraction to each other he found me charming and smart and different, and I found him smart, kind, and genuine! Months in I felt like he doesn’t understand me and whenever I would try to explain myself he wouldn’t listen! But I was patient with him until he finally got it! Almost a year later ?. But when he did he became even more amazing that he originally was! We both communicate very well and live eachother very much. Even when he didn’t understand me he tried his best and his best was amazing. I can’t believe how perfect he is, and he says the same about me! I’m so furfilled and happy in this relationship. Our lowest points were me being too harsh on him and him being emotionally abusive and too clingy! Which made me feel trapped but we solved it by communicating and understanding eachother more! The only reason I was patient with him is because I knew he was doing his best and genuinely didn’t know better. I love him.

    • Hi there!

      I’m glad that your match up is one made in heaven. That’s fantastic to hear. Communication is definitely the biggest factor of whether a relationship will make it or break it. It’s always the right thing to do to open up and be honest. It’s fantastic you two found the right formula for success. I wish you all the best but if you have any more questions, please check out my book “Libra Man Secrets”.